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F101 Voodoo Military Supersonic Jet Fighters. Vodoo Jet Fighter Aircraft.
F101 Voodoo Militar Combatientes Jet supersnico. Vodoo Jet aviones de combate.

F-101 Voodoo Military Jet Fighters, US Air Force Jets, Mahogany, Resin,  plastic airplanes and diecast metal model planes F101. 

The specs on this page cover only one version of this aircraft, there are many other different models with different specs. 

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Click Here to Read About the F-100 Super Sabre letters from our leaders at the bottom of this page.

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  The Voodoo's career as a fighter-bomber was relatively brief, but the reconnaissance versions served for some time. Along with the US Air Force's U-2 and US Navy's RF-8 Crusaders.
The reconnaissance variant of the Voodoo was instrumental during the Cuban Missile Crisis and saw extensive service during the Vietnam War.

The F-101 was initially designed by McDonnell Aircraft as a long-range bomber escort (known as a penetration fighter) for the Strategic Air Command (SAC) but went on to be adapted as a nuclear-armed fighter-bomber for the Tactical Air Command (TAC), and as a photo reconnaissance aircraft.

The F-101 was well known as the One-Oh-Wonder! The Voodoo was a supersonic jet fighter which served the United States Air Force (USAF) and the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).


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 Revell F-101 Voodoo Models

F-101 VooDoo 1/48 Kit
Plastic Model Airplane Kit.
Introduced in 1957 to combat the threat of enemy bombers, the F-101 Voodoo supersonic fighter is beautifully replicated in this 1/48 scale plastic kit. Fine features include textured surfaces, a fully outfitted cockpit with a glazed canopy and crew figures, two externally mounted "Genie" nuclear-tipped missiles and two "Falcon" rocket-powered missiles, external fuel tanks, authentic U.S. Air Force markings and more. 10" wingspan; 108 pieces, skill level 2.

XF-88 Voodoo 1/48 Kit

The XF-88 Voodoo which ultimately led to the development of the F-101 Voodoo See More Here
Plastic Model Airplane Kit.
A twin-engine jet fighter designed for the U.S. Air Force, the McDonnell XF-88 Voodoo - of which only two were built - ultimately led to the development of the F-101 Voodoo.

Voodoo - DVD
The F-101 Story. Filled with archival film footage, this program examines the supersonic F-101 Voodoo - employed by the USAF from 1957-66 - in detail, from its development from the experimental XF-88 through its test flying and deployment. You'll fly along in the RF-101C recon version, witness unbelievable speed records in Operations Sunrun and Firewall, and get a close-up look at the two-seat F-101B interceptor and its missiles and rockets. Color, 1 hour
McDonnell XF-88 Voodoo
Soft Bound Book
Air Force Legends Vol. 205
Pace. The XF-88 was in competition with the XF-90 and YF-93 for a penetration fighter contract. Although the program was cancelled, lessons learned were applied to the F-101. Interestingly, late in the program, a turboprop engine was added to the nose of the #1 aircraft to test supersonic propellers at NACA. Includes 85 photographs plus cutaways, systems diagrams, engineering drawings and 3-views. 57 pages, 8" x 11", softcover.

Tactical Reconnaissance in the Cold War
Hardbound Book
1945 to Korea, Cuba, Vietnam & The Iron Curtain
Gordon. This book describes how the United States Air Force tactical reconnaissance units operated from the end of World War II until the 1970s - an immensely active period that included major conflicts in Korea and Vietnam as well as rapid technological development in aircraft and photographic techniques. Includes missions flown by the RF-86, the RB-57A, the RF-100A, the RF-101 and the RB-66 over China and the Soviet Union. 316 pages, 350 B&W and color photographs, 7"x 10", hardcover.

USAF Interceptors

A Military Photo Logbook (1946-1979).
Isham & McLaren. This lavishly illustrated volume examines Air Defense Command interceptors of the Cold War era, from the propeller-driven aircraft of the immediate post-World War II period through the beginning of the jet age and beyond.
You'll see interceptors such as the P-61 Black Widow, F-82 Twin Mustang, F-86 Sabre, F-89 Scorpion and F-94 Starfire; unique, mission-support airplanes such as the C-124, EB-57, EC-121 Constellation and T-33; and famous next-generation "Century Series" supersonic Air Force interceptors such as the F-101B Voodoo, Convair's F-102 Delta Dagger and F-106 Delta Dart twins, and the F-104 Starfighter. 128 pages, 150 color and 150 B&W photographs, 8"x 11", softcover.    

RF-101 Voodoo
Lithograph Aviation Art Print
Ken Fox. Detailed, black and white charcoal pencil lithograph shows the reconnaissance version of the F-101, of which more than 300 were built. This highly collectible print is 20"x 16" including border with title.

F-101 Voodoo Art Prints       F-101 Voodoo Photos  


Century Series Fantasy Formation
Aviation Art Print
Douglas Castleman. Developed by the United States in the 1950s and '60s, the Century Series aircraft - the F-100, F-101, F-102, F-104, F-105, F-106 and F-107 - were noted for their high speed, advanced avionics and devastating firepower. This hand numbered, limited edition print measures 24"x 18"

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Letters From our Readers

Were you a F-100 Super Sabre pilot or squadron member?  Send me your pictures and tell me your story Write to the Webmaster

There is at least one F-100F still operational. I saw it at an air show today in Indianapolis Mt. Comfort. It is from Ft. Wayne Indiana and believe me it's beautiful to see and fly's great.

Gene Cassman

When and where were the Super Sabre's flown?  Here's a letter from a man that was a crew members in a F-100 squadron.

Hi Guy
Been looking at your site,  I like it!   You have a Vet 's letter About serving with F-100's at the time I was there at Itazuki AFB Japan  "Jim"    But can't E-Mail him  Would you help.  
Thanks,  Sam

I served in the 35th fighter bomber squadron as crew chief on F100 aircraft at Itazuki A.F.Base in Japan from 1957 until 1958. transferred to Kadena A.F. base Okinawa 44th Fighter bomber squadron until the end of 1958.TDY to KOREA for 3 months.  returned to Seymour-Johnson A.F. base North Carolina. Are there any pilots or crew chiefs or ground support personnel that was connected   to the F100 still living? 

My name is  John Rebecek and I crewed the F-100 from 1961 to 1964. I was stationed at Cannon AFB for 4 years during which we had TDY"s  to Turkey in 1961-1962, Saudi Arabia, in 1963 - 1964, and when the Vietnam war broke out in August 1964 we deployed to the Philippines  than to Thailand and than on to Da Nang. I Left Da Nang in November and returned to Cannon where I was discharged in December. I enjoyed  crewing the F-100 and going to all the different places. We usually had 2 or 3 deployments a year in the states for fire power demo's or war games.  I was a member of the 522nd Tactical Fighter Squadron when I first reported to Cannon and then we were all put into the 27th TFW maintenance group and would deploy with whichever Squadron  in the Wing that needed us.


There is at least one F-100F still operational. I saw it at an air show today in Indianapolis Mt. Comfort. It is from Ft. Wayne Indiana and believe me it's beautiful to see and fly's great.

Gene Cassman


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