Propeller Driven Military Model Aircraft,  Bombers of World War 2 and Beyond

Prop Bombers, Models, List of Military Model Aircraft from World War 2 and beyond.

Proposicin Bombers, modelos, lista de aeronaves modelo militar de la 2 Guerra Mundial y ms all.

Martin B-10 Bombers, Bomber Aircraft from Around the World You are in the 
Propeller Bomber Model Department.
WW2 and Beyond, a Complete List.

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   Propeller Driven  Military Model Aircraft

List of Model Propeller Driven Bombers - Heavy bombers - World War 2  Long Range Bombing military aircraft models.  WW2 and Beyond.

In World War 2, one of the greatest weapons that we had was the bomber.  These bombers were both twin engine and four engine bombers which included the B-17 Flying Fortress, the B-24 Liberator, B-25 Mitchell and the B-29 Superfortress that dropped the atomic bomb on Japan which resulted in the Japanese surrender.  The aircraft models on this page cover the following categories and more: bombers, WW2 bombers, heavy bombers, long range bombers, military aircraft models.  These military aircraft models include: aircraft plastic models, scale model aircraft, mahogany aircraft models, model aircraft kits, diecast aircraft models, and wood aircraft models.
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United States Military
Propeller Driven Bomber Aircraft 

Martin B-10 Bombers, Bomber Aircraft from Around the World
 Martin B-10 Bombers 
Click Here to see more Martin B-10 Bombers 
  Lockeed PV-1 Ventura. 
Click Here to see more PV-1 Ventura Model Aircraft.

B-17 Flying Fortress Military Aircraft Models.
to see more B-17's Military Aircraft Models.
 B-17 Flying Fortress Movies       
 B-17 Flying Fortress Aviation Art     
 B-17 Flying Fortress Books    


B-24 Liberator Military Aircraft Models
to see more B-24 Liberator model aircraft.
 B-24 Liberator Movies  
 B-24 Liberator Aviation Art     
B-24 Liberator Books    

Here for B-24 Liberator Exhibits.  One More Mission by Jessie Petty
Click Here for the Willow Run Exhibit, Production of the B-24 Liberator, by Warren B. Kidder

Here for the Mighty Eighth Air Force, World War II Exhibit.

Here to see how a Real Hollywood Movie is Made, Willow Run the Movie.

  B-25 Mitchell Military Aircraft Models. 
Click Here to see more B-25 Model Aircraft.
  B-26 Marauder Military Aircraft Models.  
Click Here to see more B-26 Scale Model Aircraft.
B-26C_Invader_Bomber_Aircraft B-26C Invader Models
  B-29 Superfortress Military Aircraft Models.
to see more B-29 Model Aircraft.
  B-36J Peacemaker Military Aircraft Models. 
Click Here to see more Convair B-36 Peacemaker Model Aircraft.

P-2 Neptune Anti-Submarine, Bomber Aircraft.
Click Here to see more Convair P-2 Neptune Model Aircraft.

  P3C Orion  Aircraft Models.

Webmasters Note:  This is an identical model of the P3 Spy plane that had collided with the Chinese Flown MiG-25 near Hinan Island in April 2001.   It was a crime on the Chinese part because there is no way that this slow, clumbsy aircraft could avoid being hit by the extremely fast, nimble MiG-25 Jet Fighter.

Note 2:  Look at the probe sticking out of the back of this airplane.  This is part of the aircrafts MAD gear which stands for Magnetic Anomaly Detector.  I detects minute variations in the earths magnetic field caused by a ferrous (Iron) object such as a submarine under the water.  This version of the aircraft is used as an Anti-Submarine aircraft

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World War 2 British Bombers.
  Wing Commander Guy Gibson & Dog 1/30 Figure Set

In an effort to wreck the industrial capacity of Germany during World War II, the Royal Air Force's No. 617 Squadron was created to attack three major dams in the Ruhr valley area with Avro Lancasters that deployed "bouncing bombs."
Finely detailed and painted by hand, this 1/30 scale, King & Country metal set includes figures of Wing Commander Guy Gibson - who led No. 617 Squadron in the famous Operation Chastise raid of May, 1943, which resulted in the destruction of two of the dams - and his faithful black lab. Measures approximately 2" tall and arrives ready to display.       
  Avro Lancaster MkII 1/60 Model.

Pre Built Mahogany Aircraft Model.

Made of Philippin mahogany, this 1/60 scale model measures 14¼" in length with a wingspan of 20½". Hand painted and detailed, this military aircraft model comes ready to display on the included mahogany base.


  Pure Luck
Hardbound Book
Sir Thomas Sopwith

The Authorized Biography of Sir Thomas Sopwith
Bramson. This book traces the remarkable story of Sir Thomas Sopwith, a contemporary of the Wright Brothers whose 101-year life spanned aviation history. You'll read of his Camel and Pup that revolutionized aerial combat in WWI; of his Hurricane and Lancaster, which were amongst the most successful designs of WWII; and of the remarkable Harrier "jump jet," which emerged from an industrial empire that employed up to 127,000 people.
288 pages, 98 B&W photographs, 6"x 9", hardcover.

World War 2 Japanese Bombers
  Click Here to see Betty Bomber Models, Videos, Books and Aviation Art

Click Here to see Many moreJapanese Fighters and Bombers.

Click Here to see the Betty Bomber Japanese Surrender Exhibit.

Click Here to see the Japanese Propaganda Art Exhibit

Click Here to See Japanese Ships

Click Here to See the Japanese Mini Sub on Guam

Here to See Japanese Model Tanks

Here to See Japanese Aircraft Clocks


World War 2 German Bombers
  Heinkel He 111 H-2
  Henschel Hs 129B-3

This tank buster was developed in the late '30s, and reached its zenith with the  mounting of a 7.5cm anti-tank gun that was as fierce-looking as it was effective. 

  Heinkel He 219 Uhu 1/48 Scale Model Aircraft Kit.
Airplane Plastic Model Kit.

Featuring a die cast cockpit with molded-in detail, the engineering of this kit is superb. Airplane Plastic Model Kit features the A-7 variant, and is 14" in length with a 15" wingspan when completed. Top-of-the-line.

  Dornier Do 17Z
  Ta 154 Moskito


World War 2 German Bomber Aviation Art

  Fury of Assault
The Blitz of London
Robert Taylor.
Aviation Art Print

During the London Blitz of December, 1941, Heinkel He 111 bombers from KG 55 are engaged by a lone Royal Air Force Hurricane night-fighter from 85 Squadron. Limited edition 29"x 23" numbered print is signed by the artist, by four Luftwaffe KG55 Heinkel pilots, and by an RAF Hurricane night-fighter pilot.


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  All Vintage Airplane Models Here


      World War 2 Bomber Groups.    

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792nd Bomb Squadron

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Here for a list of WW2 Fighter Groups

Listing of Bomb Groups

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The 34th Fighter SquadronThe 34th fighter Squadron WW2 Exhibit USS Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier Exhibit.

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