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F117 Nighthawk / Stealth Fighter  Airplane Models, Metal Die Cast, Balsa Wood and Plastic Models.

F117 Nighthawk Model Airplanes
F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter Airplane Models.
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F117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter Airplane, plastic model kits, balsa wood models, die cast metal airplane models.

The F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter / Bomber Educational Toys, Model Airplanes, Diecast Metal Model Airplanes and Wooden Kits are here in this airplane store.  Build models for Edutainment, Education and Entertainment combined.  It's true, building a model with your kids helps their conception of engineering, plan reading, construction methods, aviation history, aerodynamics and more.  These F117 Stealth Fighter models demonstrate the advancements in aviation technology and are the perfect airplane for an educational toy.  Watch a stealth fighter movie while you are building your models.

The modern stealth airplane is defined as a plane with a low radar return signature.   However, another unknown stealth factor is that the internal electronics produce a very low emission of  radio frequencies.   To further understand this type of emission, you can test this yourself by taking a hand calculator or a camera strobe and holding it near the antenna of an AM radio.  Flash the strobe then listen to its recharge on the radio or play with the calculator and listen to the logic gates switch on and off.  These are radio spectrum emissions.  Military aircraft design engineers go through great lengths to squelch these types of emissions. 

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The F-117 Nighthawk Airplane Models.



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U.S. Air Force, "Scorpion 1," Area 51, Groom Lake AFB, the first full-scale developmental F-117, Scorpion One, that Lockheed Test Pilot Harold C. "Hal" Farley, Jr. first flew on June 18, 1981.

F-117A Nighthawk

8th FS "Black Sheep," 49th FW, Operation "Desert Thunder"
 F-117A Nighthawk of the 8th Fighter Squadron, the "Black Sheep", based in Kuwait during Operation Southern Watch in 1997-98.

There was a secret stealth design, read more here placed on the anti-submarine aircraft or World War 2.   These aircraft would search for submarines by flying patterns at low levels over sectors of the ocean, the enemy sub lookouts would be able to see the airplanes up to fifteen miles away.   This may sound strange, but the solution was to place landing lights all along the leading edge of the wings and turn the lights on.  This would hide the airplane by matching the amount of light emissions from the airplane to the amount of light from the normal background brightness.   Instead of having the submarine lookouts see a dark object on the horizon at fifteen miles, the approaching airplane would not be visible until it was three to five miles away.  With this short range of detection, the submarine was not able to dive before the airplane was on top of the sub. 

One radar method of detecting modern stealth airplanes is very similar to the way the submarine lookouts of WW2 were able to see the airplanes at the fifteen mile distance.  The airplane at fifteen miles blocked the background light making it visible as a black dot on the horizon.  A modern stealth airplane reflects so little radiation that it also appears as a dark object to the radar because it blocks the background radar return.  Luckily this only works with very highly sensitive radar's that are more sensitive than the usual enemy radar.

A letter from one of our readers  12-11-03
The reason the F-117 stealth fighter flies subsonic  is not to announce it's  presence on approach to the target, if you do the  math, I'm sure someone could   figure out that is has the thrust to weight ratio to  make it possible. Or  maybe it had to do with the Colonel's last flight at  TTR, I  recovered Ol'Sweaty   that night, and he said "I didn't go over .9, but I  know it'll   go. .blank. blank", but what do i know, I'm just a Crew Chief, Thanx-



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F-117 Stealth Fighter Art    F-117 Nighthawk DVD Movies  F-117 Nighthawk Books   Other Stealth Aircraft Models 





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