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I've played the guitar since I was ten years old. The first song that I have played is Pipeline. This was the number one hit song of the days. Now I still play the guitar but I know a few more songs. I have six guitars, but my favorite is the one that I bought in 1974. It was payday and I was going to buy a brand new Yamaha FG200 Acoustic that was on sale at the music store for 209. I couldn't wait to get off of work and go and get my new guitar which listed at 250.

So it was getting toward the time to get off and I looked at the base newspaper want ads and seen an FG200 with case for only 65. I ran to the front office and talked to the secretary, Barbra and asked her if I could use her phone. When I started dialing the number I realized that it was my work number too. I asked Barbra who this Ted guy was and she said that he works in the Communications Section on the ARC-51 UHF Com. I ran back ther and talked to Ted so he told me to come to his house after work.

I showed up there right away, not wanting to miss the deal of the century on my new guitar. Ted bought the guitar in Tokyo and brought it back on an Aircraft Carrier.

So I came into the house and bought Teds Yamaha Guitar and I was just so happy. Ted then asked me if I knew anyone who wanted to rent the house that he was in, he was moving soon. What a coincidence, I was just looking for a house to rent, so I rented his house.

Ted was a mountain climber so we became mountain climbing buddies with our group from the air base.

Anyway, I went out to sea on the USS Kitty Hawk and brought the guitar back to Tokyo and back home again. It turned out that, that guitar had made three trips across the Pacific Ocean and about 140 times across the equator, and I'm a lucky man to still own this guitar. C. Jeff Dyrek



 The guitar seems to be the most popular instrument on earth. Most top stars play the guitar. As a webmaster, I own six guitars, three clarinets, a stand up piano, two violins a harmonica and a set of spoons. When I was a little kid, my brothers who were ten years older than me and up were in a Chicago band called the Victors. We had a stage set up in the basement and the band used to practice there every week. It was great! I was only ten years old, not old enough to go into the clubs, but at weddings and the 4th of July, I got to go to the parties and my brothers play in the band. All of my brothers played guitars, but not the bass. There were other guys that would play the other instruments.

One time we all went to Ft. Knox, Kentucky. I was ten years old then. It was a fantastic trip. The Victors, code named for this event as Nick's Big Top Band, played at Service Club Number Three. At ten years old, I was the big shot kid. When trying to get into the club, there was a line to the end of the block and around the corner. I just pushed into the front door telling everyone, "These are my brothers playing" making me free to get in and the BMOC, at least in my mind. The band played fantastically. People were up in the balcony and a lot of them were hanging over the rails screaming and yelling. The music was fantastic and everyone on the base came to see Nick's Big Top Band.

I've been to many clubs in my sixty some years and this was the boomingest event that I have ever been to. It was just like the big concerts that I've gone to in California. The entire audience was jumping up and down, screaming and yelling. This is what good music means.

For some reason, really after a bad head injury while I was in the Navy, I cannot keep time with another player anymore.

I have a friend who played with Chuck Berry and he comes over to my house often and tries to play with me. It turns out that I just keep going faster and slower and don't realize that I'm doing this. That's Life! C. Jeff Dyrek

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