Binocular Microscopes, Student Microscopes, Microscopes for Sale, Binocular Microscopes

Binoluclar Microscopes, Student Microscopes, Microscopes for Sale.

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Student Stereo Microscopes, Microscopes for sale.  You will love all of the hours of having fun while you are learning when using your microscope.  does make a difference.  The cheap microscopes may have difficulty in making fine focus adjustments, but these are probably for little kids who are just getting started in learning how to take care of their microscope.  The more expensive microscopes are absolutely fantastic.  These microscopes are like looking through a picture window as opposed to looking through a peep hole.  A good microscope starts about one hundred dollars and the one that are in the two hundred dollar range are absolutely fantastic.   Also look at the USB microscopes as student microscopes.  You can look at all kinds very closely and then transfer your microscope picture into your computer in real time.  I want one of these myself.  A microscope can be your kids best friend if you teach them how to take care of a real scientific instrument and not to treat it like a toy. I still have the original microscope that my dad bought for me when I was eight years old, way back in 1964.  It still has the original case and the original glass slides.  It works great, but it doesn't have the fantastic view of the more expensive microscope.  Power is not the only thing in selecting your microscope, the optical view as I described above as looking through a picture window makes a fantastic difference.  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

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Binocular Microscopes, Student Microscopes, Microscope Accessories, Microscopes for Sale

microscope, microscopes, student microscopes, microscope accessories, microscopes for sale, cheap microscopes, USB microscopes

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If you want your kids to learn, get them a microscope.  They spend hours and hours, days, months and years discovering everything from
the pores in their fingers to the microscopic views of the leaves on the trees.  Your kids will look at everything from mold on bread to microbes in
a mud puddle.  And guess what, you will be fighting your kid to look through the microscope and do fantastic exploration or your own.
A microscope is not a toy, instead it is a scientific instrument that will teach your kids how to take care of a real scientific instrument. 
When they start learning about microscopes in school and microscopic plants and animals, your kid will be way, way ahead of the other
kids in the class.  This is a fantastic way to teach your kids while they are super interested and having fun all at the same time.

Variscope Series 8621 microscope. The Variscope microscope family of optical instruments is made by one of the largest "private label" optical component fabricators in the world. Included with the quadruple nosepiece are four achromatic multi-coated objective lenses that display a true-color image. You get 4x, 10x, spring loaded 40x, and spring loaded oil immersion 100x objectives included with this microscope. For viewing, we provide a pair of premium grade wide-field 10x and a pair of 20x eyepieces. This allows for magnification ranges of 40x, 80x, 100x, 200x, 400x, 800x, 1000x, and 2000x. Ergonomic features include an advanced Seidentopf-type microscope head to provide maximum comfort in adjusting interpuplillary distance. The microscope head swivels 360 degrees and sits at a 30 degree incline. The eyepieces have diopter focusing adjustments. The independent coarse and fine focusing knobs are on both the right and left side of the instrument. This microscope has a full-featured, oversized 140mm x 140mm fully mechanical stage. The slide locks in place in the stage clip, and stage and slide holder can be moved with X-Y axis control knobs. The precision controls allow you to easily move the stage with fine precision. There is a graduated scale printed on the slide holder to allow you to maintain a record of the locations on the slide. There is a graduated scale printed on the slide holder to allow you to maintain a record of the location of various structures. This microscope has a built-in 20 watt halogen bulb, with adjustable intensity light controls. The microscope has a built-in spiral-type N.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser under the stage with an iris diaphragm. This advanced condenser gives you incredible control over the amount and focal length of light aimed at your specimen and is critical for high-powered magnification viewing. A swing-out filter holder is included with a set of blue and green viewing filters.


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