A-5 Vigilante and RA-5C Vigilante fighter jet scale model planes and model plane kits.

RA-5C A-5 Vigilante, Military Fighter Jets, Model Airplanes, Scale Model Planes, Plastic, Diecast and Wood.

RA-5C A-5 Vigilante, aviones militares de combate, aviones de aeromodelismo, aviones en miniatura, de plástico, fundido a presión y de madera.
的RA - 5C型的A - 5维吉兰特,军用战斗机,模型飞机,模型飞机规模,塑料,压铸和木材。

The A5 Vigilante Jet Fighters are one of the best jet fighters that I have seen, they are just beautiful.  The US Navy A5 Vigilante fighter jets on this page come in scale plastic model kits, diecast models, wood model kits and mahogany display models.

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A5 Vigilante Military Jet Fighters, Models, Diecast, Plastic.

           A-5 Vigilante Plastic Model Planes

Model Plane kits of the A-5 & RA-5C Vigilante Navy Jet Fighters Scale Model Planes at this huge online toy and hobby shop.

This page covers the US Navy attack fighter jet A-5 & RA-5C Vigilante.  A5 Vigilante US Navy military jet fighters scale model planes for your enjoyment and education.  This online toy and hobby shop has a tremendous number of A5 Vigilante jet fighters model planes including plastic model planes, model plane kits, wooden plane models, diecast model planes and model war planes.

  1/144 Scale A-5 Vigilante Models     1/72 Scale A-5 Vigilante Models     1/48 Scale A-5 Vigilante Models     A-5 Vigilante Cockpit Models     RA-5C Vigilante Pictures     RA-5C Vigilante Decals     RA-5C Vigilante Squadron Patches

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RA-5C Vigilante Scale Model Planes.

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A-5 Vigilante 1/350 Scale Models

1/144 Scale A-5 Vigilante Models    

  A-5 Vigilante 1/76 Scale Models

 1/72 Scale A-5 Vigilante Models    

 1/48 Scale A-5 Vigilante Models    

 A-5 Vigilante Cockpit Models    

RA-5C Vigilante Pictures  

   RA-5C Vigilante Decals   

  RA-5C Vigilante Squadron Patches

A-5 Vigilante Plans Scale Models  

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RA-5C Information
The RA-5C was a photographic reconnaissance adaptation of the Vigilante. It incorporated most of the changes that had been introduced with the A-5B, including the hump-backed fuselage with the extra fuel, the larger wing area, the blown flaps on the leading edge, and the four underwing hardpoints. Four external drop tanks could be carried underneath the wings, although these were seldom carried because there was ample fuel capacity within the fuselage itself. It was decided that earlier A-5As would be remanufactured to RA-5C standards, so the initial production of the RA-5C was restricted to only 43 planes. In addition, all 18 of the A-5Bs that were ordered were delivered as RA-5Cs. During the Vietnam War, the Navy requested additional RA-5Cs, and the production line at North American-Columbus had to be reopened. 36 additional RA-5Cs were built. Most RA-5Cs were painted with the standard Navy insignia white and gull gray scheme.

The North American A-5 Vigilante was a powerful, highly advanced carrier-based supersonic bomber designed for the United States Navy. Its service in the nuclear strike role to replace the A-3 Skywarrior was very short; however, as the RA-5C, it saw extensive service during the Vietnam War in the tactical strike reconnaissance role. Prior to the unification of the Navy designation sequence with the Air Force sequence in 1962, it was designated the A3J Vigilante.


The RA5 was an attack aircraft, not a fighter. It never was a fighter. It was originally designed to be an aircraft based bomber capable of delivering a nuclear bomb to a target site. Due to problems encounter with the expulsion of the bomb from the fuselage, it was modified to become a reconnaissance aircraft, and that was it's operations duty until the aircraft was retired from active duty.  Mike Stoops.

Dear Mike,
Thank you very much for your information, it was very interesting about how the bomb was having ejection problems, I always wondered why I had only seen the aircraft in the Reconnaissance version. I list these planes as fighters since they are smaller than bombers and most civilians have no idea what an Attack Aircraft really is. I worked on the A-7 Jet Fighter, woops, Attack Plane.   Jeff


RA-5C Vigilante - a Mach 2 all-weather carrier-based attack bomber fighter jet and recon pane

A-5 / RA-5C Vigilante Aviation Art.

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Legendary Aircraft Jigsaw Puzzle
Mark Karvon. Displaying 11 famous American military aircraft (the F-106A Delta Dart, B-47E Stratojet, XB-70 Valkyrie, P-80 Shooting Star, F-100D Super Sabre, MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopter, RA-5C Vigilante, F-105D Thunderchief, F-16 Fighting Falcon, SR-71 Blackbird, and F-14 Tomcat) from the Korean War era through today, this 1,000-piece puzzle measures 30"x 24" when assembled.


U.S. Navy/USMC Carrier-Based Airplanes
Display the history of U.S. Navy and Marine Corps carrier-based aircraft on your wall! Featuring everything from the SBD Dauntless, F4F Wildcat and F4U/FG-1 Corsair to the A-5 Vigilante, F-4 Phantom II and F-14 Tomcat, this poster measures 23˝"x 17˝".

U.S. Air Force Fighter & Attack Airplanes
Display the history of U.S. Air Force fighter and attack aircraft from the immediate post-World War II era to the present day on your wall! Featuring everything from the F-51 Mustang and F-4 Phantom to the F-15 Eagle and F/A-22 Raptor, this poster measures 23˝"x 17˝".

United States Air Force Bombers
Display the history of U.S. Air Force bombers from the immediate post-World War II era to the present day on your wall! Featuring everything from the B-29 Superfortress to the B-2 Spirit, this poster measures 23˝"x 17˝".

U.S. Air Force Cargo/Transport Airplanes
This poster featuring U.S. Air Force cargo/transport aircraft from the immediate post-World War II era to the present day includes everything from the C-47 Skytrain and C-97 Stratofreighter to the massive C-5 Galaxy and C-17 Globemaster III. 23˝"x 17˝".

Feet Wet
David Schweitzer. 
The North American RA-5C Vigilante was the largest and fastest aircraft to fly missions off a carrier deck. Here, you can feel the Mach 2 speed as a  Vigilante on a combat reconnaissance mission reaches the relative safety of the  Tonkin Gulf - in Navy parlance, "feet wet." 32"x 21" print. 


A-5 / RA-5C Vigilante Books.

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Fly in a Real


RA-5 Vigilante Books


Aircraft Carrier Books


A reconnaissance plane developed from the A-5 nuclear bomber, the RA-5C Vigilante was the fastest aircraft ever to operate from the deck of an aircraft carrier. But during the Vietnam War, it sustained the highest loss ratio of any American aircraft in the conflict.


A-5 / RA-5C Vigilante DVD Movies.

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A3J / RA-5C Vigilante

DVD Movie Documentary.

Covering both the nuclear bomber and reconnaissance variants of the Vigilante, this exciting DVD features a wide range of rare archival film. You'll see a U.S. Navy film of pre-flight and in-flight Vigilante operations; A3J operations on the USS Enterprise in 1962, including catapult and recovery; RA-5Cs off the coast of Vietnam, with expert commentary from a Vigilante aviator; RVAH-12 photo recon operations; and more. You even get a special Modelers Notes audio track! 1 hour.
00V9451  Price:
Incredible Bi-Plane Adventures


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Bad to the Bones, Stripped for Action,  navy Vigilante RA-5C

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