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Jet российских истребителя, модели самолетов, книги, фотографии и видео.
Jet de Russie des avions de combat, modle Avions, livres, photos, et vidos.
Jet ruso, aviones de combate, modelos de aviones, libros, cuadros y vdeos.

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Russian Military Aircraft, the Soviet fighter jets are some of the most advanced jet airplanes in the world.  Russian Military Aircraft like the Sukhoi Su-37 are experimental forward swept wing designs analogous to our X-29 Saberbat. Other Russian fighter jets such as the Su-27 can reach angles of attack of 120 degrees, which means the aircraft is actually flying backward, while still being able to recover and maintain control.  This maneuver is commonly preformed at air shows and is called the "Cobra".  Russian fighter jets like these can perform maneuvers that no other aircraft can perform.  The airplanes on this page fall into the following categories: Russian fighter jets, model Russian jets, Russian fighters, Russian military aircraft photos, Russian aircraft models, military soviet aircraft, soviet airplanes, soviet jets, Russian models.   Here to see the Exhibit on Arctic Russian Aircraft. 

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  MiG-37B Ferret  While no Russian equivalent to the U.S. F-117 Stealth Fighter is known to exist, this model is a conception of what such an aircraft might look like, based on extensive research into the capabilities of the Russian aircraft industry. Detailed plastic kit features raised and recessed panel lines; detailed interior; unique "platypus" exhaust;


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