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The F-100 Super Saber fighter jets were manufactured by North American and first flew in November of 1955.  The US Air Force F-100 Super Sabre plane is 49' 4" long, 16' 2" high and has a wingspan of 38' 10".  The F-100 Super Sabre has an empty weight of 20,638 lbs and a max weight of 38,048 lbs.  The Super Sabre Planes used one Pratt & Whitney J57-P-21A producing 11,700 lbs of thrust and with afterburner it produced 17,000 lbs of thrust.  The F-100 Planes had a cruise speed of 587 mph and a max speed of 877 mph making it a supersonic military jet fighter.  Its maximum climb rate was 19,000 feet per minute. These model planes come in plastic model plane kits, die cast metal model planes and mahogany display model planes.
The specs on this page cover only one version of this aircraft, there are many other different models with different specs. 

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F-100 Super Sabre Aviation Art


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   0007449Soon Distant Thunder 
   John Young  

As menacing thunderclouds retreat beyond the hills, a USAF F-100D  readies for a practice bombing mission from Nellis Air Force Base to one of the nearby ranges. Limited edition of 750 signed and numbered by the artist.
 .....#0007449 9

Knights Charge0077023195

Knights Charge
Simon Atack.
In May 1965, US Air Force F-100D Super Sabres of the 416th Squadron of the 31st Tactical Fighter Wing - the "Silver Knights" based at Da Nang - execute an attack on communist NVA guerrilla forces in the Bac Lieu region of South Vietnam. 30"x 23" numbered, limited edition print is signed by the artist and by F-100 pilot and Medal of Honor recipient Col. George E. "Bud" Day.
Hun in the Sun0071955217 0071955
Hun in the Sun
Don Feight.
The first U.S. aircraft capable of achieving Mach 1 in level flight, the F-100 Super Sabre - first of the famed Century Series fighters - entered service in 1954 and filled the fighter-bomber role admirably in Vietnam. 24"x 18" print is signed by the artist.
F-100D Super Sabre License Plate0060594153 0060594
F-100D Super Sabre License Plate
License Plate
Created by international artist Dugald Cameron, the colorful image of this Super Sabre from the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing, Wethersfield, is heat-pressed directly into the metal for the utmost in fade and scratch resistance. Perfect for your home, office… or even your car! Measures a full 6"x 11?"; made in the USA.

F-100 Super Sabre Vintage Sign0066130213

F-100 Super Sabre Vintage Sign
Vintage Sign
Depicting the profile and markings of Triple Zilch, an F-100 Super Sabre flown by wing commander Col. Raymond Toliver of the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing stationed at RAF Wetherfield, Essex, in 1957, this metal sign is made of 24-gauge steel that is hand distressed to create the look and feel of aged metal and paint. Measures 17"x 11" and includes mounting holes.
Century Series Fantasy Formation0070252165"> 0070252
Century Series Fantasy Formation
Douglas Castleman.
Developed by the United States in the 1950s and '60s, the Century Series aircraft - the F-100, F-101, F-102, F-104, F-105, F-106 and F-107 - were noted for their high speed, advanced avionics and devastating firepower. This hand numbered, limited edition print measures 24"x 18".
0007449189 width=300> 0007449Soon Distant Thunder
John Young. 
As menacing thunderclouds retreat beyond the hills, a USAF F-100D  readies for a practice bombing mission from Nellis Air Force Base to one of the nearby  ranges. Limited edition of 750 signed and numbered by the artist.
 .....#0007449 9

F-100 Super Sabre Aviation Gifts

F-100 Super Sabre Gyrocompass0067555242

F-100 Super Sabre Gyrocompass
A Real Airplane Part from a F-100 Super Sabre

Now you can own a genuine piece of aviation history! Designated for use in F-100 Super Sabres - the first Century Series jets and the first U.S. fighters capable of supersonic level flight - these gyrocompasses were more accurate than their magnetic predecessors. Amazingly, these instruments, which were held in spare parts depots, are still wrapped in their original packaging from nearly 50 years ago!

F-100 Super Sabre Fuel Flow Indicator0067562250">

F-100 Super Sabre Fuel Flow Indicator
A Real Airplane Part from a F-100 Super Sabre

Now you can own a genuine piece of aviation history! Salvaged from F-100 Super Sabres - the first Century Series jets and the first U.S. fighters capable of supersonic level flight - these fuel flow indicators allowed the pilot to calculate available time and range under various operating conditions. While these instruments are no longer functional and no two are in exactly the same condition, all have an unbroken face, clear markings, and preserved colors. All are also radium free… but of course, this rare artifact is available in a very limited quantity. 2" diameter.

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Letters From our Readers

Were you a F-100 Super Sabre pilot or squadron member?  Send me your pictures and tell me your story Write to the Webmaster

When and where were the Super Sabre's flown?  Here's a letter from a man that was a crew members in a F-100 squadron.

Hi Guy
Been looking at your site,  I like it!   You have a Vet 's letter About serving with F-100's at the time I was there at Itazuki AFB Japan  "Jim"    But can't E-Mail him  Would you help.  
Thanks,  Sam

I served in the 35th fighter bomber squadron as crew chief on F100 aircraft at Itazuki A.F.Base in Japan from 1957 until 1958. transferred to Kadena A.F. base Okinawa 44th Fighter bomber squadron until the end of 1958.TDY to KOREA for 3 months.  returned to Seymour-Johnson A.F. base North Carolina. Are there any pilots or crew chiefs or ground support personnel that was connected   to the F100 still living? 

My name is  John Rebecek and I crewed the F-100 from 1961 to 1964. I was stationed at Cannon AFB for 4 years during which we had TDY"s  to Turkey in 1961-1962, Saudi Arabia, in 1963 - 1964, and when the Vietnam war broke out in August 1964 we deployed to the Philippines  than to Thailand and than on to Da Nang. I Left Da Nang in November and returned to Cannon where I was discharged in December. I enjoyed  crewing the F-100 and going to all the different places. We usually had 2 or 3 deployments a year in the states for fire power demo's or war games.  I was a member of the 522nd Tactical Fighter Squadron when I first reported to Cannon and then we were all put into the 27th TFW maintenance group and would deploy with whichever Squadron  in the Wing that needed us.



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