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  Innovations in Aircraft

Hardbound Book

Redemann. From the Wright Brothers' "Wright Flyer" in 1903 to the "Concorde" in 1969, this book emphasizes the great strides made in aircraft construction in the 66 years between these two famous designs. Presented in chronological order are 37 classic designs that changed the history of flight. Each aircraft is shown in photos and scale line drawings with technical info and dimensions of the various models given. 248 pgs., 300+ illustrations, 8"x 11", hdbd.


Hardbound Book
Heppenheimer. This stunningly illustrated photo-essay draws on collections at the National Air and Space Museum, the National Archives and the U.S. Air Force to capture a century of far-fetched dreams and remarkable innovation - from the Wright brothers and Charles Lindbergh to bomber crews and test flights. What began as a death-defying spectacle turned into both the safest and fastest way to travel and into a terrifying war machine. 256 pages, 200+ photos, 11"x 11", hardcover.


  The Mystery Squadron - DVD

This 1933 serial features 12 cliffhanging chapters in which the Mystery Squadron - a group of airborne vigilantes led by the masked "Black Ace" - attacks a major construction project. The project foreman hires two stunt flyers to deal with the aerial menace, but when the hired pilots are accused of being members of the gang, they must uncover the true identity of the Black Ace before it is too late. B&W, 3 hrs. 40 min.
  Angel's Wing - DVD
A wealthy young Frenchman, having learned to fly years earlier, longs to join the French Air Service during World War I but is deemed physically unfit. Undaunted and committed to fighting for his country, he secretly joins a local squadron and racks up a litany of victories, which piques the suspicion of his fellow aviators. Widescreen, Dolby Digital, French with English subtitles.
  Ace Drummond Volume 1 - DVD

Amazing Exploits in the Sky, Chapters 1-6
Based on the comic strip written by World War I American "Ace of Aces" Eddie Rickenbacker, this popular 1930s serial follows the adventures of master pilot Ace Drummond - "G-Man of the Air!" - who travels to Mongolia to investigate air catastrophes and battle with the mysterious villain, The Dragon. You'll thrill to Ace's exploits - including high-speed auto chases and death-defying aerial footage - as he faces sure disaster in each chapter! B&W, 2 hours.
  Ace Drummond Volume 2 - DVD

Amazing Exploits in the Sky, Chapters 7-13
Based on the comic strip written by World War I American "Ace of Aces" Eddie Rickenbacker, this popular 1930s serial follows the adventures of master pilot Ace Drummond - "G-Man of the Air!" - as he battles against The Dragon, who has sabotaged planes using radar and a secret remote controlled communication device. You'll thrill to Ace's exploits - including high-speed auto chases and death-defying aerial footage - as he faces sure disaster in each chapter! B&W, 2 hrs. 15 min.

  Fly Past 2-DVD Set

DVD Video
This 2-DVD collection includes four thrilling programs - The Wings of Man, Straight Up, A Wing and a Prayer and The Cutting Edge - that tell the story of legendary aviation figures and machines. You'll witness history-making flights from the Wright Brothers' first 120-foot success to the Voyager's historic circumnavigation of the globe; examine vertical take-off from Igor Sikorsky's prototype helicopter to the latest tilt-rotor designs; follow the development of flying wings from the XB-49 to the B-2 stealth bomber; and even enjoy a glimpse into the future of flight! Color and B&W, 3 hrs. 20 min.
  Classic Aviation Films
DVD Video
This incredible 6-DVD set ranges from short flights across a field to the screaming hypersonic edge of space as it takes you through dramatic moments in the history of flight. You'll begin with the Wright brothers in 1909, follow a 1924 around-the-globe adventure by airplane, see the maiden flight of the Army's largest dirigible in 1925, jump to shocking WWII footage of the tragic raid on the Ploesti oil fields, feel the strain USAF test pilots, fly over Vietnam in an F-100C fighter jet, strap in with Neil Armstrong as he leaves the atmosphere in an X-15 rocket plane, and much more. 6 hrs. 47 min. total runtime.
  Air Maniacs - DVD
Rare Aviation Shorts.
This collection of rare Hollywood aviation shorts from the golden age of aviation includes Air Maniacs, a 1933 comedy about movie stunt pilots; The Collegian (1935); and The Skywayman (1928). You'll see stars such as Vince Barnett, who pioneered trans-America airmail routes before becoming an actor, and the derring-do of famous stunt pilots such as Roy Wilson, who was killed during a 1932 film shoot when he held a Travel Air in a spin too long. As an added bonus, you also get vintage previews of high-flying serials from the era! B&W, 1 hour.
  Air Devils - DVD
In this 1938 South Pacific adventure-romance, former Marine flyers Horeshoe (Larry Blake) and Slats (Dick Purcell) have relocated to an exotic island where they serve as policemen who must fend off a native uprising while vying for the affection of the same woman. B&W, 1 hr. 2 min.

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How Can I fly in a Jet Fighter over Capetown.


Top U.S. World War I Aces, There are 70 in total

Capt. Edward V. Rickenbacker 26
2nd Lt. Frank Luke Jr. 18
1st Lt. George A. Vaughn Jr. 13
1st Lt. Field E. Kindley 12
1st Lt. Elliot W. Springs 12
1st Lt. Reed G. Landis 10
1st Lt. Jacques M. Swaab 10
1st Lt. Paul P. Baer 9
1st Lt. Thomas G. Cassady 9
1st Lt. Lloyd A. Hamilton 9
1st Lt. Chester E. Wright 9
1st Lt. Henry R. Clay Jr. 8
Capt. Hamilton Coolidge 8
2nd Lt. John O. Donaldson 8
1st Lt. William P. Erwin 8
1st Lt. Frank O. Hunter 8
2nd Lt. Clinton S. Jones 8
Capt. James A. Meissner 8
1st Lt. Martinus Stenseth 8
2nd Lt. Wilbert W. White Jr. 8

Many American pilots flew with allied services instead of the U.S. military and are not included in this list.


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