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Airplane Model Kits, Model Planes, Airplanes,
Fighter Jets, WW2 Fighters, Airplane History, Military Aircraft, Air Planes

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Air Planes, Scale Model Airplanes, fighter jets, WW2 Fighters, Military History, Airplane History, Aviation History.
This page is filled with airplanes, the history of aviation, scale plastic model airplane kits, military exhibits, aircraft building
exhibits, diecast airplanes and lots more.  Be sure to take a look at the virtual airplane museum covering history exhibits
from the Civil War, to WW1, WW2, Pre Cold War, American Cold War  jet fighters, videos of fighter jets and more.  Plastic Model Airplanes, Wood Model Airplanes, Mahogany Model Airplanes and Diecast Model Airplanes. Pictures of plastic model kits aircraft.  Craft Plane Store. Recently added are pages on Guitars and Survival Equipment.

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Please Note:  The background photo on this page was taken while flying over Siberia
during the North Pole Expedition of 2002

Click Here to see the pictures of the North Pole

This is the main link page to all kinds of model airplanes.
In my opinion, building model airplanes really makes a big difference

in a Childs education.  This is why I built this hobby shop selling model airplanes and Planes of all kinds.
Kids become adults and adults are needed to be engineers, scientist and pilots.
Building model airplanes teaches kids about the parts of airplanes, the types of airplanes, aviation history,
engineering design, blueprint drawings, aircraft language and technology.
Model airplane construction also helps build a kids future
profession.  Building model airplanes helps in motor control skills as well.
I can go on and on about building model airplane kits and
you Childs future, but I think this is enough to get your ideas flowing.
Besides, building model planes is just plane fun.
 Thank you very much for visiting, C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster


Jet Fighters Motorcycles Corvettes Ships Spacecraft Tanks Guitars
جدول البلاستيك نموذج طائرات طائرة مجموعات ، نموذج الطائرات ، الطائرات ، طائرات مقاتلة ، WW2 المقاتلين ، طائرة التاريخ ، والطائرات العسكرية ، والطائرات الجوية
規模的塑料模型飛機包飛機,模型飛機,飛機,戰鬥機, WW2戰鬥機,飛機的歷史,軍用飛機,空中飛機
chelle en plastique modle avions avion trousses, le modle des avions, des avions, des avions de combat, les combattants WW2, histoire d'avion, des avions militaires, avions
पैमाने पर प्लास्टिक के मॉडल के हवाई जहाज हवाई जहाज किट, मॉडल विमान, हवाई जहाज, लड़ाकू जेट, WW2 सेनानियों, हवाई जहाज इतिहास, सैन्य विमान, एयर विमान
Scale Plastic Model Kits samoloty samolot, model samolotw, samoloty, Fighter Jets, WW2 Fighters, historii samolot, samolotu wojskowego, lotniczego samoloty
Омјер пластичне авионе модел авиона сетове, модел авиону, борац млазница, УУ2 борци, авионом историје, војни авион, авион Аир

Last version of the YellowAirplane Store
  Super Model Airplane Store, Plastic Model Airplanes, Wood Kits, Display Models, Aircraft Scale Models and lots more available all at the best s available.  This hobby shop is filled with model airplanes for sale showing nice pictures of each type of model plane.  These model planes are fun to build and very educational too. So look at the pictures of these model airplanes in the following sections and you will also take a trip into a technological and aeronautical history and future.  And one more thing, when you build your own model airplanes where your kids can see what you are doing, you are teaching them.  You show them the care and techniques that you put into use while you're building your model airplanes.  You show them how you take care of them after your planes are built.  Your kids will not only learn a lot from watching, they will build on what they have seen you doing by building their own models and building a future of aviation in their dreams.  It works, building models brings your children into the future in their technological and mechanical abilities as well as improve their understanding of future careers.   A Complete listing of Model Airplanes, Plastic Model Kits, Balsa Wood Airplanes, Flying Model Aircraft, and Diecast Models, This is a hobby airport craft center stores

A&M Model Makers a great site for custom made, large scale model airplanes.

Please Note:  I took the photo of the clouds used in the background picture
while we were flying from a Northern Siberian city named Khatanga

on our way to the North Pole in April 2002.  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster
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 Thank you for visiting the worlds largest hobby airport, hobby shop and the craft center and stores.  We have set this craft center up so you can find the airplane or aircraft model that you want with large beautiful pictures of both military and civilian aircraft.  We even have special section on foreign military aircraft models and military vehicles.  The crafts here give great craft ideas, kids crafts and educational craft ideas building your kids knowledge for their future careers.  Yes, model airplanes do indeed build your kids future.  Just think of what happens when your kid builds a model airplane kit.  They learn about airplanes, aerodynamics, aviation principles, blueprint reading, construction techniques, and a lot more.  It is super important for your kids to build model kits as a hobby.  Thanks again, C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

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