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If you like kites, kite flying or making a kite here is the source for kids crafts and science for kids.

Are you looking for kids crafts, a way to spend time with family fun, don't spend your time watching Fox Kids, instead, be a family guy and listen to kids rock and go fly a kite.  Here you have many different kites to choose from.  The fun starts when you start to make a kite.  Making a kite brings the family together with kids crafts that adults can enjoy too.  If you think of it, kite flying is great science for kids.  Forget most of the kids games and spend your family time together and fly one of the stunt kits for great entertainment.
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Ready-to-Fly Radio Controlled Sailplane

Experience the true essence of flight with this electric-powered sailplane! Featuring a gargantuan 78" wingspan, this sailplane utilizes a powerful 480 brushless motor for initial launch, then the propeller soon folds back to reduce drag, freeing the plane to utilize thermals of air to remain aloft (instead of batteries). That means flight times are much longer than traditional electric aircraft, making a relaxing day in the great outdoors even better.
This set includes everything you need to begin your soaring adventure:
- 3-channel control (throttle, rudder and elevator) and Spektrum™ 2.4GHz radio technology that eliminates interference and the need for frequency control - An 11.1V, 1300mAh LiPo battery for flight times in excess of 30 minutes - A variable rate DC cell-balancing LiPo charger that safely charges and conditions the LiPo battery - E-flite Pro 30A brushless ESC (Electronic Speed Control) with switch-mode BEC for maximum performance - Durable foam construction and plug-in wings for easy transportation and storage
44" long; minimal assembly required.

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Prowler Ready-to-Fly Radio Controlled Glider

Take to the skies with this graceful, ready-to-fly, radio controlled simulated sailplane! Featuring an electric motor, a streamlined airframe, polyhedral wings and a T-tail design for low-drag/high-lift performance, your Prowler will soar majestically and perform beautifully, making it the perfect aircraft for first-time radio controlled flyers!
Your 3-channel Prowler comes complete with a radio, rechargeable battery packs and a quick charger. You get:
* A 480 brushed in-runner motor with electronic speed control
* A 3-channel, 72MHz FM radio with 2 micro servos: all three channels are fully proportional and control the throttle, rudder and elevator
* Two 8.4V, 900mAh NiMH battery packs for 10-15 minute flights with a 1,000-foot range
* An easy access battery hatch on top of the fuselage
* DC and AC battery chargers
* Laminate reinforcement on wing and tail surfaces
* Two propellers
* Instructions
* And more!
Measures 31" long with a 51" wingspan; minor assembly required. Requires 8 AA batteries for the transmitter.
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Spirit of St. Louis Kite

A dead-ringer for Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis, this kite has a five-foot wingspan and a fuselage frame that matches the tubular steel frame of the original  airplane. This, and the scale cut-out pilot of "Lucky Lindy," gives a good feel for how  cramped the long flight was. Flies as sweetly as the original! 

Curtiss Jenny JN-4D Kite
Flying Model Kite

This kite has a five-foot wingspan, and is instantly recognizable as a replica of the Jenny used for training U.S. pilots during WWI and for mail service, barnstorming and flying circuses after the war. Fun for young and old alike, you and your friends will get a real kick out of seeing how well this unique kite does in the air.

Sopwith Camel Kite
Flying Model Kite
The legendary World War I Sopwith Camel flies again! This kite has a 4' wingspan and authentic Royal Flying Corps markings, and easily disassembles for storage and transport. Best of all, you can fly it in even the slightest wind with a single line or, with two lines, you can conduct daring aerial maneuvers just like the original!


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