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Model Airplane building Tools, brushes, paints, knives and more.
0009304ALT="this model was built using xacto knives, dremel grinders and other aircraft homebuilder model tools" HSPACE=20 VSPACE=2 BORDER=2 height=218 width=250> The Best tool for building model Airplanes, look here for these model Airplanes building tools.  Xacto Knives, Glue, Brushes, Air Brushes, Model Airplane Paint, Paint sets.  Aeroplane building supplies.  Aircraft paints, Aeroplane paints. Xacto Kits, Dremel Tools.

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Click Here's the tools you need to make your model airplane a real masterpiece.  Plastic Model Airplane Paints, Xacto Knives, Airbrushes and more. 

If you are a aircraft homebuilder or model builder you need the right tools to make your project work, here is a list of Xacto knives, model paints, glue, Dremel grinders, compressors, sanders, lathes and lots more.   Books on How to Detail Body Panels on Plastic Model Airplanes.  Books on How to Detail Body Panels on Plastic Model Airplanes
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Cement for Balsa Wood Kits" 171"0090797border="1" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="250" height="195" align="left">0090797
Cement for Balsa Wood Kits

Strong fast drying cement is specially formulated for joining wood. Hot fuel proof,extra fast drying formula cuts drying time in half from twelve hours to six hours.
Apply to both surfaces to be joined, allow to dry for a few seconds and press together. 5/8 oz, contains acetone.
Cement for Plastic Kits" 172"0065533border="1" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="120" height="157" align="left">
Cement for Plastic Kits


Webmasters Note:  This is the glue that I use.

Non-toxic Plastic Kit Cement0006023vspace="4" border="0" width="100" height="318" align="left">

Non-toxic Plastic Kit Cement
Don't forget the glue to put together your plastic kits! It's non-toxic and made specifically for the plastic kits available here.     #0006023     1.59

Webmasters Note:  When I used the non-Toxic plastic cement, it would work almost as good as the toxic glues in the red label tube.  However, after a couple of years, this type of cement doesn't give a proper, lasting bond that the toxic cement used.
C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster

Finishing Set for Aircraft & Military Models" 170"0083807border="0" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="250" height="524" align="left">

Finishing Set for Aircraft & Military Models

This complete set includes everything you need to finish your plastic airplane and military vehicle kits! You get a hobby knife, a 1-fluid-ounce bottle of clear parts cement and window maker, a 5/8-fluid-ounce bottle of modeling cement, three gluing tips, five sanding films, eleven -fluid-ounce bottles of flat enamel paint (yellow, light tan, red, brown, sea blue, silver, olive drab, olive, beret green, black, and white), a bottle of paint thinner for cleanup, three paintbrushes, and a paint tray.

Testors Classics Finishing Set" 169"0092103border="0" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="300" height="139" align="left">0092103
Testors Classics Finishing Set

Designed for use with a Testors Classics kit, this finishing set includes 12 acrylic paints (1/10 fluid ounce each), two paint brushes, non-toxic cement and a mixing tray.
Military Flat Enamel Set" 168"0083805border="0" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="300" height="154" align="left">0083805
Military Flat Enamel Set

Perfect for decorating and camouflaging your plastic tank, ship, aircraft and figure kits, this set includes eight -fluid-ounce bottles of flat enamel paint (sky blue, battle gray, olive drab, brown, light tan, white, sea blue and black), a bottle of thinner for cleanup, a paintbrush, and a paint tray.
Acrylic Aircraft Finishing Set" 167"0006043border="1" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="300" height="218" align="left">

Acrylic Aircraft Finishing Set

Give your kits a more realistic look. You get seven paint colors (4 shades of gray, camouflage tan, camouflage green and insignia white), three brushes and a mixing tray.

0006016HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=0 height=150 width=250 align="left">0006016
Model Aircraft Refill Set
Paint Set
High quality water wash-up, certified non-toxic paints for modelers. These Testors  acrylics feature superb flow and leveling qualities and result in a high gloss finish beyond compare. Set includes nine colors and mixing tray, and is suitable for use with sprayers and airbrushes.
....#0006016 1

Aircraft Finishing Set
Paint Set
Make your models more life-like with these enamel paints. Set includes six colors,  thinner, paintbrush, cement pen and a tray.
.....#0006014 1

0006015HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=0 height=181 width=250 align="left">0006015
Military Aircraft Spray Set
Spray Paints
Set allows you to spray six different acrylic paints, while the patented spray cap  allows easy and quick changes of colors. Set includes five ¼ oz. non-toxic colors, ½  oz. primer, propellant and spray cap.
....#0006015 2

Complete Airbrushing System" 0092909border="0" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="250" height="282" align="left">
Complete Airbrushing System

This complete set contains everything you need to airbrush beautiful and unique designs! You get a mini air compressor with an oil-less diaphragm, fan cooling, 35 psi pressure, a 6' power cord, and an air hose fitting; a compressor adapter; an air hose; an airbrush with four interchangeable tips, a gravity feed color cup, a siphon cap and a cleaning tool; four mixing bottles; a pipette; and a detailed instruction manual. All you need to add is the paint!
OfmeGIuUCb_SZtgvDflPEEi5(0CppBxOJ)?pn=0006040161 width=250 align="left">0006040
Single Action Airbrush System
Spray Brush Kit Plus Video
This airbrush system can be used for general spraying as well as fine detail work. Features lightweight construction, quick color change, and easy to adjust  controls. Set is complete out of the box and includes one single-action  external-mix airbrush, one detailing needle, one general spraying needle, one  28mm bottle, one 33mm bottle, one open mix plastic bottle, one adapter to fit either propellant can or compressor, one can of propellant, and one instructional  video.

Airbrush Propellant Refill
Airbrush propellant for item #6040C.

OfmeGIuUCb_SZtgvDflPEEi5(0CppBxOJ)?pn=0006042HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=0 height=156 width=250 align="left">0006042
Kit Building Supply Set
For kit building, the right tools make a real difference. This set includes a hobby  knife, three brushes, five gluing tips, five sanding films and a drop cloth.
.....#0006042 1
0090639HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=0 height=235 width=250 align="left">0090639
Airplane Knife & Tool Set
This 14-piece set includes the highest quality knives, blades and tools essential for  constructing or repairing models. Set includes a light duty knife, needle nose pliers  with side cutter, sharp pointed tweezers, curve pointed tweezers, swivel head screwdriver, large plastic clamp, small plastic clamp, snap blade knife, sanding stick, two needle files and three assorted knife blades - all packaged in a wood chest for easy access and convenient storage.

X-Acto Knives and Products

Painting Techniques Books.

How to Detail Body Panels on Plastic Model Airplanes, Airbrush Techniques.  Plastic Model Diorama Tips Buildings.

Scale Aircraft Modelling" 179"0015123border="1" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="250" height="325" align="left">

Scale Aircraft Modeling

Stanton. Starting with the basics, you'll get the essential skills and techniques needed to build a scale model aircraft that will make you proud. Concentrating on plastic kits, this book also looks at how to improve your model or create a different version by using special plastic, resin and metal components. Topics include: Tools, Construction & Painting Tips, Biplane Rigging, Detailing, Weathering, Advanced Techniques, and more. 176 pgs., 200 color photos, 7"x 9", sfbd.

Scale Spacecraft Modelling" 180"0015534border="0" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="250" height="322" align="left">

Scale Spacecraft Modeling

Irvine. Rockets and spacecraft were among the first commercial kits, and although never as numerous as aircraft, they are a fascinating niche in the world of kit-building. Here, you'll review the current status of the field, including the growing range of resin kits; receive step-by-step instructions for everything from proper tool use to finishing and photography; and even learn scratch building and adaptation techniques to make your kits look like those in the movies. 208 pages, 350 color photographs, 7"x 9", softcover.

The Airfix Book of Scale Modelling" 182"0031011border="1" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="250" height="225" align="left">
The Airfix Book of Scale Modelling

Mock. This essential guide to making plastic scale models covers everything from basic construction, painting, and decaling, to simple conversions, weathering, and more advanced methods. You get information on the basic principles of model making, tools and techniques, problems that every modeler faces, and more. You'll even view six step-by-step projects that demonstrate a variety of useful tips and tricks! 176 pages, 350+ color photographs, 8"x 7", softcover.
Scratch Built!" 181"0003683border="0" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="250" height="321" align="left">

Scratch Built!

Alcorn, Lee & Cooke. Explains advanced aircraft modeling techniques in a readable, thorough manner, and includes many "how-to" photos and line drawings. Also included are superb portraits of over thirty scratch built models. Hundreds of B&W and color photos, 144 pgs., 8"x 11",sfbd.

Modelling Postwar Military Aircraft" 178"0005406border="1" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="250" height="337" align="left">

Modeling Postwar Military Aircraft

The multi-role jet aircraft dominates postwar military aviation. This book looks at military jets from the F-86 Sabre of the Korean War through to the Tornados and F-18s of today, with a careful examination of the key issues associated with accurate detailing, markings and camouflage schemes. 64 pgs., 140 color illustrations, 7"x 10", sfbd.

Modeling Scale Aircraft" 177"0015452border="1" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="250" height="337" align="left">

Modeling Scale Aircraft

Green. Through detailed photographs, step-by-step captions and informative text that cover every aspect of aircraft kit construction, this easy-to-follow guide provides a comprehensive introduction to all of the basic techniques and materials needed to build scale aircraft, from opening the kit box through assembly and display of the finished model. 80 pages, color and B&W photographs and illustrations, 7"x 9", softcover.

Model Aircraft Aerodynamics" 176"0003023border="0" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="250" height="308" align="left">
Model Aircraft Aerodynamics

Simons. The standard work on its subject, for this fourth edition several sections have been added, all the illustrative diagrams have been redrawn and a number of photos have been included. Practical advice covers all of the hobby's most significant recent developments including miniature turbojet engines, and propellers and batteries for electric-powered models. Information is presented in a concise and practical form for the enthusiast. 352 pgs., 7"x 9", sfbd.
How to Build and Fly Electric Model Aircraft" 174"0015500border="1" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="250" height="323" align="left">

How to Build and Fly Electric Model Aircraft

Schleicher. This fully illustrated, all-color guide unleashes the unlimited potential of silent flight with electric power. You'll examine new technologies; review primers on tethered vs. free flight, beginning and advanced radio control, indoor flight, build-it-yourself kits, exact-scale flying and more; and received club and organization lists, helpful resources and a glossary. Perfect whether you're a beginner or expert! 160 pages, approximately 200 color photographs, 8"x 10", softcover.

Basics of Ship Modeling" 173"0010075border="1" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="250" height="323" align="left">

Basics of Ship Modeling

The Illustrated Guide. Ashey. Hundreds of step-by-step photos guide you from basic assembly techniques through painting and weathering, detailing, masking, and display of your model ships. Now you can develop even the most expert skills! 112 pgs., 25 color and 400 B&W photos, 8"x 10", sfbd.

How to Draw & Paint Pin-Ups & Glamour Girls" 175"0019246border="0" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="250" height="332" align="left">
How to Draw & Paint Pin-Ups & Glamour Girls

Foster. More than 85 years ago, Walter Foster - a well-known artist, instructor and collector - began producing art instruction books from his home.
Featuring original, step-by-step instructional drawings and art tips from several classic Foster titles, this volume is filled with practical advice and easy-to-follow instructions on how to draw and paint a range of female subjects - from the quintessential 1920s flapper girl to a pin-up bikini model - in a variety of media, including pencil, oil and pastel. 128 pages, B&W and color illustrations, 9"x 12", softcover.

OfmeGIuUCb_SZtgvDflPEEi5(0CppBxOJ)?pn=0005192335 width=250 align="left">

Airbrush Painting Techniques
Soft Bound Book
Airbrush painting is one of the skills in the modeler's arsenal that becomes more important as the models worked on become more sophisticated. This book explains the many ways in which airbrushes can be used, with precise simple language and easy to follow instructions. A wide variet of models are  shown being given realistic paint jobs, including the all- important weathering  techniques. 64 pgs., 100+ color illustrations, 7¾"x 10½", sfbd.
.....#0005192 1



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