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Listen to this man.

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Please Note:  I took the photo of the clouds used in the background picture
while we were flying from a Northern Siberian city named Khatanga
on our way to the North Pole in April 2002.  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster
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Oversized RC Airplanes

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Ready-to-Fly Radio Controlled Airplanes.

Click Here is an All new collection of Radio Controlled Electric Motor Flying Model Airplanes.  Airplanes all the way from the Piper Cub to large wingspan 39" P-51 Mustang and FW-190.  Beautifully detailed models that are easy to fly and have no hassle with all of the gas and noise of the gas powered airplanes.  These Radio controlled airplanes are built for the beginner to the advanced RC Pilot.  Look at the detail on this P-51, with a 39" wingspan, this is a fantastically beautiful model airplane.  Look at this section and get the gift that you or your kids can fly right now with no other necessary accessories.




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