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Biography of Famous People,
Pictures of Famous People in history.

Famous People in History and Famous Objects and Events in History.  on a theme below to learn about this famous historical subject.  From Air Force One to standing on the Geographical North Pole, famous people are every in these pictures and books.  The biography of famous people as well as many pictures of famous people in history are shown in these sections.





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 The Air Force One Model Kits, Books, Videos, Gifts

Sergeant York Stuff

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Amelia Earhart Stuff

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The Baron Von Richthofen Models, Books, Videos, Gifts

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Blue Angels Stuff

John F. Kennedy Stuff

North Pole Expedition 2001 photo of an unknown explorer.

The North Pole Explorers

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George Bush picture

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Richard E. Byrd, Books, Videos

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Buy this movie and enjoy it again and again

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Thunderbirds Models, Books, Videos, Posters, Gifts

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These are the Wright Brothers who made the miracle happen at Kitty Hawk

Wright Brothers Models, Books, Videos, Posters Gifts


Famous People Books

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Sergeant York Stuff

John Dyrek Jr. Vietnam Veteran, My big brother

Look at this Huge Exhibit Index

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WW2 War Correspondent, Ernie Pyle's story
teaches us that it is most often the simple things in life that  provide the glue in a community.
Values such as honesty, persistence and concern for those less fortunate.

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  Please note that the background on this page was taken C. Jeff Dyrek, over Northern Siberia, on the North Pole Expedition of 2002 from an An-24 Russian transport airplane.  You can see the exhibit on this expedition by looking at this North Pole link.

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Watch This TV Program to hear the latest on where our country is going.

Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
the 34th fighter Squadron

USS Kitty Hawk

About the Webmaster, Why God Send Me to the North Pole

Click here to see how I have to live and what it looks like to be a disabled Vet.


The books, videos and models listed on this page tell the biography of many famous people and show the pictures of famous people.
This is a list of some famous people in history.

A famous real estate person, Ed Beckley, once mentioned a great quote:
"Work harder on yourself than you do the money, money is attracted and not pursued. "
As another famous person commented on a very similar quote. The process above works for any endeavor, not just money.

When you learn about famous people, you develop wonderful ideas of your own.
This is why it makes sense to read about and listen to famous people.