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Su-27 UB Flanker B from the Russian Military.

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Russian Military Aircraft, the Soviet fighter jets are some of the most advanced jet airplanes in the world.  Russian Military Aircraft like the Su-37 are experimental forward swept wing designs analogous to our X-29 Saberbat. Other Russian fighter jets such as the Su-27 can reach angles of attack of 120 degrees, which means the aircraft is actually flying backward, while still being able to recover and maintain control.  This maneuver is commonly preformed at air shows and is called the "Cobra".  Russian fighter jets like these can perform maneuvers that no other aircraft can perform.  The airplanes on this page fall into the following categories: Russian fighter jets, model Russian jets, Russian fighters, Russian military aircraft photos, Russian aircraft models, military soviet aircraft, soviet airplanes, soviet jets, Russian models.   Here to see the Exhibit on Arctic Russian Aircraft.
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Soviet X-Planes0003952323 0003952
Soviet X-Planes. Hardbound Book.
Gordon & Gundston. A detailed review of Soviet experimental aircraft from the early 1900s through to the latest Russian prototypes of today. This is the first book to collect, into one volume, stories of the most important Soviet aircraft. Includes many projects that were built but never flew, and even a few that never got off the drawing board. Approximately 150 aircraft types are described, each with relevant data and many 3-view drawings. 192 pgs., 360 B&W photos, 8"x 11", hdbd.

Encyclopaedia of Soviet Fighters0024040338

Encyclopaedia of Soviet Fighters.
Hardbound Book.
Leonard. The Soviet aircraft industry of the 1940s was incredibly productive as Russian manufacturers, stimulated by the needs of World War II, competed with each other in design and creativity. This book presents, in chronological order, exhaustive coverage of every single-engine Soviet fighter of the period, from obscure projects that did not get off the drawing table to the best-known mass-produced models. A masterful work! 208 pages, hundreds of B&W photographs and line drawings, color profiles and more. 9"x 12", hardcover.



Guide to Russian Air Federation0021015327 0021015
Guide to Russian Air Federation.
Hardbound Book.

Air Force Museum at Monino Russia.

Korolkov & Kazashvili. This museum presents a rich collection of full-scale aircraft exhibits, as well as helicopters, aircraft engines, armament and search-and-rescue equipment that reflects the history of Russian and Soviet aviation development from 1909 to the present. Shown here from the museum are over 110 aircraft from early examples such as a Letatlin to today's aircraft. 176 pgs., 130 B&W and color photographs, 8"x 11", hdbd.0021015

German Aircraft in Russian and Soviet Service 41-500006342332">

German Aircraft in Russian and Soviet Service 41-50.
Hardbound Book.


1941-1950. Alexandrov & Petrov. This book, heavily illustrated with previously unpublished photos, presents the blooming period of the Soviet aviation industry, which owed much of its knowledge to technology derived from German designs. Although the cooperation between the two ended in the early 1940s with the war, the effects of the partnership were felt until the early 1950s. For the era from 1914-1940, see item #6341. 144 pgs., 250+ B&W photos, color profiles, 9"x 12", hdbd.

Air War Over Russia0024012316">

Air War Over Russia.
Hardbound Book.

Brookes. This chronological history examines the strategic balance of the Luftwaffe and their Blitzkrieg tactics in the first phase of Operation Barbarossa, the German attack against the Soviet Union. It then analyzes the changing balance of power as the Russians employ more potent aircraft - including many supplied by Britain and the U.S. - turning the tide of war against the Germans. Numerous illustrations accompany the well-researched and authoritative text. 160 pages, B&W photographs, maps, 7"x 10", hardcover.


Soviet Aircraft and Aviation0004863338

Soviet Aircraft and Aviation.
Hardbound Book.

Andersson. The development of Soviet civil and military aviation is explored in remarkable detail, using many Russian sources only recently available. The authors massive research in Soviet archives has unearthed production figures, lists of aircraft, details on the early use of Soviet airpower, and secret cooperation with the German military. The information amassed here makes this book a genuine milestone in the literature of Soviet aviation. 352 pgs., 250 photos, 75 drawings, 8"x 10", hdbd..

Early Soviet Jet Fighters0005754326">

Early Soviet Jet Fighters.
Red Star Vol. 4
Softbound Book.

The 1940s and Early 1950s. Gordon. Here are the development and service histories of the first-generation Soviet jet fighters designed by such renowned makers as Mikoyan, Yakovlev and Sukhoi, as well as by design bureaus no longer in existence. Book compares each type to its contemporaries; with many previously unpublished photos and extensive drawings. 144 pgs., 240 B&W photos plus 8 pgs. of color artworks. 8"x 11", sfbd.

Early Soviet Jet Bombers0011154332">

Early Soviet Jet Bombers.
Softbound Book.


Red Star Vol. 17
Gordon. The first Soviet jet bombers were developed from German jet technology and personnel acquired at the end of WWII. This book covers all types and variants including: the Junkers EF131 based on the forward-swept wing Ju 287 V2; the t-tailed, bicycle gear "aircraft 150"; and others. You'll also see the first truly Soviet-developed jet bomber - the four-engine Ilyushin Il-22 - along with experimental Ilyushin and Tupolev types. 128 pages, 200 B&W photographs, 4-pages of color illustrations, 8"x 11", softcover.

Stalin's Eagles0001854331 0001854
Stalin's Eagles.
Hardbound Book.

An Illustrated Study of the Soviet Aces of WWII and Korea
Seidl. The most complete and detailed book ever published on the Soviet aces. Hundreds of portraits illuminate the lives of many aces, most unknown to western readers, and the desperate struggles of these outstanding fighter pilots. Little known in the West, Soviet pilots also flew over Korea and many achieved ace status - all are named here with details of their careers and aerial victories. 368 pages, 470+ B&W photographs, 9"x 12", hardcover.

Soviet Aces of World War 20002651338 0002651
Soviet Aces of World War 2.
Softbound Book.

Aircraft of the Aces Vol. 15.

Morgan. No single volume in English has ever appeared in the West dealing with this intriguing subject area, but now that restrictions have relaxed in the former Soviet Union, records of the deeds of the elite pilots of the various Soviet Air Forces are coming to light. Follow their exploits in their MiG-3s, LaGG-3/5s, Yak-1/3s and lend lease aircraft such as the Hurricane, Spitfire, P-39 and P-40. 96 pages, 75 B&W photographs and 12 pages of color profiles. 7"x 9", softcover.

Soviet Heavy Interceptors0011169325

Red Star Volume 19.
Softbound Book.

Soviet Heavy Interceptors
Red Star Vol. 19
Gordon. In the nervous 1950s, the Mikoyan, Sukhoi and Tupolev design bureaus were tasked with designing aircraft that could defend the Soviet Union's borders against intrusions by Western spy planes and bomber armadas. Here, you'll see the wide range of aircraft that resulted from those efforts, from the swept-wing I-3 of 1956 to the twin-engine Tu-128, the world's largest interceptor. 128 pages, 159 B&W photographs, 12 pages of color, 23 pages of line drawings and more. 8"x 11", softcover.

Misc. Russian Aviation Art.
Ivan Kozhedub La-70007059210"> 0007059
Ivan Kozhedub La-7
Limited Edition Aviation Art Print
Jerry Crandall. Ivan Kozhedub, a 62-victory ace who was the leading Soviet and Allied rld War II, has just flown his La-7, White 2, to victory against an Me 262, earning him his third Hero of the Soviet Union medal. Limited edition print measures 29"x 22" and is signed by the artist and by Air Marshall Ivan N. Kozhedub.


Aviation Art.
Dick McNatt. After protracted negotiations with the Russians, permission was granted for the USAAF to use Soviet airfields on shuttle missions. On the third such mission, the 8th Air Force dispatched 145 B-17s from the 3rd Air Division. Here, we see the 45th Combat Wing, with the 96th, 388th and 452nd Bombardment Groups arriving at Poltava. After the Luftwaffe bombing that night and Soviet bomb clearance the following day, only seven of the 73 arriving would be flyable. 24"x 20" print.

 Here to see the Exhibit on Arctic Russian Aircraft.


Yak 3 - Capt. Marcel O. Albert0007073163

Click Here's a Special Request:  We need to find the following YAK Fighter Pilots from over Korea who shot down the B-29 named  Hog Wild.  The names of the four Russian Yak fighters that shot the Hog Wild down were leader pilot lieutenant Feofanov...and junior lieutenant Zizevsky leader pilot lieutenant Belik...and junior lieutenant Mdivani They flew out of the HamHung Airfield on August 29, 1945 (the day of the Hog Wild incident)... which General MacArthur talked about.  If you know these men or anything about them, let me know by Email Here.

Soviet Secret Projects0011231vspace=

Soviet Secret Projects.
Fighters Since 1945.
Buttler & Gordon. Following on the heels of the wildly popular Soviet Secret Projects: Bombers Since 1945 (item #11178), this fascinating volume covering post-WWII fighters from design bureaus such as Lavochkin, Mikoyan, Sukhoi, Yakovlev, Myasischev and Tupolev presents first generation supersonic craft, advanced designs of the 1960s, a number of previously unpublished designs and their relation to today's top Russian fighters, renditions of "might have been types" and much more. 192 pages, approximately 200 B&W and color photographs, line drawings, 9"x 12", hardcover.

Soviet Secret Projects0011178vspace=

Hardbound Book.

Bombers Since 1946.
Butler & Gordon. With the end of the Cold War, the Russian archives have finally been opened to show the secret bomber concepts of the various design bureaus from the 1940s onwards, the revelation of which would have been high treason not so long ago. You'll love seeing these fascinating might-have-beens, most of which did not make it into the skies. 176 pages, 200 B&W and color photographs, 8"x 11", hardcover.

Russia's Air Power in Crisis0002859vspace="4" border="1" width="150" height="222" align="left">

Russia's Air Power in Crisis.
Lambeth. Focusing mainly on fighter aviation and drawing on more than two decades of research, Lambeth shows how military air power in Russia has steadily withered away since the breakup of the Soviet Union. Book details the many problems facing the Russian Air Force, and the attempts at dealing with those problems. His final predictions for the future are quite interesting. 233 pgs., 6"x 9", hdbd.

Red Wings Over the Yalu0005741vspace=

Red Wings Over the Yalu.
China, the Soviet Union, and the Air War in Korea. Zhang. The Korean War was a pivotal event in China's modern military history because of the experience it provided for the newly formed People's Liberation Army Air Force. The author combines research on declassified Chinese and Russian materials and interviews with participants to challenge current wisdom as he compares performance and kill ratios by all sides involved in the war. 304 pgs., 26 B&W photos, 6"x 9", sfbd.

Russia's Ekranoplans0006286vspace="4" border="1" width="150" height="195" align="left">

Russia's Ekranoplans.
Red Star Vol. 8
Kommissarov. Known as wing-in-ground effect (WIGE) craft, or Ekranoplan to the Russians, these vehicles operated on the borderline between sky and sea. The book details the many series of WIGE vehicles developed, including the Orlyonok - the only Ekranoplan to see squadron service, the missile-armed Loon and the famous KM, or Caspian Sea Monster, which introduced this craft to the West. 128 pgs., 150 B&W and color photos, 8"x 11", sfbd.

Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours0011121vspace=

Soviet Air Force Fighter Colors.
1941-45. Pilawskii. This book presents a detailed study of the camouflage and markings of the Soviet fighter aircraft of WWII. With information drawn from previously inaccessible Soviet archives, the author analyzes the developments, trends, patterns and irregularities of the color systems. Includes a technical study of the main fighter aircraft and variants followed by coverage of color schemes - factory-applied, field variations and seasonal. 224 pgs., 300 photos, 250 color illustrations, 9"x 12", hdbd.

Look at Russian Aircraft located in Northern Siberia on the North Pole Expedition of 2002


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