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Amodel Russian Soviet Tupolev Tu-128 Fiddler 1/72 Scale Model Airplane
Российская Туполева самолет, макет истребителей, военных самолетов, грузовых самолетов модели.

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For Tupolev the dream of  successful supersonic transport aircraft, SST, has captivated interest for years. But as yet, only a few Concordes and a couple of Tupolev Tu-144s have gone into service.  Dating back to 1922, Tupolev is not only the oldest of the current Russian aviation companies - it is also one of the most innovative producing many aircraft with special and unique needs including military propeller and jet fighters and flying boats, bombers and passenger aircraft including the world's first all-metal, twin-engine monoplane heavy bomber; the record-breaking ANT-25 that flew across the North Pole to the USA; the Tu-144 supersonic transport.  One aircraft, the Tupolev "Bear" bomber, called the Russian Bear, originally designed to deliver nuclear strikes against the continental U.S., was the progenitor of a whole family of variants that included missile carrying, reconnaissance, targeting, anti-submarine, communications, and test bed aircraft, some of which are still in service. Also the Backfire Bomber and the Blackjack bomber, Russia's answer to the U.S. B-1B.
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Russian Tupolev Aircraft.





Tupolev Tu-134 Interflug Airlines 1/72 by Amodel

As the Webmaster, I was lucky enough to fly in a number of Russian aircraft, the Tu-134 was one that we flew from Moscow to Norilsk in Siberia. The clouds in the background picture on this page was taken from one of these airplanes. I was surprised to see how much this airplane was like the U.S. Navy C-9 that I flew on also. There was a big difference, not in the airplanes, but how the airlines in Russia were as compared to the United States. We had this plane so overloaded that it would not be legal to fly in the U.S. We had pipes in the middle aisle. We had stacks of boxes in the rear of the plane stacked to the ceiling making it hard to get to the restroom. The overhead luggage compartments wouldn't close. We had the underside of every seat totally packed with equipment for the expedition. Additional clothing and luggage was under everyones feet. Like I said, we had this plane packed. Just after we started the engines, a black car came up to the airplane and the plane was stopped from moving. Several more security and black cars came up to the plane. After a while they took a man off of the plane, he was a Russian. It looked like he was in trouble for something. What a ride, it was great and we all had a good time.

OKB Tupolev.

Hardbound Book.
A History of the Design Bureau and Its Aircraft
Gordon & Rigmant. Dating back to 1922, Tupolev is not only the oldest of the current Russian aviation companies - it is also one of the most innovative. Here, you'll see fighters and flying boats, bombers and passenger aircraft including the world's first all-metal, twin-engine monoplane heavy bomber; the record-breaking ANT-25 that flew across the North Pole to the USA; the Tu-144 supersonic transport; the latest aircraft from Tupolev, the Tu-204/Tu-214 and Tu-334; and more. 360 pages, 600 B&W and 16 pages of color photographs, line drawings and more. 8"x 11", hardcover. Tupolev SB in Action.
Softbound Book.
Stapfer. This book traces the history of the SB-2, which was developed in response to a call for a Skorostnoi Bombardirovshchik (or SB, for fast bomber) in 1933. Seeing first combat during the Spanish Civil War and the Sino-Japanese War, the SB-2 served with numerous countries in several variants and had the unusual characteristic of using high speed as its main defense against enemy fighters. Includes 100+ photographs, 3-view drawings, and 10 color profiles. 50 pages, 11"x 8", softcover.
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Tupolev Tu-4 Superfortress
Red Star Vol. 7
Softbound Book.
Gordon & Rigmant. Three Boeing B-29s fell into Soviet hands at the end of WWII, and this book shows the evolution of the copied Tu-4 "Superfortresski" into the Tu-70 military transport and its airliner versions, the Tu-75 and Tu-85. Also described are various experimental versions and Chinese turboprop-powered AWACS and drone launcher conversions. 128 pgs., 120 B&W photos (many never-before published), line drawings, 8"x 11", sfbd.
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Stealing the Superfortress - DVD
This expose draws on recently discovered Soviet archival material and the memories of those who were there to detail how the USSR produced a rivet-for-rivet copy of the Superfortress. Follow the development of the B-29 from its first proposal to the perilous early flights in the Pacific, and learn about the B-29s that touched down and were impounded in Vladivostok - just two years before the Soviet Union introduced the Tupolev Tu-4, an exact replica of the B-29. 1 hr. 40 min.
Early Soviet Jet Bombers
Red Star Vol. 17
Gordon. The first Soviet jet bombers were developed from German jet technology and personnel acquired at the end of WWII. This book covers all types and variants including: the Junkers EF131 based on the forward-swept wing Ju 287 V2; the t-tailed, bicycle gear "aircraft 150"; and others. You'll also see the first truly Soviet-developed jet bomber - the four-engine Ilyushin Il-22 - along with experimental Ilyushin and Tupolev types. 128 pages, 200 B&W photographs, 4-pages of color illustrations, 8"x 11", softcover.
Tupolev Tu-104
Red Star Vol. 35
Aeroflot's First Jetliner
Gordon. Following the British-built Comet and Canadian Avro Jetliner, the twin-engine Tu-104 Camel - the civilian version of the Tu-16 Badger bomber - became the world's third jet airliner to take to the skies when it made its maiden flight in June, 1956. Here, you'll review its development and operational record from the early 1950s to the end of its service with Aeroflot in the 1980s, and even see its variants including the prototype Tu-110 four-engine transport. 128 pages, 250 B&W and color photographs, 8"x 11", softcover.
Tupolev Tu-114
Red Star Vol. 31


Trumpeter 1/72 Scale Tupolev Tu-95 Bear-H Model
The First Soviet Intercontinental Airliner
Gordon & Rigmant. Based upon the four-engine Tu-95 strategic bomber, the Tu-114 was the largest airliner of its day when designed in the 1950s and set a number of records, including the speed record for a turbo-prop aircraft that still stands today. Here, you'll review its development and service with Aeroflot, and even see the conversion of some units into the Tu-126 "Moss" AWACS aircraft. 128 pages, 150 color and B&W photographs, 8"x 11", softcover.
Airliners of the 1970s

From the Webmaster: When I was stationed on the USS Kitty Hawk, CV-63, on an almost daily basis we had a Russian Bear flying over the ship. It was always escorted by two F-14 Tomcats. One Tomcat was on the side of the Bear and the other Tomcat was directly under the Bear. I was told that the F-14 Tomcat under the belly of the bear was in case the bear opened its weapons bay, that the Tomcat would shoot the Bear down. I was also told that this was a suicide mission for the Tomcat Pilot. I don't know if this was true, however.

Revell Tupolev Tu144 Supersonic Passenger Aircraft Plane Model Modelling Kit
Manning. This lavishly illustrated book examines the dramatic changes in world air travel that took place during the 1970s, showing you more than 60 different types of aircraft, including propliners still hard at work and early jets such as the CV-880 and DC-9, the newly introduced Concorde and Tupolev Tu-144 supersonic transports, the Boeing 747 and Airbus A300, helicopters, and many others. 160 pages, 280 color photographs, softcover.
Russian Airliners Outside of Russia
Gordon & Komissarov. This heavily illustrated book examines the great variety of civilian aircraft - including Antonovs, Tupolevs and Ilyushins - supplied to the export market and Soviet satellite states prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union as well as those that have come to dominate Russian sales in the past decade. 160 pages, 160 color photographs, 8"x 11", softcover.
Tupolev Tu-154M 1/200 Die Cast Model
"OK-UCF," CSA Czech Airlines
Tupolev Tu-154M 1/200 Die Cast Model
"LZ-BTW," Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
Tupolev Tu-154 1/400 Die Cast Model
Malev Hungarian Airlines
Comparable to the Boeing 727, the Tupolev Tu-154 medium-range tri-jet remains the standard airliner for domestic routes in Russia and has been operated by more than 15 foreign airlines. This limited edition, 1/400 scale die cast model of a Tu-154 features textured wing surfaces, detailed engine nacelles, simulated cockpit and cabin windows, extending landing gear, authentic Malv Hungarian Airlines markings, and more. 3" wingspan.
Tupolev Tu-154
The USSR's Medium-Range Jet Airliner
Komissarov. This heavily illustrated book provides a detailed survey of the history and operations of the Tu-154 airliner - the successor to the Tu-104 - that became not only the principal medium-haul aircraft of the Soviet airline Aeroflot, but also one of the Soviet Union's best sellers on the commercial aircraft market. You'll examine all known versions and variants based on the Tu-154 as well as a detailed production list, a country-by-country operator list, accident details, and line drawings. 192 pages, 340 color and B&W photographs, 8"x 11", softcover.
Soviet Airliners in the 21st Century - DVD
This thrilling program takes you to Moscow's major airports and to Dresden, Bratislava and Sharjah to view Soviet- and Russian-built airliners in the 21st century! You'll see massive propliners such as the Ilyushin Il-76, veteran Il-18 and Antonov An-12; 1960s jetliners such as the Il-62 and Tupolev Tu-134; exotic color schemes not often seen outside eastern Europe; and much more. 1 hr. 5 min.
Soviet Heavy Interceptors
Red Star Vol. 19
Gordon. In the nervous 1950s, the Mikoyan, Sukhoi and Tupolev design bureaus were tasked with designing aircraft that could defend the Soviet Union's borders against intrusions by Western spy planes and bomber armadas. Here, you'll see the wide range of aircraft that resulted from those efforts, from the swept-wing I-3 of 1956 to the twin-engine Tu-128, the world's largest interceptor. 128 pages, 159 B&W photographs, 12 pages of color, 23 pages of line drawings and more. 8"x 11", softcover.
Tupolev Aircraft Since 1922.
Hardbound Book.

Tupolev TU-114, 1/72 by Amodel Plastic Airplane Kit

Gunston. Taking full advantage of material only recently recovered from Russia, the author documents the full history of the Tupolev design consortium from the Maxim Gorky monster, through the AN-9 and ANT-25, the supersonic Tu-22 and Tu-144, to the modern Tu-2000. 275 photos and three-views, 288 pgs., 8"x 11", hdbd.

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Tupolev Tu-95 Bear.

  Tupolev Tu-95MS Bear-H 1/200 Kit

Based on the Tu-95 (also known as the "Bear") strategic bomber, which, first flown in the early 1950s, is still the backbone of today's Russian Air Force bomber fleet, this 1/200 scale, plastic kit will bring back plenty of Cold War memories! A replica of the modern, cruise missile-carrying "MS" variant, this kit features textured surfaces, a prototypical dolphin-shaped fuselage with sweptback wings, Kuznetsov NK-12 engines with contra-rotating propellers, a 23mm AM-23 auto-cannon, optional-position landing gear, authentic markings, and more. 9" wingspan; assembly required.

Tupolev Tu-95 "Bear D" 1/144 Kit" 116" src="images/Tupolev_Tu-95_The_Russian_Bear_Bomber_small.jpg" border="2" vspace="4" hspace="10" xthumbnail-orig-image="images/Tupolev_Tu-95_The_Russian_Bear_Bomber.jpg" width="300" height="638">
Click For Larger View

Tupolev Tu-95 "Bear D" 1/144 Kit

First flown in 1952, the Tu-95 four-engine, turboprop-powered strategic bomber and missile platform entered service with the former Soviet Union in 1956 and is expected to serve the Russian Air Force until at least 2040.
an electronic intelligence version of the Tu-95 flown by the Soviet Naval Air Force, this 1/144 scale, plastic kit features detailed engine nacelles with rotating propellers, an in-flight refueling probe, three machine gun positions, two large radomes under the fuselage, realistic landing gear, and a choice of two markings ("Black 17" from 1972 and "Red 38" from 1968). 13" in length and wingspan; 127 parts, skill level 3.
  Tupolev Tu-95/Tu-142
Famous Russian Aircraft

Gordon & Komissarov. First flown in 1952, the Tu-95 four-engine turboprop was put into service by the former Soviet Union in 1956 and is expected to serve the Russian Air Force until at least 2040. This lavishly illustrated book examines the Tu-95's development history and service career in detail, with information on its position in Russia's strategic bomber arm, the fleet upgrade for carrying new models of cruise missiles, its Tu-142 naval counterpart, and more. Includes nose art and unit insignia. 352 pages, 700 color and B&W photographs, 8"x 11", hardcover.
  Tupolev Tu-95/-142
Russian Aircraft in Action

Gordon. The Tupolev "Bear" bomber, originally designed to deliver nuclear strikes against the continental U.S., was the progenitor of a whole family of variants that included missile carrying, reconnaissance, targeting, anti-submarine, communications, and test bed aircraft, some of which are still in service. This pictorial presents the history of all these variants from development through the present day. 80 pages, 200 B&W and color photographs, 9"x 12", hardcover.
  Tupolev Tu-95MS Bear-H 1/72 Scale Model Kit

Large Size Plastic Model Airplane Kit.
In 1952, the first Tu-95 took flight, initially serving as a high-altitude nuclear bomber  and later as a dedicated cruise missile platform. This highly detailed plastic kit  features finely recessed panel lines, accurate engine nacelles with counter-rotating  propellers, realistic undercarriage with intricate wheel wells, and moveable ailerons and flaps. Includes 171 pieces and choice of markings. 27" in wingspan and length; assembly required.


Tupolev Tu-16 K-10 Badger.

Tu-16 K-10 Badger C 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit.
Plastic Model Airplane Kit.

A naval aviation variant of the Soviet twin-engine jet bomber, the Tu-16K-10 carried a single anti-shipping cruise missile under its fuselage. This 1/72 scale, plastic kit features the K-10's unique "duckbill" radome that replaced the conventional glass nose, a choice of AS-2 "Kipper" or AS-6 "Kingfish" missiles, a rear gunner's station, plenty of photo-etched brass detail parts, and extra parts to build the earlier "A" variant free-fall bomber. 17" wingspan; assembly required.

Tupolev Tu-16 Badger.
Softbound Book.

Gordon & Rigmant. The Tu-16, which first flew in the mid-1950s, developed into nearly 50 versions including nuclear-capable bombers, anti-shipping missile strike aircraft, reconnaissance and ECM variants, and test platforms. This book covers their operational careers in the USSR and abroad during the Cold War and later, with many previously unpublished photos and a detailed production list. 160 pages, 260 B&W photographs plus color section, 12 pages of line drawings, 8"x 11", softcover.

 Here to see the Exhibit on Arctic Russian Aircraft.

Tupolev Tu-22 Backfire Bomber.

  Tupolev Tu-22 Blinder
Hardbound Book

Burdin & Dawes. In this review of the design, development, and decade of service of the Tu-22 Blinder - the Soviet Union's first supersonic bomber that was also employed on reconnaissance and maritime patrol missions - you'll see the craft's construction, weapons systems, and photo-reconnaissance and jamming equipment while also enjoying firsthand accounts from Russian aircrew who flew it. 256 pages, 170 B&W and color photographs, 7"x 10", hardcover.
  Tu-22M2 Backfire B Strategic Bomber 1/72 Kit

a Tupolev Tu-22M2, which is able to fly over Mach 2 and carry twice the payload of its predecessor Tu-22, this 1/72 scale, plastic kit - which measures nearly 2-feet long! - features detailed front and rear cockpits with optional-position entry doors, ejection seats, and a clear canopy; movable swing-wings; realistic ordnance, including Kh-15 and Kh-22 missiles and FAB-250 bombs; a choice of two markings; and more. 23" long with an 18" wingspan; 400 parts, assembly required.

Backfire Bomber
A major Soviet threat during the Cold War, the Tu-22M "Backfire" is a long-range,  nuclear-capable, supersonic bomber.  

src="images/Tu-95_Bear_Aircraft.jpg" onMouseOut="sitb_doHide('bookpopover'); return false;" alt="Bear: Flight to Liberty" ="sitb_showLayer('bookpopover'); return false;" border="0" width="250" height="379">  Bear: Flight to Libertye/ir0595425585


ISBN-13: 978-0595425587

In September 1976, Viktor Belenko defected to Japan in his MiG-25 Foxbat jet fighter, one of the most well-known defections from the Soviet block. But in that same year, there was another defection so embarrassing to the Soviets that its particulars remained a secret for more than twenty-five years. All media accounts of Soviet TU-95 flights participating in the Okean 76 naval maneuvers mention only two planes. Whenever they were confronted in private, however, the Soviets acknowledged that in reality, three planes took off from Russia, with the third aircraft crashing at sea, killing everyone aboard. Since it sank in deep waters, no one attempted to salvage the wreck. But what the Soviet authorities never acknowledged -publicly or privately- was that the third TU-95 made a bold and risky flight from the USSR to Canada. Because its crew defected, the Soviets never admitted that such an event happened. Bear: Flight to Liberty tells the third crew's thrilling story. BEAR is the product of Vargas-Caba's meticulous research into the Soviet Armed Forces and provides an authenticity few books on the subject can match. His careful marshalling of real-world facts to develop his work of fiction makes BEAR an exciting read for anyone who wants to remember how much was at stake during the Cold War. Nate Braden, co-author of The Last Sentry After years of distinguished service for the country's air force, Mikhail is court-martialed, demoted and sent to finish his career in the backwaters of the mother country. Deemed politically unreliable, Mikhail -forever a Russian but never a Communist Party member- bridles under Soviet rule and eventually plans a daring airborne escape. To do so, he must convince his crew to leave with him, develop a viable flight plan and avoid the potentially fatal attention of innumerable Soviet military officers and KGB stooges. The author tells Mikhail's tale with meticulous care; his account is thoroughly detailed and filled with the depth of research that turns rough histories into credible recreations. Kirkus Discoveries
Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (July 30, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0595425585
ISBN-13: 978-0595425587

Miguel Vargas-Caba was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic. He works in the Information Technology field and translates books in his own translation agency. Vargas-Caba resides in The Bronx, New York.   the youngest of 17 children, Miguel Vargas-Caba learned to love literature and acquired the skill of languages. He began to learn Russian, his favorite language, by singing Soviet revolutionary songs performed by the Soviet Army Choir. He later developed his skill listening to the Russian broadcasts of the "Voice of America" for the Russians in Cuba.
"BEAR: Flight to Liberty," is his first book, which made him the first, and at this time, the only Dominican national to write a book on the subject of the Cold War. Viktor Belenko's defection to Japan inspired him to write BEAR, under one simple premise: What if a HUGE airplane, the size of a B-52, defects to the West? How much noise would that make?
His second book, "Chronicles of the Bear - Stories from the Bear Crews," still under development, is a compilation of stories from the freezing days of the Cold War, as told by the pilots, co-pilots, navigators, radar technicians, and other crew members of the TU-95 Bears who flew around the oceans of the world, in their quest to obtain information about their 'adversaries naval vessels, as they flew to exotic locations in Cuba, Guinea, Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, India, and Vietnam.
Besides his literary work, he has also written, translated, and published several articles about the activities of the Soviet Armed Forces, among them:
"Viktor Belenko: Hero or Traitor?" - About Viktor Belenko, the Soviet pilot who defected to Japan in a MiG-25 Foxbat jet fighter.
"The TU-95 RTs (BEAR D) and TU-142 (BEAR F) in Cuba" - About the activities of the Soviet Naval Aviation on the American Eastern Coast from bases in Cuba.
"From the Other Side of the Camera" - A photographic collage of Soviet crew's views of NATO aircraft and carriers.

Dear Mr. Dyrek,
My name is Miguel Vargas-Caba and I am writing to you about my Historical Fiction novel "Bear: Flight to Liberty." It tells the story of a group of Soviet defectors that I think will, in fact, provide your listeners with an exciting educational journey as it brings Soviet history into a dramatic light.
In 1976, Captain Mikhail Makarov and the crew of a Soviet TU-95 "Bear D" long-range reconnaissance airplane defect from the USSR. "BEAR Flight to Liberty" tells the crews thrilling story. Led by Captain Makarov, who must convince his crew to leave with him, the defectors develop a plan to avoid the potentially fatal attention of innumerable Soviet military officers. After subverting command and setting several harrowing diversions, the crew aims for the closest airbase in Canada where the defectors hope to crash-land safely.
This intense, action-packed novel focuses on the age-old battle for freedom, as Makarov and his crew carry out their daring naval plot and final airborne escape. Daring, determination, and the personal decisions that Makarov and his comrades must make during the troubling Cold War era, tell a compelling personal as well as action tale.
I learned about Soviet history and the Soviet military from afar. I am from the Dominican Republic, where I learned Russian through Soviet Army music and Voice of America broadcasts in Russian destined for Cuba. In the 1960's, no Russian language books were available in my country as any relationship with a communist state was outlawed by our government. When I came to the US, I could already speak Russian, but I continued to study Russian grammar. Using my knowledge of the Russian language, I researched the historical facts about these men to paint the story for my book.
I am very proud of this novel and have had several book signings and speaking engagements since its publication. I would very much like to discuss my book, my personal background, and my plans for upcoming publications with you and would be honored to be a part of your wonderful website:
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Very truly yours, 
Miguel Vargas-Caba


Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack.

Tupolev Tu-160 1/400 Die Cast
Pre Built Die Cast Model Airplane.
This highly detailed, small-scale die cast model represents the great military aircraft  from the 20th century. Model is fully painted and includes embossed stand that also  notes the scale. Wingspan measures between 4½" to 8".

Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack
Softbound Book.

The Russian Answer to the B-1.
Gordon. This comprehensive study of the Tu-160, the Soviet Union's most potent strategic bomber, examines the Blackjack's design, production and operational service, and compares it to its American supersonic, swing-wing counterpart, the B-1 Lancer. You'll learn about previously unrevealed aspects of the Tu-160, and enjoy numerous high-quality photographs, including many taken at the Long-Range Aviation base in Engels, home to the Tu-160 fleet. 128 pages, 200 color and B&W photographs, line drawings, color profiles, 8"x 11", softcover.
  Tupolev Tu-160 1/72 Kit

Commonly referred to as the "White Swan" by its pilots, the supersonic Tupolev Tu-160 is the heaviest combat aircraft ever built and almost twice as fast - Mach 2.05 at high attitude! - as the B-1 Lancer. Now you can add the biggest and the best to your modern military aviation collection with this premium quality, 1/72 scale plastic kit featuring engraved panel lines; a detailed cockpit with a glazed canopy; working swing-wings; movable wing flaps; optional position landing gear with metal shafts; opening bomb bay doors; weapons; authentic Russian Air Force markings; and more! Measures 29" long with a 19"-31" variable wingspan; 621 parts, assembly required.
  Tupolev Tu-160 1/144 Kit

the supersonic, variable-geometry wing, Tu-160 heavy bomber - which, as the last strategic bomber designed by the Soviet Union, is still in service - this 1/144 scale plastic kit features recessed panel lines, a detailed cockpit, optional position pivoting wings, an extended refueling probe, realistic wheel wells, a choice of Russian and Ukrainian Air Force markings, and more. 15" wingspan; 119 parts, assembly required.
  Tupolev Tu-144 1/350 Die Cast Model

This 1/350 scale die cast model of the "Concordski," the Soviet Union's supersonic transport that actually flew before the Concorde and that in 1969 became the first commercial transport to exceed Mach 2, features an authentic paint scheme and includes a display stand. 7" long.
  Modern Bombers

Crosby. This wonderfully illustrated book begins with a history of modern bombers, from Boeing's B-47 and the Soviet Tupolevs to the B-2 Spirit; relays anecdotes about the personalities involved in bomber development and combat, with fascinating quotes from political leaders such as John F. Kennedy and Dick Cheney; and then moves on to the heart of the book, which is a substantial A-Z alphabetical listing of modern bombers, with each aircraft accompanied by wartime and museum photographs and a detailed specifications box. 128 pages, 300+ color photographs, 9"x 11", softcover.
  Firefox - DVD

This 1982 action film stars Clint Eastwood as a U.S. pilot who sneaks into Russia to steal a highly advanced Soviet fighter aircraft - the mythical MiG-31, NATO code name "Firefox" - that is capable of Mach 6, is invisible to radar, and carries weapons controlled by thought.
Filled with great aerial sequences, this film includes aircraft such as the MH-53 Pave Low, F-105 Thunderchief, F-4 Phantom II, A-1 Skyraider, F-5E Tiger II, F-111 Aardvark, T-38 Talon, Tupolev Tu-154 and Tu-16, and others. Widescreen, Dolby Digital, Rated PG. 2 hrs. 16 min.


Tupolev Aircraft Types
Tu-16 Badger
Tu-22 Blinder / Backfire Bomber
Introduced into the Soviet Air Force in the 1970s, the Tu-22 Blinder was specifically designed to counter NATO forces.
Tu-95 / 142 Bear
Tu-114 Jet Airliner
Tu-134 Jet Airliner
Tu-144 "Concordski"
Tu-154 Jet Airliner
Tu-160 Blackjack


     Out of Print Books   

Tupolev Tu-95/-142 "Bear."
Softbound Book.

Gordon. This is the history of one of the world's most awesome aircraft. Its genesis (from Boeing B-29 technology) and operational career from the early 1940s to the present is a captivating story... and one the West has aspired to know.

The Tupolev "Bear" bomber, originally designed to deliver nuclear strikes against the continental U.S., was the progenitor of a whole family of variants that included missile carrying, reconnaissance, targeting, anti-submarine, communications, and test bed aircraft, some of which are still in service.   And now the authors have taken the lid off the story! 128 pages, 236 B&W and 24 color photographs, 12 line drawings, 8"x 11", softcover.0002637

Tupolev Tu-22 "Blinder" and Tu-22M "Backfire Bomber."
Gordon & Rigmant. This detailed study of Russia's two long-range supersonic nuclear-capable bomber types explodes many previously held myths and sets the record straight. Includes details of cockpits, armaments, mods and test-beds, likely developments and the force disposition. 96 pages, 100 B&W and 50 color photos, line art. 8"x 11", softcover.

Supersonic Non-Sense.
Tupolev Tu-144

Davies. The dream of a successful supersonic airliner has captivated interest for years. But as yet, only a few Concordes and a couple of Tupolev Tu-144s have gone into service, on a very few routes, and none were ever sold. This book explodes the myth of large market demand for such aircraft. The analysis draws upon known facts, applies simple arithmetic, and makes assumptions that are based on technical, operational, and commercial common sense. 192 pgs., 6"x 9", hdbd.

Tupolev Bombers.
Hardbound Book.

Donald, ed. This book presents in-depth profiles of Russia's Tupolev design bureau's infamous long-range nuclear bombers, including the Tu-16 'Badger'; Tu-95MS 'Bear-H'; Tu-142 'Bear-F'; Tu-22 'Blinder'; Tu-22M 'Backfire'; and Tu-160 'Blackjack'. It explores the development, missions, variants, weapons and service history of each type. 160 pgs., 300 color and 150 B&W photos, full index, three-view and side view drawings, cutaways and more. 9"x 12", hdbd.





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Rus Tupolev Aeroplanve, Scale Model aviont luftarak, aeroplan Ushtarak, i ngarkesave Aeroplanve Modele.
الطائرات الروسية من طراز توبوليف ، المقياس النموذجي مقاتلة ، طائرات حربية ، طائرات شحن الموديلات.
Руски Tupolev Въздухоплавателните средства, Scale модел Fighter Струи, Военна равнини, Cargo модели на въздухоплавателни средства.
Rus Tupolev aeronaus, avions de combat Scale Model, avions militars, Avions de Crrega Models.
Russian Tupolev zrakoplova, Scale Model Fighter mlaznice, vojne zrakoplove, Cargo zrakoplovi modeli.
Rusk letadlo Tupolev, maketa Fighter Jets, Vojensk letadla, nkladn letadla modely.
Russiske Tupolev Fly, Scale Model jagerfly, militre fly, fragtluftfartj modeller.
Russische Tupolev Luchtvaartuigen, Maquette straaljagers, militaire vliegtuigen, vrachtvliegtuigen Models.
Vene Tupolev husidukid, Scale Model Fighter Dsid, sjavepiirkonnas Planes, Cargo Aircraft Models.
Russian Tupolev sasakyang panghimpapawid, Scale Model manlalaban Jets, Militar ng eroplano, CARGO sasakyang panghimpapawid Models.
Venjn Tupolev Lentokoneet, pienoismalli Fighter Jets, sotilasalueella Lentokone, Cargo Aircraft Models.
Avions russes Tupolev, Scale Model Fighter Jets, avions militaires, Cargo Aircraft Models.
Tupolev ruso aeronaves, scale model Fighter Jets, Avies militares, Cargueiro models.
Russischen Tupolev Flugzeuge, Scale Model Fighter Jets, Militr-Flugzeuge, Cargo Aircraft Models.
Ρωσικά αεροσκάφη Tupolev, Κλίμακα Μοντέλο Fighter Αναβρυτήρες, στρατιωτικών αεροπλάνων, Cargo Aircraft Μοντέλα.
Tupolev מטוס רוסי, קנה מידה דגם לוחם Jets, צבא מטוסים, מטוס מטענים מודלס.
रूसी Tupolev विमान, स्केल मॉडल लड़ाकू जेट, सैन्य विमान, कार्गो विमान मॉडल.
Orosz Tupolev Replőgp, mretarnyos modellje Fighter Jets, katonai Planes, Teherszllt replőgp modellek.
Pesawat Tupolev Rusia, Scale Model Fighter Jets, Militer Pesawat, Cargo Pesawat Model.
Tupolev russo aeromobile, Scala Modello Fighter Jets, aerei militari, Cargo Aircraft Models.
러시아어 투폴례프 비행기, 스케일 모델 전투기, 군사 비행기,화물 항공기 모델.
Krievu Tupolev Aircraft, Scale Model Fighter Strūklas, militārā Ēveles, Cargo Aircraft Models.
Rusų Tupolev orlaiviai, Scale Model kovotojas Lėktuvai, kariniai lėktuvai, krovininiais orlaiviais modeliai.
Russu Tupolev Aircraft, Scale Model ġliedF ġettijiet, Militari Planes, Cargo Aircraft Mudelli.
Russisk Tupolev Aircraft, Scale Model Fighter Jets, militre fly, Cargo Aircraft modeller.
Rosyjski Tupolev samolotu, Scale Model Fighter Jets, samolotw wojskowych, Cargo Aircraft Models.
Tupolev russo Aeronaves, Scale Model Fighter Jets, Avies militares, Cargueiro Models.
Rusă Tupolev Aeronave, Scala Model Fighter Jets, Avioane militare, Cargo modelele de aeronave.
Руссиан Туполев авиона, Сцале Модел Фигхтер млазнице, војне авионе, Царго авиони модели.
Rusk lietadlo Tupolev, maketa Fighter Jets, Vojensk lietadl, nkladn lietadl modely.
Ruski Tupoljev Zrakoplovi, Scale Model Fighter Jets, vojaki letal, tovornih letalih modeli.
Ruso Tupolev aeronaves, aviones de combate Scale Model, aviones militares, Aviones de Carga Modelos.
Ryska Tupolev Luftfartyg, Scale Model stridsflygplan, militra flygplan, fraktluftfartyg modeller.
รัสเซีย Tupolev เครื่องบินชั่งรุ่นชายชาตรี Jets, ทหารไทยเครื่องบิน, บรรทุกอากาศยานรุ่น.
Rus Tupolev Uağı, leği Modeli savaş uağı, Askeri Dzlemler, Kargo Uak Modelleri.
Російська Туполєва літак, макет винищувачів, військових літаків, вантажних літаків моделі.
My bay nga Tupolev, Quy m mẫu Fighter Jets, Qun đội Planes, Hng My bay m hnh.



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