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P-3 Orion Airplane Model Kits, Plastic Models, Diecast Display models, Books and DVD Videos.  The P-3 Orion is one of the most beautiful airplanes that I have ever seen and I'm telling you the truth. It may seem strange because everyone I talk to about this say it's a jet fighter or WW2 fighter aircraft. But the P-3 Orion to me is a fantastic airplane.  C. Jeff Dyrek.

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P3C Orion 1/85 Model
Pre Built Molded Resin Model
While not a stealth aircraft, this plane us primarily used as an electronics surveillance aircraft, hence, Spy Plane.   Made of durable molded resin, this 1/85 scale model measures 16 " in length and has a wingspan of 14". Hand painted and detailed, model comes ready to display on the included mahogany base.

Webmasters Note:  This is an identical model of the P3 Spy plane that had collided with the Chinese Flown MiG-25 near Hinan Island in April 2001.   It was a crime on the Chinese part because there is no way that this slow, clumsy aircraft could avoid being hit by the extremely fast, nimble MiG-25 Jet Fighter.

Note 2:  Look at the probe sticking out of the back of this airplane.  This is part of the aircraft's MAD gear which stands for Magnetic Anomaly Detector.  I detects minute variations in the earths magnetic field caused by a ferrous (Iron) object such as a submarine under the water.  This version of the aircraft is used as an Anti-Submarine aircraft.    C. Jeff Dyrek

The Hunters
Aviation Art Print
Don Feight.
This salute to Lockheed's line of land-based submarine hunters features the PV-1 Ventura of World War II, the P2V Neptune of the Cold War, and the P-3 Orion, which is still in service today. 28"x 22" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist.    

Sorry Charlie
Lockheed P-3 Orion

Don Feight. Based on the Lockheed Electra airliner airframe, the Lockheed P-3 Orion was the replacement for the P-2V Neptune and has become the standard in anti-submarine warfare aircraft. Depicted here is a P-3B Orion banking over and inspecting a Soviet "Charlie" class submarine. Limited edition of 500 S/N by artist. 22"x 28" print.   

oming Home

Thomas Smith. A P-3B Orion of the VP-26 "Tridents" - the Navy's first operational P-3B squadron - returns to NAS Brunswick, Maine, in the summer of 1968 following a long deployment to southeast Asia. 34"x 19", limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist.   

Anti-Submarine Warfare
DVD Video
This program - which includes rare color footage - includes five U.S. Navy archival films! You get To Catch a Shadow, which details how coordinated Navy forces can detect and destroy enemy submarines; The Submariners, in which the submarine USS Shark engages in a deadly cat-and-mouse game with an enemy submarine; Goblin at the Doorstep and The Hunter Killers, which display P-3 Orion and Tracker aircraft sweeping the seas for enemy boats; and Coordinated ASW, which details the ASW formations used by the fleet in combat situations. Color and B&W, 1 hr. 50 min.

The Age of Orion

The Lockheed P-3 Story. Reade. A heavily illustrated examination of the U.S. Navy's Orion maritime patrol and anti-submarine hunting aircraft. The book presents a complete history with portraits of every model and its configuration as well as descriptions of its endless array of current and future capabilities. Also includes a comprehensive list of every Orion in the world accompanied by historical data for each and markings information. 224 pgs., over 280 color photos of U.S. and foreign aircraft, 8"x 11", hdbd.
The Hunter

Thomas Smith. A Lockheed P-3C Orion of VP-5, the "Mad Foxes," flies a long-range patrol mission. 32"x 19" print is signed by the artist.

Don Feight. This print depicts a Lockheed P-3C Orion pulling up at the end of a MAD (Magnetic Anomaly Detector) run. Print measures 28"x 22" and is signed by the artist. 
You Can Run...

Mickey Harris. A peerless airborne hunter, the P-3 has earned its reputation as the ultimate sub finder through its proven electronic "ears" and the skills of her crew. The P-3 Orion has tirelessly performed it's service as a sub hunter and maritime surveillance platform for over 35 years. Signed and numbered, limited edition, 30"x 24" print.    
But You Can't Hide
Aviation Art Print
Michael Harris.
A peerless airborne hunter, the P-3 Orion has earned its reputation as the ultimate submarine finder through its proven electronic "ears" and the skills of her crews, performing its service for over 35 years. 30"x 24" print is signed and numbered by the artist.   
Patrol Squadron Nine

50 years in Maritime Patrol Excellence. Don Feight. Print depicts the progression of aircraft flown by Patrol Squadron Nine and many other ASW squadrons in their history. In the foreground is the Lockheed P-3 Orion used by the U.S. Navy since 1962. In the distance is a Lockheed P2V-7 Neptune used from 1945 to 1978 and a Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer that was flown from WWII until the 1960s. Limited edition of 500, signed and numbered, 28"x 22" print.    

S-3B Viking Another Antisubmarine Airplane
This plane is a specially built airplane for Anti-submarine warfare.  It was first introduced in the mid seventies and is still in use today.  All of the previous anti-submarine aircraft were converted cargo or transport aircraft.  This model is not available at this time
See the S3 Viking Aircraft from VS-33 on the USS Kitty Hawk Here


The Rescue of Alfa Foxtrot 586. Jampoler. You're in the cockpit of a P-3 Orion as an engine fire forces pilot Jerry Grigsby to ditch at sea. Based on interviews with participants (survivors, searchers, and the master of the Soviet boat that saved the living and recovered the dead), actual radio communications, files at U.S. government agencies, and the patrol squadron's own investigation, the flight crew's battle to survive is recounted here in full detail. 240 pgs., 15 photos and drawings, 6"x 9", hdbd.

  P-3 Orion in Action

Dann & Burgess. Based on Lockheed's L-188 Electra airliner, the prototype YP3V-1 first flew in 1959, leading to the P-3A Orion in 1962. This book examines the development and operational service of the Orion and its variants, which have served in maritime patrol, electronic intelligence collection, and atmospheric research missions. Includes 3-view drawings, 10 color profiles, and approximately 100 B&W photographs. 49 pages, 11"x 8", softcover.

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The background photo on this page was taken on our 2002 North Pole Expedition.
You can see more photos at the North Pole Photo Summary page.

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