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World famous people in American History and World History, the biography of famous people, picture of famous people, historic events, American history events, world history events and US history from the perspective of the famous people who made it happen.

These famous people include John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Boone, Betsy Ross, Roosevelt and more.  Great presidents, leaders and people who affected our lives are listed here for all of us to remember and think about.  What did these people do for us and how can we use this knowledge to improve our lives and the lives of our people.  These people strived to improve the world and have changed both US History and World History.  The books and videos that you see here included the biography of famous people in the form of books, videos, DVD movies, scale models, and pictures of famous people plus any additional media form that we could find.  This about famous people grows at regular intervals so please check back for new updates. 
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 Famous People in American History and World History.

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00V8602372 width=200> Amelia Earhart books, videos, DVD's and models,
the wright brothers and the process of building the wright flyer at kitty hawk
Wright Brothers Movies, Books and Models
  Charles Lindberg Models, Books, DVD Movies, Art 
0005063313 width=200> The Red Baron, Baron Manfred Von Richthofen 

Red Baron Links 

  The Memphis Belle WW2 B-17 Bomber  
B00000EZUG Famous Generals of World War II 
6301959531 The Story of Thomas Edison (1991)
6301959493 The Story of Dwight Eisenhower (1991)
6301959515 The Story of Charles Lindbergh (1991) 
6301959450 The Story of Douglas MacArthur (1991)

President Bush
6301959469 The Story of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1991) 
6301959477 The Story of Harry Truman (1991) 
President John F. Kennedy
Blue Angels Books Videos and Stuff
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Captain Eddie Rickenbacker WW1 Flying Ace Lieutenant-Eddie-Rickenbacker-Flying-Ace/dp/B000J5Q60436019486154611789&crea"> 12" Lieutenant Eddie Rickenbacker Flying Ace
Action Figure.

Product Description
Accessories include US Officer's Tunic with officer bars and pilot's wings, officer's breaches, officer's trenchcoat, officer's belt, scarf, overseas cap, officer's Map Case, and Map. ASIN: B000J5Q604

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C. Jeff Dyrek Story

An amazing story about the Webmaster and his 200 foot fall, landing on rocks and how, after Twenty-Five years of Pain and Suffering and Disability with many unnecessary operations, a trip to the Geographic North Pole made major improvements which all the operations and prescription drugs couldn't repair.  Why God Sent Me to the North Pole.







Great White Shark Encounter


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