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British Airways, British Airlines, British Air, Airway British Flight and British Airway are the commonly used phrases when people search for British Airways.   Typhoon    Mosquito     Spitfire     British Fighter Jets   British WWI Aircraft  

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About Concorde.  Concordes retired to museums.    Since the last commercial Concorde flight on 24 October 2003, the   British Airways fleet of seven Concordes have gone to their final resting   places at museums around the world.   British Airways chief executive Rod Eddington said, "We have chosen the  final homes based a number of criteria: their ability to properly   exhibit and preserve the aircraft, their geographical location and  accessibility to the public."   The locations are: · Airbus UK, Filton Bristol, UK   · Manchester Airport, UK   · Museum of Flight, near Edinburgh, UK   · Heathrow Airport, UK   · The Museum of Flight, Seattle, USA   · The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, New York, USA  · Grantley Adams Airport, Bridgetown, Barbados    Lois McGowan
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0009284204 width=250> 0009284Concorde 1/100 Model
Pre Built Molded Resin Model
Made of durable molded resin, this 1/100 scale model measures 24½" in length and  has a wingspan of 10¼". Hand painted and detailed with newest British Airways  markings, model comes ready to display on the included mahogany base. 


British Airways Airplane Art

0007741 0007741Supersonic Countess
Aviation Art
A British Airways Concorde heads out on an ocean crossing. Open edition, 32"x 18" print.  

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