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Aircraft of the Falkland Islands - Malvinas War      Picture Index. 

AV-8B Harrier in the Falkland Islands
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   These are some of the different aircraft of the Falkland Islands War   

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   An Invitation
  If you were a Veteran of the Falklands - Malvinas War, from either the British Isles or Argentina, I would like to hear your story and see your pictures. Please send them to the Webmaster. Thank you very much 


A list of Argentinean Pilots who have ejected


   Mariano Velasco describes how his plane was hit and who shot him down. 

  A Special Letter from Mariano Velasco,   the pilot of the Argentinean A-4 Skyhawk 
  Inviting Neil Wilkinson to come and visit in 2009 

Dear Mr. Neil Wilkinson
First of all I want to greet him warmly and apologize for not having answered your e-mail promptly.
I would also like to thank your concepts and manifestarte has wholeheartedly despite the difficult times we live in, not going through my mind any restrictions that would prevent increasing dialogue with you, that would be good until one day we can meet in person. Now the doors of our house are open to welcome you and your family.

We combine bit like my life was going beyond the year 1982
Until 86 years A4 continued flying, make the School of Command and General Staff, Chief of Squadron and Chief of the Air Group IV Air Brigade (Mendoza), Assistant Commander in Chief of the Air Force and was in addition to the Deputy | Embassy of Bolivia (where I play a professor of various subjects at the School of Command and General Staff of the Bolivian Air Force).
In 2000 move to retirement status and I lie in a very quiet place on a mountain, Villa Las Rosas, Crdoba (where my family built a comfortable house rustic, which share a lot with family and friends .
Related to that May 27 will combine little that I lived and appreciated.
After getting around the small hill around San Carlos saw clearly ships landed and materials for your forces.
Before launching armaments (4 bombs braking parachute) land on the goal, I began to feel the impacts on the plane (on the left wing and fuselage), several lights were lit alarm system and hydraulic fuel and saw the jet smoke coming down the left wing through the rearview mirror. I turned west, crossing the channel of San Carlos and on land in Grand Island Malvina I ejected at 1000 feet tall and about two hundred knots.
Then on the ground, I felt at the sound of two planes that turned the plane in flames, and shortly after that left heading east. Prepare the elements for survival and began the march toward the interior of the island, to avoid falling prisoner. Walk slowly around. from 21:00 on 27 because I had an ankle esquinzado to reach land, approximately sixty kilometers left to a post, which arrives on June 29 in the early hours of the morning, where I stayed until three days I was rescued by Argentine troops. The day before I met my rescue three men (villagers) that passed near the shelter, which we exchanged different concepts without any drawbacks.
I was brought up in a car port where Howard spent a few days until I was transferred to the mainland on a hospital ship and then to my home with my family. The sprained my ankle I was a little complicated with tendonitis, so I enyesaron about 45 days. After doing a little physical therapy, I recovered well and here I am enjoying the outdoors, taking care of the park and doing maintenance on a system of trade in parts of my brother, a few hours a week.
In different ways aware that shooting down my plane had taken place by the firing of cannons HSM Fearless, which seems highly unlikely because the vessels were quite right in my career and the flying height was almost impossible shots of the ship that will impact on the left wing, where the fire occurred.
This is a very tight summary of events, I am at your disposal to share other details that serve to clarify the story that we were actors, I repeat again, there is no limitation on my part, each of us and our comrades fulfilled their duty and what happened to us does not establish a genuine friendship.
Possibly for the month of May is likely to have Internet in my house which accelerate the link.
I take this opportunity to welcome you and your family with my highest consideration, an affectionate hug for everyone.

British Harrier Jet Aircraft on the deck of the HMS Hermes
  HMS Hermes 

 Harriers sit on the deck of the HMS Hermes  More about Harriers

A Royal Navy Helicopter carrying a Royal Marines Helicopter
   Royal Navy and Royal Marines  

A Royal Navy Helicopter carrying a Royal Marines Helicopter


A Royal Marines Helicopter on the flight deck
  Royal Marines Helicopter 


 Harriers Jet Fighters in the Falkland Islands
    Harriers Landing for Refueling  

Photo from Neil Wilkinson


Sea Harrier on the Deck of the HMS Intrepid being refueled
  Harrier on the HMS Intrepid 

 Harrier in the Falkland Islands War

Photo from Neil Wilkinson


Jet Bombers ready for the Big Action
  Handley Page Victor Tankers 

Photo from Neil Wilkinson

Victor Tankers used for Air to Air Refueling Missions
The Handley Page Victor Tankers could carry 91,000 lbs of fuel which is equivalent to 41 Metric Tons.  The taker was withdrawn from service in October of 1993


  Briefing on the Hanger Deck of a Carrier 

Photo from Neil Wilkinson

1st Lt. Mariano Velasco

A4 is C207,Mariano Velasco's plane from the Falklands War, Malvinas Guerra, 1982
  Mariano Velasco's Airplane 

Photo from Neil Wilkinson

The A4 is C207, Mariano Velasco's plane! the picture is 
courtesy of Mariano Arribillaga and the aircraft is in the
Museo Nacional do Aeronautica, Moron, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


A-4 Skyhawk model airplane of Mariano Velasco's jet fighter

Model Airplane of Mariano Valasco's A-4 Skyhawk Jet Fighter

A4 Skyhawk flown by Mariano Velasco in the Falklands War 1982

A-4B Skyhawk C-204 Mariano Velasco Falklands War, Malvinag Guerra


A-4B Skyhawk C-214 Pablo Carballo

Remains of Mariano Velasco's A-4 Skyhawk after Neil Wilkinson Shot it down. Photo taken in Jan, 2009


An extremely accurate model of Mariano Velasco's A-4 Skyhawk Jet Fighter

  1/48 Scale Model Reproduction of Mariano Velasco's 
  A-4 Skyhawk C-215 by Adam Coleman.  
  Adam actually visited the crash site of this airplane and
  took paint chip samples to ensure that the model that
  he built was painted exactly like the real airplane. 
  He even looked at the scratch marks that were made
  prior to the crash and added them to the model for realism. 

Impact crater of Mariano Velasco's A-4 Skyhawk

  This is the impact crater created by Mariano's aircraft.  The nose cone of the A-4 Skyhawk is visible in the center of the crater.  Photo by Adam Coleman. 

This is the Landing Gear of Mariano Velasco's Crashed Airplane as it is in 2004

  Landing Gear of Mariano's A-4 Jet Fighter Aircraft after the plane crash.  Photo by Adam Coleman about 2004. 

  Click Here for Adam Coleman's Detail Page 

   Mariano's Crashed A-4 Skyhawk today, 2009  


A-4 Skyhawk jet fighter  Pilot Pablo Carballo from Argentina
This is an A-4 Skyhawk and Pilot Pablo Carballo from Argintina.
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 This series of photos were supplied by Santiago Rivas from the Argentinean Air Force in 2009

  Information about the aircraft thanks to Javier Costa, Argentina.  I am 45 years old and I’m an enthusiastic of the combat air planes, and I’m a maker of airplanes in scale.

A-4 Skyhawk Refueling, Argentina

This is an Lockheed Martin A-4AR Fightinghawk (is the most modern version of the Skyhawk), you can see the following link with information about this aircraft:


Alpha Jet from Argentinean Air Force

FMA IA-63 Pampa (FMA means “Fbrica Militar de Aviones” and in English is “Factory of Military Airplanes” and the term “IA-63” means “Industria Argentina modelo 63” in English is “Argentinean Industry model 63”), this aircraft is an advanced trainer with a limited combat capability.

Bell Heuy H-1 Helicopter from Argentina

This helicopter is the BELL-212, and operate in the 7th Air Brigade (Moreno Military Air Base, Buenos Aires Province in the 1st Search and Rescue Squadron.

Dagger C430 Jet Fighter take off, Argentina

This aircraft is the Dassault Mirage IIIDA is the Two-seat trainer for the Argentine Air Force

Is the same Mirage IIIDA

IAI Dagger C-430  flyby from the Argentinean Air Force

Is the same Mirage IIIDA

Dagger C-340 Jet Fighter Landing

Is the same Mirage IIIDA

Super Entendard Jet Fighter from Argentina Dagger C-430

This aircraft is the Mirage VF Finger, is a supersonic fighter and bomber, the original manufacture is Israel (IAI “Israel Aircraft Industries”), the name of the original plane is IAI Nesher, and Argentina buy these aircraft and change the names to IAI Daggers, and then the war the Argentinean Air Force made and up grade of these aircraft and the actual name is Finger, please see this link with information of this aircraft (is in Spanish)

IAI Dagger C-430 Jet Fighter from Argentina's Air Force

Is the same Mirage IIIDA

Argentine Air Force Pucara 58

And this aircraft is the FMA IA-58 “Pucara”, is an a ground-attack and counter-insurgency (COIN) aircraft, the name “Pucar” means Fortress in Quechua language (Native South American Indigenous people), you will see this link for information about this plane (, and on the other side please find a link with a song of our “folk music” from an Argentinean Composer of “Folk music” Roberto Rimoldi Fraga (El Tigre) with the name “Pucar de Malvinas” ( if you interested about the letter of this song please see the following link and translate with Google traductor (

Argentinean Air Force Ground Support Aircraft the Pucara

FMA IA-58 “Pucara”

In the above photos I may have some of the aircraft types wrong.  If you know exactly what
they are, please let me know at the bottom of the page.  Jeff.




  See Roberto Perz Dominguez and his Aircraft Model Collection
Ver Roberto Perz Domnguez y su Coleccin de Aviones de modelo


An A-4 Skyhawk Story from the Webmaster

While I was stationed at NAS Lemoore, in Lemoore California, my friend, Dan Dove, and I took a break and walked around to the side of the hanger to watch flight ops at night.  It was almost instantly that we saw an A-4 Skyhawk coming in with its wheels up and at a higher approach angle than we expected.  The plane hit the ground and there was a huge flash of light.  We didn't actually see the plane hit because it hit the ground behind the hanger of VA-127 which was across from our hanger at VA-125.  However, we did see the flash coming from behind the hanger.  I can't actually remember what we did after this, but we must have ran across the street because I remember seeing the airplane on the ground and the pilot was opening the canopy.

These A-4 Skyhawks were real good at doing belly landings because of the low wing and the wing tanks that you can see in the picture above.  The tanks were ground down, in half, and the flash must have come from the residual fuel in them.  The next day we watched the plane being hauled past our hanger with a cherry picker truck.  It looked like that there was zero damage to the plane and it also looked like it was just a toy hanging from that huge crane.  

Read the Webmasters Story Here.

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