HMS Brazen in the Persian Gulf

HMS Brazen in the Persian Gulf     Britain's War Ship  Picture Index.  HMS Brazen en el ndice del Golfo Prsico, Gran Bretaa Imagen Guerra de buques.

HMS Brazen Navy Ship

Pictures of the British war ship the HMS Brazen, Royal Navy Ship in the Persian Gulf.  This is another Royal Navy Cruise that Neil Wilkinson has taken.

Fotos de la guerra britnico HMS enviar el bronce, el Real buque de la Armada en el Golfo Prsico. Este es otro crucero de la Royal Navy que Neil Wilkinson ha tomado.

   There are many photos and stories about the HMS Brazen on this page  

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   An Invitation
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  Photos taken aboard the HMS Brazen 

Queen Elizabeth on the HMS Brazen in 1986

  Queen Elizabeth on the HMS Brazen 1986 

Photo from Neil Wilkinson


Above you can see Queen Elizabeth listening to Neil Wilkinson.  Neil didn't tell me what he was saying at the moment, but the Queen is really interested and was enjoying what he is saying.  Also, take a look at Neil in this picture and compare it to the picture toward the top of the page when Neil was cutting his 21st Birthday Cake.  What a difference in his age.  He is a man here and in the top picture, he was just a kid.

Neil Wilkinson meeting Her Majesty the Queen
onboard HMS Brazen back in 1986,

The Brazen was my next draft after the Intrepid and while serving on her, we had the Queens' son, Prince Andrew onboard as our helicopter pilot, so we did a visit to London and the Queen and Princess Diana came onboard and I met her, she was charming and everything you would expect from a Queen.  In 2007 I was honored to be invited to Buckingham Palace, to the Queens garden party

A note from the Webmaster:  Please take a good look at this picture, Neil is talking and Queen Elizabeth is listening very intently.  She has a legitimate smile and she is enjoying what he is saying.  She is a good lady.  


HMS Brazen going under the Tower Bridge in London
  The HMS Brazen 1986 

Photo from Neil Wilkinson

Brazen going under Tower Bridge in London

We had the Queens's son, Prince Andrew onboard the HMS Intrepid as our helicopter pilot he was there and he played as much a part as we all did when we were ready for battle.

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   Prince Andrew   


Prince Andrew in Naval Uniform Returns from the cruise aboard the Brazen, at Portsmouth Docks

The Brazen went out to the Gulf in 1983 and 1985, it is called Armilla patrol and it was getting tense even back in the 80's.


A Seawold Missile firing from the HMS Brazen
  Seawolf Missile HMS Brazen 1985 

Photo from Neil Wilkinson

Forward and Aft Seawolf missiles systems firing a live missile
back in 1985 in the Gulf.

Seawolf missile being fired from HMS Brasen British Navy Ship
  Seawolf Missile HMS Brazen 1985 

 Photo of the Seawolf Missile firing from the HMS Brazen.

  More HMS Brazen History 

Dear Mr. Dyrek
Firstly I would like to say that your website is amazing, I have for the past 25 years been heavily involved with researching the story of H.M.S Brazen sloop, wrecked in 1800 at my home town, Newhaven, Sussex. U.K, I have also researched all the other H.M.S Brazen’s especially the F91 frigate that Neil Wilkinson had served aboard.   I was, in the past actively involved with the divers that discovered the wreck of the Brazen sloop and eventually, after discussion with them,

 they agreed to long term loan of all the recovered shipwreck items to our local museum to the delight of the curators who up until that time only had a piece of rusty sword blade. I have almost completed a book titled, “The History of H.M.S Brazen, From the 10 Gun Cutter to the Modern Frigate” The last chapter deals with the Modern frigate

The Brazen sloops Commander, James Hanson was directly related to our royal family through descendancy, I have a painting of him. I have a huge amount of material in relation to the Brazen sloop, Captain Richard Cobbold, Brazen F91s commander who I believe was commander when Neil served with the ship, came to Newhaven in 1985, he was presented with a Painting of the sloop and a book about the Brazen sloop, some of which I compiled from original records, he visited the Brazen memorial at our town where he laid a wreath. I think this all could be productive for the world to see the history of H.M.S Brazen from the little cutter of the 1700s through to the Modern Brazen frigate. I have attached an image of the saving of the only survivor from the Brazen sloop wreck, his name was Jeremiah Hill and an image of Captain Richard Cobbold (1985) being shown the area where the Brazen was wrecked.
With kind regards

I have been reading about Neil and viewing the footage of the meeting with the Argentine pilot, how emotional that must have been for both men. I can relate to that, back in the misty past of 1976 I served with the Sultan of Oman's air force at Seeb base, we had Hawker Hunters, Charlie 130s, Bell helicopters, Caribou's, Short Skyvans and Rapier missiles, unfortunately 6 of our guys were shot dead on the beach whilst having a barbeque by Adoo terrorist Arab




Captain James Hanson of the HMS Brazen Sloop
Photo from Brian Barnes
  Captain James Hanson, Commander of the HMS Brazen Sloop.

  He drowned along with the rest of his crew of which there was only one survivor of H.M.S Brazen sloop seconds from disaster, when she hit the Ave rocks close to Newhaven on January 26th 1800. 


HMS Brazen Memorial Monument
Photo from Brian Barnes
  HMS Brazen Monument of 1910



Photo from Brian Barnes
  Loss of the HMS Brazen 

You may need to look at this picture several times, but it shows the HMS Brazen laying on the shore and being battered by the waves as it breaks up and sinks in the heavy surf.


During 1799 there had been serious issue regarding the French enemy vessel capturing Brighton fishing boats and other craft, the Admiralty were informed and they dispatched H.M.S Brazen to patrol the Sussex coast from Dunmose to Beach Head, she left Portsmouth on January 16th 1800 and off the back of the Isle of Wight on the 24th of January she captured an enemy vessel, they placed 12 men on board to take her as a prize, then sent her into Portsmouth, H.M.S Brazen resumed her patrol, heading eastwards, during that night she ran into one of the worst storms ever seen in Sussex, sailing shorthanded and battling with the ever maddening elements she crashed onto the Ave rocks, two miles to the westward of Newhaven, she fired cannons as a signal of distress but the local people sensing they were under attack, sent people along the beach, under the tall chalk cliffs, the tide was at low water and in the darkness they could hear the men screaming for help, they had to return because the tide was rising, they then dispatched a messenger to Brighton, 9 miles to the westward to inform Captain Andrew Sproule of the shipwreck, he commanded the sea fencibles, he later wrote that he sent 20 of his stoutest Sea Fencibles in Post Chaises, they were Georgian carriages and galloped on horseback to the cliff top, he wrote, one or two are now alive, all the rest are certainly drowned, I have little hope for them, the sea was breaking 50 feet up the cliff face, the wreck had washed in shore and was beneath the cliff top where the spectators watched a cliff crane wheeled to the edge, a cage was lowered with two men inside, on reaching the shore they quickly grabbed a seaman, Jeremiah Hill and began the ascent to the cliff top, Hill was frozen, they rubbed his skin to help his circulation, he then told them the wreck was H.M.S Brazen, he spent a month in bed recovering from the ordeal.
Kind regards
Brian Barnes.

What are Sea Fencibles?  During the Georgian war with France, the idea of a home guard was raised, the Sea Fencibles were created to defend Britain's shore from foreign invasion, they were local townsmen who mostly were fishermen with a seafaring knowledge, they would practice for one day per week, drilled in the use of cannon and musket, by enlisting voluntarily they were exempt from the press gang who were allowed to forcibly take people from the streets and taverns for use in the Royal Navy. The Volunteer Coast Artillery were enlisted in the same way but were issued with a uniform, both the Sea Fencibles and Coast Artillery were involved in the Brazen wreck incident.


Brian Barnes holding the sounding weight from the HMS Brazen Sloop
Photo from Brian Barnes

   HMS Brazen Sounding Weight 


Hi Jeff,
Here is an image of myself at the Newhaven museum holding the Brazen's lead sounding weight, this was one of two recovered from the wreck site, it was used to test the depth of water below the ship, on the night of her disaster this wasn't used, probably due to he terrible weather and all hands were required to try and control the vessel in the gale force south west winds.
With kindest regards


A Woolwork Painting of the HMS Brazen Sinking
Photo from Brian Barnes
  Loss of the HMS Brazen 
 A Woolwork Picture


Hi Jeff,
Here is an image of a woolwork picture, these were created by hand, they commemorate certain events, this one shows the H.M.S Brazen sloop trapped on the rocks, her mizzen mast broken and in the water, flying the ensign upside down as a signal of distress, this was created shortly after the disaster, possibly by a local who saw the shipwreck, the background is very similar to how it's viewed today with the cliff of Old Nore just to the right and Seaford cliff head to the far right.
With kindest regards
Brian Barnes.


Brighton England 1830
36 Pounder Guns on the shores of Brighton England 1850
Photos from Brian Barnes
  36 Pounder Guns in Brighton England


This image is of the battery of 36 pounder guns at Brighton, this was manned by the Sea Fencibles, 20 of these men came from Brighton with Captain Andrew Sproule to try and rescue the HMS Brazen sloops crew and after the shipwreck helped recover and bury their bodies, they also assisted with the salvage of the wreckage. The top image is of 1830, just as it would have looked at the time and the lower image is of 1850.


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