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The McDonnell Douglas / BAe AV-8 Harrier II was used in the military by the United States Marines. 

This is the first production military airplanes with the VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) features     The McDonnell Douglas BAe AV8b Harrier is a vertical takeoff and landing VTOL airplane used by the military in several countries.  It was originally designed and built by the British and has proven to be a very good, highly maneuverable, jet fighter with incredible acceleration.   The AV8 harrier is 46' 4" long, 11' 7" high and has wingspan of 30' 4".  The harrier has an empty weight of 13,085 lbs and a maximum weight of 31,000 lbs.  The harrier is powered by a single Rolls Royce F402 Pegasus jet engine producing 23,800 lbs of thrust.  The AV8 harrier has a maximum range of 2,380 miles and a max speed of 647 mph.  The harrier also carries water for use as engine cooling when the plane is in an extended hover.

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Harrier, Jet Fighter." 26"


McLelland. Filled with many never-before published photographs, technical line drawings and color profiles, this book examines the development and deployment of the unique Hawker Harrier. You'll learn about its service with the U.S. Marines, the first GR1 variants, the Royal Navy's Sea Harrier, and more. You'll even read a detailed description of a Harrier mission and view cockpit photographs taken during the action! 337 pages, color and B&W photographs and illustrations, 8"x 11", hardcover.   

The Hawker Harrier is one of the most well-known and distinctive military aircraft produced in the last fifty years. This title is a comprehensive study of the aircraft's history, tracing the development and service deployment of this unique warplane, including coverage of combat operations, service with the U.S. Marines, and a firsthand detailed account of present-day Harrier operations as seen from the cockpit. In addition to informative detail and descriptions, the volume will be bundled with a variety of rare and unseen photographs, technical line drawings, and color artwork profiles. Some of the areas covered include manufacture of the prototype, service coverage of the production of the first Harrier GR1 variants, an introduction into RAF service at Wittering, a look at the background, design, and development of the Sea Harrier manufactured for the Royal Navy. This book will also include a detailed step-by-step description of a representative Harrier mission combined with from-the-cockpit photography.

About the Author
Tim McLelland is an established aviation writer and photographer with an interest in all aspects of aerospace, specializing primarily in postwar military subjects. He has authored a wide range of books on a variety of subjects. He has also produced numerous features for many aerospace publications both in the U.K. and overseas. His contributions have appeared in magazines such as Aircraft Illustrated, Air Extra, Armed Forces, Air Forces Monthly, Flypast, Aviation News, and many other well-known titles. He also edited Air Forces International magazine and Scale Models magazine, in addition to the house magazine of the International Plastic Modellers Society (U.K.).

Hardcover: 337 pages
Publisher: Ian Allan Publishing (June 21, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1906537208
ISBN-13: 978-1906537203

Combat Aircraft Vol. 90

AV-8B Harrier II Units of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm
Nordeen. During Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, the AV-8B Harrier II played, on its more than 3,300 flights, a crucial role in gathering intelligence and destroying enemy targets. In this volume, you'll learn about the Harrier's rapid deployment to the Middle East and the assault ships that got it there, review the coalition air campaign and the Harrier's role in it, see the crucial role the VTOL Harrier plays in close air support, and more. 96 pages, B&W photographs and color profiles, 7"x 9", softcover.

In the 1970s the USMC bought the AV-8A Harrier from the UK to test V/STOL concepts for close air support. A successful funding battle was subsequently fought in the 1980s to secure military, political and economic support to expand this concept to develop and field the second generation AV-8B Harrier II from the late 1980s onward. The AV-8B was, and still is, the only tactical aircraft that could deploy with Marine forces on amphibious assault ships and provide air cover and close air support separate from large deck aircraft carriers. When Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990, a coalition of nations launched Operation Desert Shield in order to defend Saudi Arabia. The Harrier II was among the first tactical air assets to be deployed to the region to support ground forces in their efforts to halt the advance of Iraqi forces at the border with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. During Operation Desert Storm, the five units flying the AV-8B in-theatre became some of the top tactical squadrons of choice by air mission planners for allied battlefield preparation and close air support. This was due to the AV-8B's capabilities, proximity to the battle zone and the proven abilities of Marine pilots and forward air controllers, who were closely integrated with ground forces and knew their business so well. The untold story of the AV-8B in this conflict is vividly brought to life by the author through firsthand accounts and period photography sourced from those that were there, as well as official archives. This is planned to be the first of three volumes on USMC Harrier IIs in combat, with follow-on titles covering the jet's operations in Iraq in 2003-08 and Afghanistan in 2001-2009.

About the Author
Lon Nordeen has more than 35 years of aerospace industry and editorial experience. He has been employed on the staff of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics, McDonnell-Douglas and Boeing, where he worked in the areas of market research, communications and field marketing. He is also the author of six books and more than 150 articles, and has been highlighted as a historian on multiple History Channel television programs covering air warfare such as the Dogfight series.

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Osprey Publishing (October 18, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1849084440
ISBN-13: 978-1849084444

Boeing/BAe Harrier
Warbird Tech Vol. 21
Softbound Book
Jenkins. This volume provides exceptional technical analysis of a fascinating vertical take-off aircraft. It details the Harrier's innovative engineering, the design of the Big-Wing Harrier and its solutions to difficult problems, combat in the Falklands, Marine AV-8 Harriers, night attack Harriers, and more. 100 pgs. with 140 photos and numerous technical diagrams. 8"x 11", sfbd.

Harrier II
Hardbound Book
Validating V/STOL
Nordeen. This is the story of the Harrier II, from its near-cancellation in the late 1970s during the Carter Administration through its developmental challenges in the early 1980s, its international growth with the addition of night attack capability and radar, and its success in the Gulf War, Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Includes interviews and insights from those involved - from pilots and military commanders to engineers and production personnel. 288 pages, 6" x 9", hardcover. 

Light Strike : Harrier IIs, Hornets and Corsair IIs
Softbound Book

(Osprey Military Aircraft)
by Joe Cupido, Tony Holmes
Product Description
The multi-role units of the modern carrier air wing or marine air group, the squadrons within the light strike community fufil figher and attack roles for both the US Navy and the Marine Corps. The squadrons of the 1990s are equipped exclusively with the Hornet and the Harrier II, both McDonnell Douglas aircraft embodying lessons learnt over the past three decades of service with the Skyhawk and Corsair II.

Documents in text and photographs the multi-role units of the modern air wing, the squadrons within the light-strike community which fulfil both fighter and attack roles for the US Navy's fleet of carriers and the USMC's assault forces.
From the Publisher
The top class photography showcased in the Osprey Colour Classics series offers a superb insight into the appearance and deployment of a wide range of civil and military machines.
ISBN-10: 1855323095

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Osprey Publishing Ltd. (September 1993)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1855323095
ISBN-13: 978-1855323094

Sea Harrier
Softbound Book
The Last All-British Fighter.
Hunter. This volume chronicles the fascinating career of the British Aerospace Sea Harrier which, though it proved its worth in combat over the Falklands, the Balkans, the Persian Gulf and Sierra Leone, marks the end of an era. Now retired, it was the last type in the 90-year history of British single-seat fighters that began with the Sopwith Camel. 160 pages, 400 color and B&W photographs, 8"x 11", softcover.    

Royal Navy Aircraft Since 1945
Hardbound Book

The operational history of 44 types of Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm aircraft,  each described in detail with three-views and excellent photos. Includes Sea Fury and Harrier among others. A valuable reference for the history buff or British aircraft enthusiast. 200 photos, 184 pgs., 9"x 12", hdbd.

Warfighters 2

Llinares & Lloyd. An in-depth look at the Marine Corps aviation organization and its specialized Marine Weapons & Tactics Squadrons at Yuma, AZ. Harrier operations, F/A-18 strike fighter sorties, low altitude refueling missions, helicopter assaults, all in training. Great document-ary. Companion to 'Warfighters' shown above. 352 pgs., 500 photos, 8"x 11", hdbd

Military Aircraft of the 1960s

Manning. Through hundreds of color photographs, this book examines the military aircraft of the 1960s, including the Royal Air Force's Andover, Basset, Comet, Devon, Gnat, Harrier, Hastings, Meteor, Nimrod, Sycamore and Valiant; the Fleet Air Arm's Buccaneer, Dragonfly, Gannet, Phantom, Sea Hawk, Wasp and Whirlwind; the Army Air Corps' Beaver and Sioux; U.S. aircraft such as the C-54, C-133, F-100, HU-16, T-39 and B-58; and many others. 144 pages, 326 color photographs, 8"x 11", softcover.

Air War in the Falklands 1982
Combat Aircraft Vol. 28
Christopher Chant.

The war fought between the U.K. and Argentina in 1982 for the  possession of the Falkland Islands was probably the last "colonial" war that will ever  be undertaken by the British. This book shows how the key to British success was  the speed with which they gained and then maintained air superiority over the islands and the waters around them, primarily with their small force of Sea Harrier STOVL  warplanes. 96 pgs., 85 B&W and 20 color photos, 16 color profiles, 7¼"x 9¾", sfbd.   

Read about the NEW Falkands War Movie Enemy Contact.  This movie is in production now.

Pure Luck
Hardbound Book
Sir Thomas Sopwith
The Authorized Biography of Sir Thomas Sopwith
Bramson. This book traces the remarkable story of Sir Thomas Sopwith, a contemporary of the Wright Brothers whose 101-year life spanned aviation history. You'll read of his Camel and Pup that revolutionized aerial combat in WWI; of his Hurricane and Lancaster, which were amongst the most successful designs of WWII; and of
the remarkable Harrier "jump jet," which emerged from an industrial empire that employed up to 127,000 people. 288 pages, 98 B&W photographs, 6"x 9", hardcover.

Harrier in Action
Softbound Book
Michaels. This newly updated book traces the development and service of the Harrier Jump Jet - the first operational close-support and reconnaissance attack aircraft with Vertical/Short Takeoff and Landing (V/STOL) capabilities - from its 1969 introduction, through the development of its four main versions and variants, to its role in modern warfare. 50 pages, 100+ photographs, 10 color profiles and more. 11"x 8", softcover.

Harrier--The Vertical Reality
by Roy Braybrook

Book Description 
The story of the only successful Vertical Takeoff and Landing jet fighter, featuring200 color photos. 

Product Description

The Harrier GR1 has been considerably developed since entering service with RAF No.1 Squadron in April 1969. The Sea Harrier entered service with the Royal Navy in 1979, and played a large part in the 1982 Falklands conflict. Harriers are also in service with the United States Marine Corps and the Spanish and Italian forces. This is a history of the aircraft, much of it contributed by Duncan Simpson, the Harrier's Chief Test Pilot.   Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Orion Publishing (November 1, 1998)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 189980840X
ISBN-13: 978-1899808403

Modern US Navy & Marine Corps Aircraft
US Air Power

Evans. This heavily illustrated volume examines the cutting edge of America's Navy and Marine Corps aircraft, including some of the most famous names in operation today: the F-14 Tomcat, the AV-8B Harrier, the T-45 Goshawk and the CH-46 Sea Knight, among others. 72 pages, 100+ photographs with 16 pages in color, 7"x 10", softcover.

Modern Attack Planes
U.S. Air Power Series
Softbound Book
Aircraft, Weapons and Their Battlefield Might. Evans. This photo history covers attack planes in all branches of the U.S. arsenal since the 1991 Gulf War, including aircraft such as the F-117 Stealth, the A-10 Tank-buster and the AV-8B Harrier II. There's also a review of laser-guided bombs, anti-ship and close air support missiles, JDAM and other weapons. 72 pgs., 110 photos with 16 pgs. in color, 7"x 10", sfbd.

Modern US Navy & Marine Corps Aircraft
US Air Power
Softbound Books
Evans. This heavily illustrated volume examines the cutting edge of America's Navy and Marine Corps aircraft, including some of the most famous names in operation today: the F-14 Tomcat, the AV-8B Harrier, the T-45 Goshawk and the CH-46 Sea Knight, among others. 72 pages, 100+ photographs with 16 pages in color, 7"x 10", softcover.

U.S. Naval Aviation

A Military Photo Logbook, Volume 1
Jenkins. This heavily illustrated book featuring images captured by Navy photographers documents U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard aircraft including F-14 and F/A-18 fighters; Harrier attack aircraft; P-3 and S-3 anti-submarine aircraft; AH-1, H-53, H-56 and H-60 helicopters; and others performing combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, humanitarian missions around the world, training exercises, aerial refueling, aircraft and weapons testing, and maintenance operations. 120 pages, 350 color photographs, 9"x 9", softcover.

Royal Air Force Germany
Since 1945
Hardbound Book
Taylor. This detailed survey reviews RAF operations within Germany, providing a detailed history of its exploits from the establishment of the British Air Forces of Occupation in July 1945 to the tense days of the Berlin Airlift and the establishment of NATO. Covers all the British greats including Canberras, Hunters and Javelins, and later Buccaneers, Harriers, Jaguars, Phantoms and Tornados. 224 pgs., 300 B&W and color photos, 8"x 11", hdbd.

Jet Fighter : The Harrier Av-8B 

(High-Tech Military Weapons)
by Julie Beyer

Reading level: Ages 9 and up
Library Binding: 48 pages
Publisher: Children's Press (CT) (September 2000)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0516233408
ISBN-13: 978-0516233406

ISBN-10: 0516233408

The Harrier Story
Davies & Thornborough. 

The Harrier fills a unique niche in aviation history. From an  awkward test vehicle to a multi-role warplane, the aircraft has matured to become  one of the worlds most awesome adversaries. Totally comprehensive book examines  the testing and operations with every air arm in which it serves. 288 pgs., 160  photos and maps, 9"x 11", hdbd.

BAe/McDonnell Douglas Harrier
Evans.  As the world's first operational VSTOL aircraft, the Harrier has proven itself  over the Falklands, Iraq and Bosnia. Here is the full story of how it was developed  and how it has matured, detailing the improvements to the airframe, avionics,  weapons, and the Pegasus engine. 192 pgs. with over 200 photos. 9"x 11¼", hdbd



Neil Wilkinson, the 1982 Falkland Islands War Exhibit.

This is a very unique exhibit with exclusive pictures and stories from Neil Wilkinson the man who shot down the Argentinean Pilot who sunk the HMS Coventry.  This exhibit actually has a photo of  the 40mm Cannon Shell Cartridge that shot down the A-4 Skyhawk that  Lt. Mariano Velasco from Argentina.     Exhibit Added 5 December 2008

AV8B Harrier in the Falklands War 1982

A Harrier in the Falklands War in 1982.  Look at the exhibit listed on the left and read about Neil Wilkinson and how he is bringing peace between these two former enemies.

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