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"When Enemies Become Friends," Falklands War- Malvinas Expedition to find Mariano Velasco's Airplane. Making a Documentary.

"Cuando los enemigos Hazte Amigos", Islas Malvinas - Islas Malvinas Expedicin Mariano Velascoencontrar la Aeronave

AV-8B Harrier in the Falkland Islands
Making a documentary about "When enemies become friends" will start with going an expedition to the Falkland Islands.   This documentary will be a bit different than any other on the Falklands War in that instead of revisiting the war, it will show that soldiers, on either side are still people and they are just doing their jobs.

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   AAn Invitation
  If you were a Veteran of the Falklands - Malvinas War, from either the British Isles or Argentina, I would like to hear your story and see your pictures. Please send them to the Webmaster. Thank you very much 


Falkland Islands War A-4 Skyhawk Search Expedition.

About the Expedition Plans.

A message to the readers.  This is a story of how a British Sailor, Neil Wilkinson,  shot down Mariano Velasco, the Argentinean Pilot who sunk the HMS Coventry.  The plane is shown below and the cannon shell that shot it down is also shown here too.  The Falkland Island War was in 1982 and now in 2009 we are planning an expedition to the Falkland Islands to find this crashed airplane.  We also want to get a photo of Neil and Marino standing together more than twenty years later. 

Signing our guestbook would be a great support.  Also, if you were in the Falkland Islands War, on either side, please write the webmaster a letter at the bottom of this page.  This will be a great help for recognition of all of the veterans on both sides.  Thank you very much. 
C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

5-22-2012  From the Webmaster.  It's interesting that I have worked on this project since 2008 and the documentary has indeed been produced by the BBC.  In all of the efforts that Neil has made to get me to travel with them and to get me in the credits for this documentary, the BBC has continuously kept me out of the credits, in every way.  Not listing me in the credits is a tremendous theft of my efforts for all of these years.  This is a crime and the documentary didn't show the truth about the real story behind the making of this documentary.

From the Webmaster:

   Click Here are some thoughts  
   about the Expedition Goals

1.  To visit the Falkland Islands

2.  To meet with Neil Wilkinson and Mariano Velasco at the same time

3.  To make a written and photo documentary of the expedition

4.  To find a Video Documentary maker would want to join this group

5.  To have the entire group, including the pilot, Marino Velasco, to find the airplane in the Falkland Islands.

6.  To recover the crashed airplane and place its remains in the museum in Port Stanley.

7.  To show the effects of PTSD and how the war affected both British and Argentinean Soldiers.

8.  To show the world that there can be friendship between former enemies and that it's not people that are enemies, a message of good will.

9.  To document this event for the purpose of bringing the reality of war and the after effects of war to the general population of the world.

10. To have a good time.

I am searching for Ideas, Members, Photos, Stories, Help and Funding for this expedition.

If anyone has any additions or comments for this list, please write the Webmaster at the bottom of the page.

If anyone would like to join our expedition, let me know.

If anyone has any ideas whatsoever, please let me know.

If anyone would like to have their story told or add any photos or videos, you will be very welcome.

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster, ..

   Write to the Webmaster  


Falkland Islands War Search Expedition Video Overview.

These are the first thoughts as far as a preliminary script on making a documentary.

Instead of a coverage of the war  and a look back into history type of film.  This story would go from the history film to an adventure film.  There would show pictures of Neil getting excited in his home back in England today.  Neil  would talk to Mariano on the phone and then head out of the airport to the other side of the world.

Neil now arrives in a new land.  A place where he doesn't understand the language.  There would see video shots of Buenos Aries from the air as Neil lands.  Then more shots of as he goes through the airport and then into the foothills of Argentina. 

The trip is just starting. Neil and Mariano talk and talk about how your missions and experiences were and how you guys feel today. 

You go to the Museum and then the Air Base in Argentina.  Mariano tells you how they worked as a team.  He or another pilot takes Neil up in a TA-4 for a jet fighter ride and get the feel what it's like to be in Mariano's position. 

Neil and Mariano both fly to Port Stanley.  You can still at the bomb craters and look at the airport today.  The film flashes to the A-4 getting hit and going over the hill.  Neil and Mariano ride to see his crashed airplane and hand some parts to Mariano as a gift. 

Mariano tells about the ejection and the ejection then the landing.  He tells about twisting his ankle.  Then Neil and Mariano walk all the way to where Mariano was picked up by Kelpers and this time they are picked up again.  Mariano gets back to his troops and then rides the ship back to Buenos Aries. 

The whole film crew jumps on the ship and feels the waves as they spray over the deck.  They feel what it's like to be out to sea, and Mariano feels this too.  Neil is an old salt and has felt this before, so now Neil and Mariano, in a way, change roles.  Neil is now the experienced person.

Neil sees Mariano off and then goes back home and shows the remaining pictures of the Intrepid and visit with the Intrepid society.  They all tell their stories and then all receive a certificate and a big thanks from the Queen.  Then the Queen ends the project with a thanks to the whole crew and talks about how they served their country, then thank the soldiers of Argentina, because they did their job too.  The diplomatic idea of how this ends needs some thought in order to show that every person was a hero, on both sides and pick up the spirits of both sides.

The very last part of the documentary gets the records straight on "Who really shot down Mariano Velasco".


Painting of the HMS Intrepid in battle in the Falklands War
  Painting of the HMS Intrepid in battle in the Falklands War 


An Actual Letter from Mariano Velasco,
the pilot of the A-4 Skyhawk

Dear Mr. Neil Wilkinson
First of all I want to greet him warmly and apologize for not having answered your e-mail promptly.
I would also like to thank your concepts and manifestarte has wholeheartedly despite the difficult times we live in, not going through my mind any restrictions that would prevent increasing dialogue with you, that would be good until one day we can meet in person. Now the doors of our house are open to welcome you and your family.
We combine bit like my life was going beyond the year 1982
Until 86 years A4 continued flying, make the School of Command and General Staff, Chief of Squadron and Chief of the Air Group IV Air Brigade (Mendoza), Assistant Commander in Chief of the Air Force and was in addition to the Deputy | Embassy of Bolivia (where I play a professor of various subjects at the School of Command and General Staff of the Bolivian Air Force).
In 2000 move to retirement status and I lie in a very quiet place on a mountain, Villa Las Rosas, Crdoba (where my family built a comfortable house rustic, which share a lot with family and friends .
Related to that May 27 will combine little that I lived and appreciated.
After getting around the small hill around San Carlos saw clearly ships landed and materials for your forces.
Before launching armaments (4 bombs braking parachute) land on the goal, I began to feel the impacts on the plane (on the left wing and fuselage), several lights were lit alarm system and hydraulic fuel and saw the jet smoke coming down the left wing through the rearview mirror. I turned west, crossing the channel of San Carlos and on land in Grand Island Malvina I ejected at 1000 feet tall and about two hundred knots.
Then on the ground, I felt at the sound of two planes that turned the plane in flames, and shortly after that left heading east. Prepare the elements for survival and began the march toward the interior of the island, to avoid falling prisoner. Walk slowly around. from 21:00 on 27 because I had an ankle esquinzado to reach land, approximately sixty kilometers left to a post, which arrives on June 29 in the early hours of the morning, where I stayed until three days I was rescued by Argentine troops. The day before I met my rescue three men (villagers) that passed near the shelter, which we exchanged different concepts without any drawbacks.
I was brought up in a car port where Howard spent a few days until I was transferred to the mainland on a hospital ship and then to my home with my family. The sprained my ankle I was a little complicated with tendonitis, so I enyesaron about 45 days. After doing a little physical therapy, I recovered well and here I am enjoying the outdoors, taking care of the park and doing maintenance on a system of trade in parts of my brother, a few hours a week.
In different ways aware that shooting down my plane had taken place by the firing of cannons HSM Fearless, which seems highly unlikely because the vessels were quite right in my career and the flying height was almost impossible shots of the ship that will impact on the left wing, where the fire occurred.
This is a very tight summary of events, I am at your disposal to share other details that serve to clarify the story that we were actors, I repeat again, there is no limitation on my part, each of us and our comrades fulfilled their duty and what happened to us does not establish a genuine friendship.
Possibly for the month of May is likely to have Internet in my house which accelerate the link.
I take this opportunity to welcome you and your family with my highest consideration, an affectionate hug for everyone.



24x8 Photographic Print

  In Memory of Those Who Liberated Us, 14 June 1982 

Close-Up of a War Memorial in Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands


Holger Leue
12x16 Photographic Print

  Union Jack British Flag, Falkland Islands 


24x18 Photographic Print

  Map of Falkland Islands 


A4 is C207,Mariano Velasco's plane
  Mariano Velasco's Airplane 

Photo from Neil Wilkinson

The A4 is C207, Mariano Velasco's plane! the picture is courtesy of Mariano Arribillaga and the aircraft is in the Museo Nacional do Aeronautica, Moron, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


  The Final Resting Place for the Aircraft Carrier 
  HMS Intrepid 2008

HMS Intrepid crew 25 years later
  HMS Intrepid Crew, 2008 

Photo from HMS Intrepid Website

The veterans who attended the book launch, please note the exhibits in the background. Neil Wilkinson our starboard gunner in the conflict is 2nd from the right. I (Mike Quinn - that's me- is  on the 4th from the right at the back).


HMS Intrepid crew in Fareham Creek 25 years later
  HMS Intrepid in Liverpool, 2008 

Photo from HMS Intrepid Website

Pictured in Fareham Creek the next morning where we gathered to see our old ship Intrepid, many of us for the first time in 25 years. The veterans are from the left, Steve Dickinson, Rab Carrigan, Russell Morgan, George Heron, Neil Wilkinson and Mike Quinn.


The Intrepid's final destination in Liverpool, in September 2008,  where she is being dismantled for recycling, and is contracted by the owners Leavesley International. The Leavesley company were very kind in allowing up 40 of our veterans to gather for a final goodbye to HMS Intrepid, our former home 25 years earlier. We had a fantastic day exploring our old ship whilst the memories came flooding back.


The Leavesley company were very kind in allowing up 40 of our veterans to gather for a final goodbye to HMS Intrepid, our former home 25 years earlier. We had a fantastic day exploring our old ship whilst the memories came flooding back.


Subject: Contact from Argentina
Date: Wednesday, 25 February, 2009, 3:32 PM

Dear Neil, Michael Fleming give me your email as I'm trying to contact British veterans of the 1982 war, who took part in the actions in which the Argentine aviation was involved. He told me you were gunner on HMS Intrepid and that you shot down Mariano Velasco. I'm very interested on your account of the actions as gunner and in this particular action.
I met Velasco in 1998 and again in 1999, when he was at Mendoza Air Base as chief of Air Group. He is an excellent guy. Sadly, after he retired from the Air Force I lost contact with him.
Now I'm preparing a book about Argentine air operations during the war and I will like to include some British accounts, to have the view from both sides. The book is intended to be published in England by 2010 or 2011.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards
Santiago Rivas



Click Here's a letter of encouragement that I sent to Neil Wilkinson on 4-18-2009.

Dear Neil,
I almost flunked out of English and History.  Who needs to do all of this ridiculous study, "I Aint got no problm spekin englsh", I used to think.  I never realized about learning until I got into the Navy.  There I got straight A's and that was a two year classroom course before we went into the fleet.  My brother went into the Air Force and had no schools.  I couldn't believe it.  He just had on the job training and that was it.  Before I chose to go to the Navy I read about different career opportunities in a career class in High School.  It said that the Navy had the best schools and that's why I chose the Navy after I had two brothers that went to the Air Force and two who went to the Army. 

From that time on I always took some kind of course, either in night school, home study or by cassette tapes.  I have about a hundred success and business courses on cassette and have listened to them about a hundred times each.  That's the truth.  Every day that I drove to work and home, an hour each way, I would listen to the courses giving me two hundred and fifty-five days a year with two hours of study each day.  My nephew wanted to have copies of the tapes and I would use the high speed copy on my tape deck to make them.  But in that mode I could still hear the words and since I studied the tapes so many times, I could still understand everything these tapes said.  It was great because I was still getting the whole tape pushed into my head.  I stopped listening to music, almost altogether, because it turned out that the Rock-n-Roll became psychological warfare against the betterment of all mankind and is really bad with the new Hip-Hop and Rap music today.  So the only place that I found comfort and a future, was in my cassette tapes. 

Now when I work in the garage, I still listen to music, but only the old stuff or country.  I found a good country station that is not playing dying dog country, so it is really good music.  But, just like your Falklands project, this is how I now do my studies.  The emails that I receive are fantastic and I almost always hear from people, like yourself, who have something worthwhile to say.  My old high school friend got spammed permanently from me because he just sends me filthy jokes and porn pictures.  This happened to some of my other friends who became Big Shots in the government.  All the time that they are supposed to be working, they are sending filthy emails back and forth.  This is why I don't think our country has a future.  These guys have nothing but filth flowing through their heads and they are the big bosses.  This filth is an attack on our country and the whole world.
Ever since I ended up disabled, everything that I have ever done, including making this website at, has been an accident.  I was trying to promote a product called Energy Release and was one of their very first distributors.  I had no money and I used the promotion techniques from the Joe Cossman and other courses to promote my product.  So I started the March of Dimes Race Team.  They said that it was ok to use their name, so I looked for some racers who might be interested.  I found a team that didn't tell me that it couldn't be done, which almost ten teams have already told me, so we painted the March of Dimes logo on their car.  The very first race that we went to, I didn't know a single person at the track and have never been to that track ever before.  I didn't know it, but the announcer quit that very same day.  Then my race car team builder told me to follow him.  We walked up to the announcers booth and I was thinking that this was great because I will get to see what the booth looks like inside.  There wasn't anyone in there.  My friend said, "this is your chair, you're the announcer".  It took me twenty minutes to get enough courage to say anything.  I would turn the mic on and off, and on and off again and never say anything.  I knew nothing at all, including the fact that I was going to be the announcer.  I announced for eighteen years until the staples in my stomach started cutting me so bad that I couldn't do it anymore.  I announced for car races, midget races, go carts and motorcycles.  I announced several state championships and national championships with the ESPN news anchor being my backup guy.  It was great! 
But, just after starting the announcing for the first time, I did what the courses said to do and wrote news releases to everyone.  So that's what I did and I told everyone about the March of Dimes Race Team.  The magazine liked my article so much that the editor did a special on it and then invited me to keep on writing.  I had so many good comments written to the editor
about my unusual stories, that I ended up becoming a staff writer.  Then I told him that they should have a subscription form in every issue, so they did that and the number subscriptions went up.  Then I said that they should have a new product section and he made me the New Products Editor.  It was all an accident for me. 
The track tried for ten years to get the TV to come out and take pictures of the races, but they were never successful.  I had them out to the track five times in just the very first year.  I was on several other stations with interviews and, at some events, I had several TV stations covering the event at one time. 
The newspapers put me in the headlines in three states saying, "Dyrek Racing Beneficial".  Twice a year I ran donation drives where the racers would come into the stands and collect money for the March of Dimes efforts in their fight for healthier babies and we always brought in at least 500 dollars each time. 
I ended up on radio talk shows and TV talk shows.  Also, I have been in many parades and blew up my radiator right in the middle of one of the parades having water and steam flying out everywhere and stopping the whole parade in the middle of the street.
With just talking on the web to people just like you.  I ended up going to the North Pole and being a guide on my very first expedition.  Experienced expeditioniers thought that I was experienced myself because I watched the promotional videos so many times as I would make copies and send them to prospective customers.  After two years of doing making the copies, I knew the names of so many of the other people that have been to the pole and how the operation worked, it was like I've been there many times myself and I sounded like an expert.
TV stations, like the BBC, NBC, History Channel, NHK and others would call me very often.  If I couldn't help them myself, I would send them to someone that could.  With all of the contacts that I've made, I ended up finding the Russian team for a Junk Yard Wars program, I think that they call it Scrap Heap Wars in England.  You may have seen the program where they made large snow machines that could break through huge walls of snow.  The Russian's almost won, but broke a drive shaft which stopped them.
I ended up giving lectures in high schools, middle schools, local clubs and then universities.  That's a good business, by the way.
Actually I can go on and on with this, but I think that you get the point. You are now starting on the same path as I have and we are working on this project together.  It's great! Just look at all of the people that we have met just in the past six months and this project has just started.   There's some cartoon named "The Future is Wild," and it is.  The future is wild and we are the wild ones because we will go where others will not.  The TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines are super hungry for a good story and your story is a super good one with the idea of "When Enemies Become Friends".   This is a great theme and President Obama's ideas are very much heading in the same way.  We are right at the beginning of the wave and this is when we need to paddle the hardest so we can ride the wave just as a surfer does.  We are the first to bring this idea along and are right on a wave that President Obama is trying to create himself. 
With the BBC getting involved, we may very well all get free rides on military aircraft to the Falklands as part of the TV program.  It would be good press for the military and would greatly add to the BBC's program too.  In fact, your BBC contact should hear about this idea because it would be a very inexpensive way for them to get their story, and at the same time, make the story even better.  In fact, I will write him with some of these ideas myself tonight because my brain has just started into a storm. 
You are doing a fantastic and professional job on your part.  It's very rare that I meet anyone who takes the ball or even runs with the team.  Most people will just sit and dream of great things just coming to them and when it comes time to work, they just want to drink a beer and watch the Boob Tube and that's it. 
Five percent of the people in the U.S. are millionaires.  That means that only five percent of the people will have good ideas that are worth anything and will pursue their ideas.  Just like I said a long time ago, there are three kinds of people in the world; People who make things happen: People who talk about making things happen: and People who don't know what's happening.  You are a person that makes things happen.
You are a friend of the Royal family.  Maybe they can't do anything on this event, but there are indeed people that they can do things on other events.  Like you said about Prince Andrew, he was the first to go into battle and the last to come out.  He fought like a Royal Example.  This in itself is newsworthy and was never covered in this way in any program that I have ever seen.  Instead, most people think that since he was such a notable man, that he would only go in to conflicts when there was very little or no danger, but it was actually the opposite with Prince Andrew. 
With our story, he may not be able to take part in going to the Falklands, but he sure can give an interview and even mention you in the Gulf War since you both were on the same crew.  This is noteworthy and can give great feedback all the way around.
My mom loves the Queen.  She said that Queen Elizabeth would drive trucks and jeeps in the war delivering supplies to parts of the city that were bombed out.  You know the Queen yourself and have been invited to a ball in the Palace in 2007.  This is significant!  This is a notable occasion. 
With all of the great things that Princess Diana has done, Prince Andrew's efforts and the efforts of the Queen in times in great need, there is a lineage in their efforts that should be known and it will all fit in with your story, "When Enemies Become Friends".  You too are part of this never ending lineage of noteworthy English Citizens and this is newsworthy, worldwide.  You are on a mission from God himself because of your good intent.  This is why we met and this is why I want to be part of this mission and meet Mariano myself.  I too would like to meet the Queen because of all the good things that my mom has told me about her.  I would like to meet Prince Andrew because of his willingness to put his life on the line at a moments notice in the line of duty.  I would also like to meet you for all of your efforts because you are a person that is worth meeting by this disabled veteran.
Thank you very, very much for all of your tremendous efforts and your friendship,

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