Here's a complete list of Air and Space Museums in California, Science museums and  Museum Exhibits

California  Airplane Flight and Space Museums.
California vuelo del aeroplano y del Espacio Museos.

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Gee Bee Racer 1/48 Model Airplane Kit,  these kinds of airplanes are almost always found in museums
Gee Bee Racer.
A List of Airplane, flight and Space Museums in California.

There are many airplane museums in California covering all aspects of military aircraft and civilian aircraft as well.  Many of these airplane museums are at military bases including air force bases and army bases.  California is a great place to visit.  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster.

Hay muchos museos en California avin que cubre todos los aspectos de aviones militares y aviones civiles tambin. Muchos de estos museos son aviones en las bases militares, incluyendo bases areas y bases del ejrcito. California es un gran lugar para visitar. C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster.

Click Here's a complete list of Air and Space Museums in California, Science museums and  Museum Exhibits.
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The last updates on the museum listings were added 18 Jan 2011
Due to legal changes in Illinois, I will not be updating this list until further notice.
These museums change their information and locations very often.
Please try to contact the museum before you try to visit it, it may not be there anymore.

Aerospace Museum of California
McClellan Aviation Museum
    3200 Freedom Park Drive
    McClellan CA 95652
    (916) 643-3192
North side of Sacramento
Our collection consists of 30 aircraft on static display, over 5000 artifacts on rotating display and an aviation theme Gift Shop that carries a wide variety of gifts for aircraft enthusiasts of all ages.

Webmasters Note:

I've been here before, and I didn't allow myself enough time to really take a good look at all of the aircraft.  Here you get to touch these aircraft and take a real good look at every inch of them.
Updates thanks to Pat Carry
About 40 Aircraft


Air Force Flight Test Center Museum 
Flight Test Historical Foundation
P.O. Box 57
Edwards, CA 93523
About 85 miles north of Los Angeles on hwy 14
Info from Robert S. Furrer
80+ Aircraft many of which are experimental


Travel with us to the North Pole for one of the Worlds Greatest Adventures


California Flight Museum 
 1424 Continental Street
Hangar #8 Brownfield Airport
San Diego, CA 92145
Info thanks to Pat Carry
About 6 Aircraft


California Museum of Science and Industry 
700 State Dr. 
Los Angeles, CA 90037 
About 6 Aircraft and One I-Max Theater

Castle Air Museum 
P.O. Box 488 
Atwater, CA 95301 
(209) 723-2178

Updates thanks to Pat Carry
About 43 Aircraft including a Rare SR-71 & B-36

 Commemorative Air Force/Southern Cal. Wing 
at Camarillo CA airport 
We have: Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat, C-46 Curtiss Commando, B-25 Mitchell Bomber, SEVERAL SNJ/T-6 Trainers 
Also a real, Japanese Zero for viewing/photos. 
CAF SoCal Wing
455 Aviation Drive
Camarillo, CA 93010
Updates thanks to Pat Carry
About 12+ Aircraft


Classic Rotors
Classic Rotors is located at Ramona Airport California  
North East of San Diego on Rte 67
Info thanks to Terry Robinson
More than 7 Helicopters Many of them Flyable,
some are the only ones in existence today


Estrella WarBirds Museum
Estrella Warbird Museum
4251 Dry Creek Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446 USA
HOURS: Thursday, Friday and Saturdays: 10am-4pm, Sundays: 12n-4pm
RECORDED INFO: 805 227-0440
Phone during business hours: 805 238-9317
About 33 Aircraft


Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation & Aviation Museum
T-4203 Anderson Ave.
San Diego, CA. 92145
Info Thanks to Pat Carry
About 30 Aircraft


Single Aircraft Display
 B-17 Flying Fortress
Located just south of Visalia Ca. there is a B-17 bomber sitting on the east side of Hwy 99.
Went by the B-17 parked near Visalia on Saturday, June 26, 1999, it is still there and intact.  Passing at 70 mph it looks as if it were flight ready. Information thanks to John Cockayne 
Webmasters Note;  I remember seeing this aircraft many times as I drove from Lemoore Naval Air Station to the races at Tulare Fair Grounds.  If you drive around the back roads, you can get up next to it.
Click Here's the latest news from Roger F. Schulze

The B-17 is located at the entrance to Mefford Field (TLR), which is the airport for Tulare, California.


Hiller Aviation Museum
San Carlos, California
This is a great website with the Aviation Explorer Scouts 
About 22 Aircraft


Lyon Air Museum
19300 Ike Jones Road
Santa Ana, CA 93707
Info thanks to Pat Carry
About 5 Aircraft, Plus Autos and Military Vehicles


Jet Propulsion Laboratory 
Visitor Center, 4800 Oak Grove Drive 
Pasadena, CA 91109 
(818) 354-4321 

Webmasters Note:

Call at least One month before you plan to visit.  The Space Center gives only one tour per month and you must have a reservation.   C. Jeff Dyrek
Multiple Spacecraft


Joe Davies Heritage Airpark
Palmdale Plant 42

The Joe Davies Heritage Airpark at Palmdale Plant 42
is located at 2001 E. Avenue P.

Visitors to the Joe Davies Heritage Airpark at Palmdale Plant 42 may view a collection of aircraft flown, tested, designed, produced or modified at United States Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale. The first five-acre phase of the Airpark includes 13 planes on display plus a scale model of the B-2 Spirit and a full-size U-2 horizontal stabilizer and engine. Additionally, a C-46 is currently being restored. Over 40 different aircraft may be on display when the park is fully built out.

Information from Robert West

13 Planes and Building to more than 40 Planes.




March Field Museum 
March Air force Base, CA 92518 
Southeast of Riverside CA
About 42 Aircraft
UH-1, UH-21, C-119, C-131, KC-135, B-52, B-47, C-123, A-9, F-89, FB-111, F-102, F-100, F-101, F-102, F-105, U-4, T-39, T-38, F-86, F-84F, F-84C, T-33, F-14, SR-71, KC-97, EB-57, SA-16, O-2, F-4 , B-29, B-17, C-47, A-26, AT-6, C-60, VAL, B-25, C-45, MIG-19
Aircraft List thanks to Gilbert Bliss


Minter Field Air Museum 
401 Vultee Ave
P.O. Box 445
Shafter, CA 93263
About 8 Aircraft


Moffett Field museum
Moffett Field Historical Society Museum 
  P. O. Box 16 
  Moffett Field, CA 94035-0016 
  Telephone: (650) 603-9827 
The museum is located in historic Hangar One at Moffett Airfield near Mountain View and Sunnyvale about 35 miles south of San Francisco. From Highway 101, use the Moffett Field exit. Visitors should call (650) 603-9827
Hangar One; The Carol Henderson Room is devoted to capturing Moffett's history with books, records, videos, posters, recordings   and newspaper clippings; The Carl Honaker Room displays the history of "Heavier-Than-Air" aircraft at Moffett Field. The LTA   (Lighter-Than-Air) Room is filled with photographs, models, and memorabilia of the balloons, blimps, dirigibles and people that made   up the lighter than air era at Moffett Field. The Macon Room displays a wonderful diorama of the U.S.S. Macon and many aircraft of   the 1920s to 1940.
Excerpts from a letter from the Moffett Field Museum.
Q:  I have heard that the Hangars are so big that when the doors are closed and the air-conditioning is down clouds would form inside and it would actually rain. Is this true?  Jeff Dyrek

A: I've heard that when atmospheric conditions were just right, water would condense and rain down, although I've never actually seen this (there is no air-conditioning in the hangar; it's way too big!).  Right now we get
rain inside the hangar because the roof leaks.  Also, most of the windows leak, so we are continually sopping up water with towels when it rains.  The hangar hasn't been repaired in years, and it seems to me to be in poor shape.  I imagine it would take millions for a proper upgrade (certainly to bring it up to fire code), but the museum doesn't have that kind of money.  NASA, who owns the hangar, doesn't want to spend any money on it; in fact, they would probably like to see it torn down. But since it's a Historical Landmark, they can't do that!

Thanks again,  Dave Black


NASA Ames Research Center 
Visitors Center 
Ames Research Center 
Moffett Field, CA. 94035 
Located at the very southern part of the San Francisco Bay next to Moffett Field Naval Air Station.
Various Aircraft, Spacecraft and Future type aircraft wind tunnel models


NASA Ames-Dryden Flight Research Facility 
P.O. Box 273 
Edwards, CA. 93523 
Located near Roseamond CA about 90 miles north of L.A.
About 8 Aircraft


Oakland Aviation Museum
8252 Earhart Road Bldg. 621
P0 Box 2248
Oakland, Ca. 94621

Info Thanks to Conrad Bloom
Update Thanks to Pat Carry 10-22-2009

Many Aircraft


P A C I F I C   C O A S T   A I R   M U S E U M
2230 Becker Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
707-575-7900 Phone
Museum Hours:  Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
  Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
Display Days:     Every Third Weekend of Each Month, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m..  Admission:  5.00 Donation Accepted -- Children Admitted Free
Information thanks to Barney Hagen
About ? Aircraft


Palm Springs Air Museum
745 North Gene Autry Trail 
Palm Springs, California 92262 
760-778-6262 ext:222 
  Located on the north side of the Palm Springs Airport, the Air Museum is housed in an impressive new structure that includes the two main display halls and  hangars, theatre, gift shop, ramp and airport access  or flight demonstrations and visiting planes, research library, simulator and education center.
Information thanks to C. Duncan Welch
Updates Thanks to Pat Carry
About 66 Aircraft


Planes of Fame Air Museum
7000 Merrill Ave. #17
Chino, CA 91710
Information thanks to Jim Shepherd
About 150 Aircraft


San Diego Air & Space Museum 
2001 Pan American Plaza 
Balboa Park 
San Diego, CA. 92101 
Info thanks to Pat Carry
About 66 Aircraft


USS Hornet Museum
Aircraft Carrier CV-12 

Pier 3, Alameda Point 
Alameda, CA 94501 
(510) 521-8448 
Fax (510) 521-8327

From the North take I-80 to 580 to 980 Oakland, Jackson St. exit, right on Jackson, right on 4th, right on Broadway, dog-leg right to Alameda tunnel, out on Webster, right on Atlantic to the gate of former Alameda Naval Air Station. Click Here for USS Hornet CV-12 Models
Info thanks to Pat Carry.

Aircraft Carrier


USS Midway  Museum
910 N. Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA. 92121
For More Museum Information, Click here
USS Midway Models Here
About 12 Aircraft and one Aircraft Carrier


Travis Air Force Museum 
Travis Air force Base, CA.94535 
About 40 miles east of San Francisco near Fairfield on Hwy. 80
Please Note:  Due to security restrictions, visitors must obtain a pass at  the Main Gate Visitor’s Center. You must have someone  with a military/government ID to provide escort services.  Call the visitor center first at (707) 424-1462 to inquire  about current security conditions for that day! Visitors  carrying an active duty or military identification or have  approved BASE ACCESS do not require a pass.

For Webmasters quick story,  Click here

About 31 Aircraft


Western Museum of Flight
12016 Prairie Ave. 
Hawthorne, CA 90250 

This is located in the Northwest corner of the Hawthorne Airport in El Segundo...which is the home field for Northrop Aircraft. It's small (only half a dozen planes on display), but loaded with cool, historic memorabilia...and one of the two YF-23 prototypes.

 Information from Mark Morris
About 6 Aircraft with two Super Rare YF-23 Prototypes


Wings of History Air Museum
street address: 12777 Murphy Avenue, San Martin, California USA 
     mailing address: PO Box 495, San Martin, CA 95046-0495 
     phone: (408) 683-2290 
     fax:      (408) 683-2291 
Museum Hours: Saturday and Sunday  11am - 4pm
The Wings Of History Air Museum is located in San Martin, California adjacent to the South County Airport. 
About 4 Aircraft


Yanks Air Museum
7000 Merrill
Hangar A270 Box 35
Chino,Ca 909-597-1734
Updates thanks to Pat Carry
About 100+ Aircraft and 1 Apollo Spacecraft
    North Pole Expedition 2002
    Last spring the North Pole temperature was only -1 degree F.
     We flew an ultralight, 6 balloon pilots logged their North Pole flights,
    We had five jumpers who entered their jumps in their logbooks,
    there was a man in a wheelchair who made it to the pole,
    We had several helicopters, a home built airplane, a jet
    and an An-2 Biplane there.  Everyone got to visit Star City (Russia's NASA)
    the Kremlin Armory, and Red Square.  The Expedition members flew in
    Russian Military aircraft including the An-24, An-74, and the Mi-8.  They also
    visited the city of Khatanga and saw the Woolly Mammoth Digs, and Shrednij Island's  Russian, formerly secret, ICBM base and more. The trip was inexpensive  and you can go to the north pole site or go with us next year by clicking here

Japanese Propaganda Art Exhibit
This is a very rare exhibit of Japanese art from WW2 1941 -1942
Exhibit Added 10 June 2007

Propaganda Art was used by forces on all sides in WW2 as well as all wars in history.  This kind of art gave pride to the citizens of those countries who produced it and gave a unity in support of the wars.  This exhibit is an excellent example of Japanese Propaganda art.




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Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
the 34th fighter Squadron USS Kitty Hawk

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