Air and Space museums in Colorado including military museums and the museum of flight and history

Colorado  Air and Space Museums.

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A List of Air and Space Museums in Colorado.

Colorado is the home of the most advanced military control centers in the world.  Located in Cheyenne Mountain is the NORAD military control center. 

Air and Space museums in Colorado including military museums and the museum of flight and history.
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The last updates on the museum listings were added 18 Jan 2011
Due to legal changes in Illinois, I will not be updating this list until further notice.
These museums change their information and locations very often.
Please try to contact the museum before you try to visit it, it may not be there anymore.

 Aurora Colorado
At Front Range airport East of Aurora
CO in front of the Colorado National Guard
Installation is a Bell UH-1H-BF
74-22424  "it has 0-22424 on tail.
Info Thanks to Gilbert Bliss
This is a single aircraft  on display

 Denver International Airport
At DIA in B Concourse There are 2 A/C Suspended from the Ceiling
One is a JN-4
One is a  Alexander 
Alexander A/C were made in Colorado Springs from 1925 to 1934
Info Thanks to Gilbert Bliss
2 Aircraft

 Peterson Air & Space Museum
21st Space Wing / MU
150 East Ent Avenue
Peterson Air Force Base, CO 80914-1303
Stop at the visitors center at Peterson Air Force Base which is located on the east side of Colorado Springs
Update thanks to Pat Carry
About 17 Aircraft and 5 Missiles

 Freemont County Airport
This airport is at Canon City CO 
is a McDonnell F-4D-27-MC   63-651 
   Both of these A/C are at the main gate
This is a single aircraft  on display

 Ft. Carson Army Base
At Ft Carson Army Base
there is a Bell AH-1S 015687
on the tail 67-15687.  This base is at 
Colorado Springs CO
Info Thanks to Gilbert Bliss
This is a single aircraft  on display

 Montrose Airport CO
Vought A-7D 70-1055   70-055 on Tail 
Colorado Air National Guard Paint Job On it
Info Thanks to Gilbert Bliss
Single Aircraft Display


Colorado Warbird Survivors 2003: A Handbook on where to find themColorado Warbird Survivors 2003: A Handbook on where to find them 


 Pueblo Aircraft Museum
located at the front gate of the airport
This is also a B-24 Liberator Museum

Some of the A/C at Pueblo CO are
Boeing B-29, Boeing B-47, Chance Vought F-8, Convair HC-131A, Douglas C-47, Douglas A-26, Douglas A4D-2, Douglas F-6A, Fairchild C-119, Grumman F-9F, Grumman F-11F, Lockheed P-2V, Lockheed T-33, Lockheed RB-37, McDonnell Douglas F-101, North American F-100D, North American T-28C, North American RA-5C, Republic F-84, Sikorsky SH-34J, Bell 47 H-47, Hughes HU-1, Piasecki HC-21,Fairchild R4Q-2 131688  1962 to C-119F Lockheed P2V-5   1962 to SP-2E  North American F-100D Lockheed P-80C-10-LO  49-1872 Douglas F4D-1   134936     1962 to F-6A Vertol  H-21B  53-4347    0-34347  on tail   Piasecki before Boeing McDonnell  F-101A-1-MC 53-2418   0-32418 on tail

Info provided thanks to E. Gilbert Bliss Jr.
About 23 Aircraft

 U.S. Air Force Academy
The academy is located just north of 
Colorado Springs on I-25
F-100   56-730   Bad number, T-38  Thunderbird #1, YF-104A  55-2967, 
F-86F-30-NA, Cessna 170 ? N557AF, B-52D-55-BO, F-15A, YF-16A 75-748, F-105D-10-RE 60-462, F-4    ??-463 Might be F-4E-40-MC 
Information compliments of Gilbert Bliss
Many Aircraft Here


Vintage Aero Flying Museum
7125 Parks Lane
Fout Lupton, Colorado 80621
Open Tues - Sat
30 Minutes North of Denver off of I-75
Information compliments of Michael Parks
About 10 Aircraft

 Wings Over The Rockies Air and Space Museum
7711 East Academy Parkway

Denver, CO 80230-6929 
Phone: (303) 360-5360
FAX: (303) 360-5328 
 Rockwell     B-1A   40161 on Tail 74-160
 Boeing   AGM 86B Cruise Missile
 Republic    F-105D-6-RE 00508 Tail    60-508
Republic  RF-84F-20-RE   To RF-84K 1 of 26 for hook up to    B-36  52-7266
 Lockheed F-104C-10-LO   70910 Tail     57-910
 Convair    F-102A-55-CO   56-984 With A1M-4 Falcon Missiles
 McDonnell  F-101B-105-MC  80271      MFG 4-19-60  58-271
 North American F-100D-85-NH 63417 Tail  56-3417
Located just south of Denver's Stapelton Airport
About 18 Aircraft



includes the 1st, 21st and 34th Fighter Squadrons from World War 2. This is the specialized training that the squadron members went through at Bluethenthal Field in Wilmington North Carolina just prior to their transfer to the island of Ie Shima located just north west of Okinawa.

The Pictorial Review was provided by Seth A. Villa
Exhibit Added 24 Apr-2000

413th fighter group a p47 thunderbolt squadron in ww2







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Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
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