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The World War 2 Junkers Ju87 Stuka Dive Bomber assault airplane with a crew of two had a maximum speed of 255 mph, a Max range of 954 miles, and a Service Ceiling of 23,900 feet.  Germany started the initial production of the Junkers Ju87 in 1937 with a length of 37.7 feet, a Wingspan of 45.3 feet, a height of 12.8 ft. an Empty Airplane Weight of 8,600 lbs and a Maximum Takeoff Weight of 14,550 lbs.  The Stuka Dive bomber had three hardpoints, two 7.92mm machine guns and two 7.92mm machine guns and carried up to 3,970 of bombs or two 37mm underwing anti-tank cannons and other munitions.   The Stukas engine was a Rolls-Royce Kestrel V inline engine producing 640 hp. in the Ju-87A and a Jumo 211J producing 1410 hp in the Ju-87D.  The Ju87 was produced from the "A" model to the Ju-87 "R" Long Range Anti-Shipping model a variant of the Ju-87B.
There are many versions of this plane, these specs cover only one version.

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German WW2 Ju-87 Stuka Dive Bomber DVD Movies

Dive Bombers & Combat Aircraft of WW200V9651vspace="4" border="0" width="250" height="360" align="left">

Dive Bombers & Combat Aircraft of WW2

The Luftwaffe in WW2 - DVD Video.
DVD Movie Documentary

The vision of the menacing, gull-winged Stuka dive bomber, plunging vertically earthwards, its sirens wailing like banshees before releasing its bomb load, became the very embodiment of the terror created by the Luftwaffe's Blitzkrieg warfare in 1939. This video, a new release in the highly acclaimed Luftwaffe in WW2 series, includes never-before-seen footage of those Ju 87 Stukas, their Hs 123 predecessors, and others. B&W, stereo, 54 minutes.
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The Swoop of Death - DVD" 00V7950border="0" vspace="4" hspace="10" align="left">

The Swoop of Death - DVD

Through rare archival footage, computer-generated imagery, historical re-enactments, and interviews with World War II historians and veterans, this program - the first in a new series created by Classic Planes TV and Historic Aviation - examines the development and operational history of German dive bombers, from the early tests of the Junkers K 47 in the late 1920s through the end of World War II.
You'll learn how World War I aces Hermann Gring and Ernst Udet - a famous barnstormer - developed Hitler's Luftwaffe dive-bomber program in the mid-1930s; explore why the Ju 87 "Stuka" was so successful in the Blitzkrieg and in the early stages of Operation Barbarossa but met its match in the Battle of Britain; examine the innovative Ju 187 "Super Stuka" that never reached production; and much more.
As a bonus, you also get eight documentary shorts on legendary aircraft such as the R6V Constitution, the Curtiss Helldiver and the Princess flying boat. Color and B&W, 1 hour total runtime.
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The Luftwaffe in the Polish Campaign - DVD" 60"00V9709border="0" vspace="4" hspace="10" align="left">

The Luftwaffe in the Polish Campaign - DVD

This program features incredible propaganda film footage from the 1939 Luftwaffe campaign in Poland. You'll see legendary aircraft such as the Dornier Do 17, the Ju 88, the Ju 87 Stuka, the Ju 83, the Ju 52, the He 45C, the Fi 156 Storch, the Me 109, Polish-built Spads, the Breguet XIX light bomber, and others; aerial views of Polish cities and countryside showing bomb damage and smoke rising over Warsaw; and more. You'll even view USAAF newsreels from 1940, 95th Pursuit Squadron formation flying training, and a USAAF recruiting short! B&W, 1 hr. 52 min.     #00V9709    

The Aircraft of the Luftwaffe00V9659vspace=

The Aircraft of the Luftwaffe

The German War Files
8-DVD Movie Documentary Set

The Greatest in German Aviation of World War II
Through vintage footage, this 8-disc collection covers every aspect of Luftwaffe aircraft and their efficient, deadly threat to the Allied forces of World War II, from the menacing gull-winged Stuka dive bomber and the workhorse Ju 52 transport to revolutionary jet-propelled fighters such as the Messerschmitt Me 262. B&W and color, 7 hrs. 15 min.


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