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This F-22 Air Dominance, Air Superiority, Stealth, et fighter is equipped with a feature called Supercruise.  This is where the plane can cruise as supersonic speeds without using the fuel hungry afterburners.  Supercruise will allow the F-22 to jump on its enemy very quickly and when combined with the F-22's new generation stealth fighter technology, the enemy will never see what has hit him.  Another feature of the F-22 is that it has vectorable thrust enabling it to maintain control in even the highest angle of attacks and allowing the Raptor to maneuver very quickly.  Additionally, the cockpit is made of a totally new electronics technology.  The F-22 Stealth Fighter is capable of working in groups with data link, radar imagery and other information to be shared between the pilots of the different aircraft in its group.  This enables the Raptor Pilot to do his job of fighting while greatly minimizing the radio chatter.  This aircraft has many other features, too many to mention on this page.  Read a book, watch a movie and built a model and you will become an expert very quickly.  .Please Note:  The specifications on this page are only for a single model of this airplane. 

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F-22 Raptor Videos & DVD's

YF-23 Black Widow II - DVD.


Web of Secrecy

Declassified. Take an inside look at the YF-23 as presented by the people who know her best: the designers, builders and pilots. Hear firsthand accounts of how the best and brightest were assembled to triumphantly develop the YF-23 only to have the project dismissed in favor of the F-22. You'll learn about the "top secret" production and see all angles of this proud bird as she now rests at the Western Museum of Flight. 50 minutes.  


Cheap Travel Deals



Cheap Travel Deals



Thunderbirds & Blue Angels.

You’re in the cockpit with America’s jet teams, from airshow to combat. Go head-to-head with real enemy MiGs in a gut-wrenching dogfight and go down on the deck during a low-level bombing run to deliver the knockout punch. You’ll also get the first look at future Thunderbirds and Blue Angels aircraft including the F-22 Raptor, F-18E Super Hornet and Joint Strike Fighter... all coming in the next century to thrill airshow crowds and defend America’s skies. 1 hour.

Stealth! - DVD
DVD Video

This fascinating program traces the post-World War II attempts to build stealth - or Low Observable - aircraft that are invisible to radar and infra-red heat sensors. You'll view the F-117A Nighthawk ground attack aircraft; the B-2 Spirit heavy bomber; the YF-22 (F-22 Raptor); the YF-23A Black Widow II, which lost out to the YF-22 in the U.S. Air Force's Advanced Tactical Fighter competition; and many others. 1 hour.

Jetfighter IV
Video Game.

Defend San Francisco from attack by piloting an F-14 Tomcat, F-22 Raptor, or F/A-18 Hornet! In this combat flight simulation, your payload includes missiles, laser-guided bombs, and an electrically driven cannon as you battle air, land, and sea forces over amazingly realistic scenery, including downtown San Francisco. Includes multiplayer options for up to 16 pilots on a LAN or over the Internet. Requires Windows, 3D accelerator card, and 32MB RAM min.

Late Cold War/Modern Aviation

Screen Saver

Military Aviation Screen Savers. These CD-ROMs feature images from late Cold War and modern day military aviation. Stunning photography shows the EC-121 Warning Star, B-47, MiG-21, AH-64 Apache, KC-135, F-22 and others in a total of 50 images with an overview of each aircraft as well as a perpetual calendar. For Windows or Macintosh.


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Deane was the founder of IAC Chapter 61 in Litchfield Illinois.
We now call it,  "the Deane Kesterson, IAC Chapter 61"
We can all learn a lesson from Deane, he had a dream and he made it happen.
Exhibit Added 10-Jan-2000
Deane Kesterson, founder of iac chapter 61


We have gone to the North Pole Every year since 1997 and you are invited to
go with us on the next April's expedition.
Last spring the North Pole temperature was only -1 degree F.
 We flew an ultralight, 6 balloon pilots logged their North Pole flights,
We had five jumpers who entered their jumps in their logbooks,
there was a man in a wheelchair who made it to the pole,
We had several helicopters, a home built airplane, a jet
and an An-2 Biplane there.  Everyone got to visit Star City (Russia's NASA)
the Kremlin Armory, and Red Square.  The Expedition members flew in
Russian Military aircraft including the An-24, An-74, and the Mi-8.  They also
visited Khatanga and saw the Woolly Mammoth Digs, and Shrednii Island's
Russian, formerly secret, ICBM base and more. The trip was inexpensive
and you can go to the north pole site or go with us next by ing here

Sergeant York
Sixty Glorious Years about the DC-3 Dakota,  C-47 Skytrain
SLUF Short Little Ugly Fellow the A-7 Corsair II

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