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Specifications:  The World War 2 Mosquito's Length was  40 feet 9.5 inches.  Wingspan 54 feet 2 inches.   Height 12 feet 3 inches.   Wing Area  450 square feet.   The Mosquito's Empty Weight 14,600 lbs.  Gross Weight 23,000 lbs.  Max Gross  23,690 lbs.   The Mosquito had 2 Rolls Royce Merlin Mk.113/114  1,710 hp engines.  The Mosquito had a Cruise Speed of 260 mph  and  Maximum Speed 422 mph with a max Range of 2,050 miles.   These aircraft models include die cast aircraft models, plastic aircraft kits, mahogany display aircraft models, wood aircraft kits.

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Pacific Fighter Groups Appointment in Tokyo00V9705360

Pacific Fighter Groups Appointment in Tokyo

DVD Movie

This program presents thrilling footage of the 8th, 49th and 347th Fighter Groups in the Pacific theater of World War II as well as the documentary Appointment in Tokyo, which chronicles the war in the Pacific from Corregidor to Tokyo. You'll view the 8th in Australia and Papua, New Guinea; the 49th and its P-40 Warhawks at Port Moresby, New Guinea; Maj. Richard Bong receiving the Medal of Honor from Gen. MacArthur; the 347th pilots who shot down Admiral Yamamoto; gun camera footage of 347th P-38s strafing Borneo; Australian Beaufighters and Mosquitoes at their Morotai airstrip; and more. B&W and color, 2 hours.

World War II Triple Feature - DVD" 00V6080border="1" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="250" height="342" align="left">00V6080
World War II Triple Feature - DVD

Get three great World War II movies for the of one! Based on actual WWII events, each is a thrilling adventure that has deservingly achieved its status as a "classic."
633 Squadronstars Cliff Robertson and George Chakiris as two fliers pitted against the Nazis in a do-or-die mission: stop an all-out rocket blitz by sending Mosquito bombers into narrow Norwegian fjords to create an avalanche that will crush the Nazis' rocket-fuel plant. Can the boys of 633 Squadron pull it off? Dolby Digital, 1 hr. 35 min.
With an all-star cast headed by George Segal, Robert Vaughn and Ben Gazzara, The Bridge at Remagen is based on an incident that occurred while the Germans were trying to prevent the Allies from crossing the Rhine. Widescreen, Rated PG, 1 hr. 46 min.
Finally, in The Devil's Brigade, William Holden and Cliff Robertson are members of the 1st Special Service Force - a joint American-Canadian special operations unit that is recruited, specially trained and sent to Italy with the seemingly impossible task of capturing an impregnable Nazi stronghold. Widescreen, Dolby Digital, 1 hr. 27 min.
#00V6080     1
633 Squadron00V8165362

633 Squadron

DVD Movie

This 1964 film features Cliff Robertson as a former Eagle Squadron combat-weary pilot now in charge of RAF 633 Squadron. Ordered to destroy a Nazi rocket fuel plant tucked deep into a Norwegian fjord, they face an immense array of anti-aircraft artillery. Based on a true story, this film contains spectacular footage of authentic de Havilland Mosquito fighter-bombers in action. 1 hr. 36 min.

Mosquito Squadron00V9313361

Mosquito Squadron

DVD Movie

David McCallum plays an RAF ace who leads a Mosquito squadron on low-level strikes against Nazi strongholds in Germany and France. Using Britain's bouncing bombs, this rag-tag group destroys difficult targets until the climax of the film, which combines a dangerous bombing run with a rescue mission for a POW crewmate. Also stars Charles Gray, Vladek Sheybal and Robert Urquhart. Rated G; 1 hr. 30 min.
00V9313    1


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633 Squadron00V8165362">  
Markings of a No. 23  Squadron night fighter. This particular aircraft was damaged in 1943 when it  flew into high-tension wires over Holland - and dragged 300 feet of cable back to England!

Tony Weddel.    Made of wood to conserve on metal supplies, the Mosquito performed a variety of tasks for the RAF. The scene in this painting takes place  on April 11, 1944, when six Mosquitoes of 613 Squadron came in fast and low over Holland to attack the Gestapo headquarters across from the Peace Palace at The Hague. Here we see two of those six Mosquitoes just after they have neatly bounced a pair of bombs through the front door of the Gestapo building.

A Mosquito of 264 Squadron, RAF, has been vectored toward an enemy raider, and the on-board radar operator has directed the pilot upon the aircraft. The Fw 190 carries a 500kg. bomb that will not find a British target tonight. Instead, the Luftwaffe pilot will be lucky to survive bailing out of the flaming airplane caused by the Mosquito's attack. The successful Mosquito missions have become legend, just as the crews who flew them.


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De Havilland Mosquito Photograph by Gordon Bain

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