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P-38 Lightning 
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P-38 Lightning Warbirds Movies, Videos and DVD Movies.

The P-38 lightning was built by Lockheed during WW2.  The P-38 is 37' 10" long and has a wingspan of 52' 0".  The P-38 lightning used two Allison V-1710-27/29 engines each having 1150 hp giving the airplane 2300 hp total.  the max speed of the P-38 is 395 mph. The following P-38 Movies, videos and DVD Movies will show you the real capability of the Lightning.
Please Note the specs listed here are only for one version of the P-38 Lightning.  There were many different versions.

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Winter of '44 Christmas Cards" hspace="10"0060902129"> 0060902
Winter of '44 Christmas Cards

Philip West. Display your love of aviation history this holiday season! This set of ten Christmas cards featuring P-38 Lightnings of the 20th Fighter Group being prepared for an escort mission on a cold winter day at Kings Cliffe in 1944 features the message, "With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year." Measures a generous 8"x 4" and includes envelopes.


P-38 Lightning Movies

Famous Fighters of World War II Volumes One & Two00V7116353 00V7116
Famous Fighters of World War II Volumes One & Two
DVD Movie.

Featuring dramatic action sequences, close-up footage and interviews with the pilots who flew them, this DVD shows you the history, development and operational role of the most famous fighters of World War II. Covers the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, the Grumman F6F Hellcat, the North American P-51 Mustang, the Supermarine Spitfire, the de Havilland Mosquito and the Hawker Hurricane. Color and B&W, stereo, 3 hrs. 18 min.

Aviation Library00V9748353 00V9748
Aviation Library
3 DVD Movie Set

Combat Zone
This incredible three-disc set includes more than five hours of exciting aerial combat action from World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam! You'll view unforgettable footage of American fighters in World War II, including P-38 Lightnings, P-47 Thunderbolts and P-51 Mustangs; F-86 Sabre and MiG dogfights over Korea; fully-loaded Hueys carrying wounded troops out of hot LZs and a menacing AH-1 Cobra swooping in to rescue a platoon of Americans in Vietnam; and much more! Color and B&W, 5 hrs. 30 min.

Showdown - DVD" 114"00V7883 00V7883
Showdown - DVD

Air Combat.
Featuring dramatic recreations with restored aircraft, this 2-DVD collection - which includes all seven episodes of the series Showdown: Air Combat - puts you inside some of the most thrilling aerial dogfights in history!
You'll view aircraft such as the P-38 Lightning, F4F Wildcat, F4U Corsair, P-47 Thunderbolt, P-51 Mustang, Me 109, Fw 190, A6M Zero, F-86 Sabre and MiG-15; learn about each aircraft's strengths and weaknesses; analyze the groundbreaking tactics employed in each confrontation; meet the extraordinary pilots who flew the original missions; and more. 5 hours.

I/21X1B3W06BL._AA140_.jpg" ALT="A guy named joe, a movie about the p38 Lightning" HSPACE=5 VSPACE=3 BORDER=2 height=243 width=250 align=bottom>
6301969162A Guy Named Joe (1943) 

Starring: Spencer Tracy, 
Director: Victor Fleming
Also shows a lot of AT-6's

ASIN: 6301969162
Run Time: 121 minutes Release Date: September 1, 1998 Studio: MGM (Warner)

  • Actors: Spencer Tracy, Irene Dunne, Van Johnson, Ward Bond, James Gleason
  • Directors: Victor Fleming
    A Guy Named Joe is THE classic movie about a cracked up WWII bomber pilot (Spencer Tracy) sent back from Heaven as a ghost to provide guidance, like a guardian angel, to a new pilot trainee who turns out to fall in love with the ghost's girlfriend (Irene Dunne).
I/51PN96VJHQL._AA280_.jpg" ALT="Some pretty good pics of the ww2 p38 lightning" HSPACE=5 VSPACE=3 BORDER=2 align=bottom>
6303697194Iron Eagle 3 - Aces
  Video Movie
Louis Gossett 
Webmasters Report: 
This movie is back to great.  There are no F16s in this movie but I put it on this page because of the Iron Eagle series. There's a lot of action and some very rare photos of Bert Rutan's Mud Fighter.  This video is worth watching.  This also includes great action photos of a me-109 Messerschmitt, a P-38 lightning and other Warbirds.
00V8403362 width=200 align=BOTTOM>
Gun Camera Footage of WWII

Video Documentary Film
Original Footage from WWII Fighters and Bombers! Loaded with historic footage,  viewers will witness the terror of the air war exactly as it was fought in Europe and  the Pacific, all seen from the unique vantage point of the cockpit. Shown the way it  happened - with U.S. bombers under relentless attack by Nazi fighters and then our  own P-51s, P-47s, and P-38s as they charge into battle. Approx. 45 min.
00V8647354 width=200 align=BOTTOM> 00V8647
Mission to Rabaul

Video Documentary Film.
You are there with the 5th Air Force in 1943 as the Allies begin a major air offensive against Rabaul, with the aim of isolating and neutralizing the Bismarck Archipelago.  See P-38s, P-40s, B-17s and B-25s flying against Japanese shipping and bases during  this aerial shootout 100 feet off the ground! B&W, 54 min.
00V8023352 width=200 align=BOTTOM> 00V8023
Pylon Dusters

1948 Cleveland National Races
Video Documentary Film
Watch Paul Mantz arrive as repeat winner of the Bendix cross-country race. Racers  and pilots are spotlighted in the Goodyear, Kendall, and Thompson races. P-38s, Corsairs and P-51s with their wingtips virtually clipping the ground leave you gasping. Includes aerobatics and flybys of B-29s and the newest thing, a B-36 Bomber. (Color, 18 min.)
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