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Tons of Collectable T-28 Trojan Model Planes in this Giant Hobby Store. 

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T-28 Trojan Model Planes.



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T-28B Trojan 1/32 Model
Made of Philippine mahogany, this 1/32 scale model measures 12 " in length and has a wingspan of 15". Hand painted and detailed with U.S. Navy markings, model comes ready to display on the included mahogany base.

T-28 Trojan Radio-Controlled Airplane

This electric, ready-to-fly, radio-controlled T-28 Trojan features realistic looks and spot-on flight characteristics with 4-channel control for the ultimate R/C experience. Like the original T-28 trainer, it has plenty of performance for sport aerobatics but remains a joy to fly at slower speeds if you want to throttle back and shoot touch-and-go landings!
You get everything you need, including:
* A pre-installed 8mm brushed motor
* A 3.7V, 120mAh LiPo battery for 6-10 minute flight times
* A 4-channel DSM2 transmitter with fully proportional throttle, elevator, aileron and rudder control for precise flying and maneuverability
* Durable foam construction with U.S. Navy markings
* Removable landing gear with a steerable nose wheel
* AA batteries for the transmitter
* A portable DC fast charger
* Instructions
16" wingspan.
Purchase an additional 3.7V 120mAh LiPo battery (item #61684) to take your Ultra-Micro T-28 Trojan for a second flight without waiting to recharge!

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T-28 Trojan Desktop Display Model
U.S. Air Force

Meticulously hand carved and painted by expert craftsmen, this premium quality, mahogany model of a North American Aviation T-28 Trojan (a piston-engine trainer used by the U.S. Air Force and Navy beginning in the 1950s) flown by the U.S. Air Force includes a metal history plate mounted on its elegant wood display base. 12" wingspan.

T-28 Trojan Balsa Wood Kit

This 1/30 scale balsa kit has a 16" wingspan, making it perfect for either display or rubber-powered flight. Includes plastic nose cowl, canopy and insignia. Assembly required.

T-28A Trojan 1/32 Model
Pre Built Mahogany Model Plane.

Made of Philippine mahogany, this 1/32 scale model measures 12 ¼" in length and  has a wingspan of 15". Hand painted and detailed with USAF markings, model comes  ready to display on the included mahogany base.   

T-28B Trojan 1/48 Kit

Nearly 2,000 T-28 trainers were built in the 1950s - and now you can build another! This 1/48 scale, plastic kit features engraved panel lines, a detailed cockpit with full flight controls and optional-position canopies, a multi-part R-1820 radial engine with a three-blade propeller, positionable control surfaces, intricate landing gear, and a choice of three sets of U.S. Navy and U.S. Marines markings from the 1970s. 10" wingspan; 145 parts, assembly required.

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T-28 Trojan Books

  T-28 Trojan Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions

Designed as a replacement for the T-6 Texan, North American's T-28 Trojan trainer first flew in 1949 and remained in production until 1957. Originally published by the U.S. Navy in 1962, this previously "restricted" T-28B/C flight operating manual, which was required reading for all Navy and Marine pilots and trainees, includes information on carrier landing training and emergency procedures. 302 reformatted pages, B&W photographs and illustrations, 8"x 10", softcover.
  North American T-28 Trojan
Naval Fighters Vol. 5

Ginter. Designed to replace World War II's venerable T-6/SNJ Texan trainer, the T-28 Trojan went into service in the 1950s and continued flying with the U.S. Navy and Marines into the early 1980s. This pictorial review of the T-28 shows you the classic trainer in all its colors and markings as well as counter-insurgency missions it flew in Vietnam. 64 pages, 161 B&W and 16 color photographs, 8"x 11", softcover.
  North American Aircraft Volume 2

Thompson. Continue your exploration of North American begun in Volume 1 (item #1768) with later aircraft such as the T-28, the F-100 and the X-15... everything right up to Boeing's acquisition of North American. 192 pages, 300+ photographs (25 in color), 3-views and more. 11"x 8", softcover.
   T-28 Trojan Videos
  Hoover - DVD

Youve seen his performances, now fly with him as he performs his unbelievable routines in the Mustang, F-86, T-28, Strike Commander and Sabreliner. A closeup look at the life of a man that all the aviation community admires. 1 hr. 38 mins.
  Round Sounds Volume 2
Audio CD

This CD presents the "big iron" sounds of lots of propellers and cylinders, including the multi-engine B-17, the B-29 and the Martin 404. You'll also hear the Lockheed Constellation; T-28s, Sea Furies and Bearcats; a de Havilland Beaver; and a Gee Bee racer! 1+ hour.
  The Winter War - DVD

This gripping re-creation depicts the 1939 Russian invasion of Finland with amazing accuracy as you see, in heart-wrenching detail, the Finns steadfastly holding against the advancing Russians. All the equipment comes from Finnish museums or from sources in Russia, including T-26s, T-28s, and a host of Russian aircraft units. Subtitled, 2 hrs. 5 min.
  From the Pits to the Pylons
Audio CD

The Sounds of the World's Fastest Motor Sport.
Air Racing - there's nothing like it in the world. On this CD, you'll hear all the sounds, up close and personal, of each of the classes in air racing today. Formula 1s, T-6s, T-28s, Biplanes, and of course the awesome Unlimited Racers. You'll hear engine starts, takeoffs, qualifying runs, and some very exciting racing. Each CD in this 2-CD set is over an hour long and recorded with state-of-the-art technology.

T-28 Aircraft Art

  T-28 Trojan
Ken Fox. 

Detailed, black and white charcoal pencil lithograph of the ever-popular  T-28 trainer, flying over the fields of the Midwest. This highly collectible print is 20"x 16" including border with title. 

Dan Patrillo at Ubon, Thailand on May 29. 1968, T-28 Trojan

Hi Jeff, From my understanding our F4D of the the 25 SQ were the first planes in South East Asia with LORAN, and we arrived at Ubon, Thailand on May 29. 1968 with 10 planes, pilots and ground crew.

A T-28 Shown Above

Thank You, Dan Petrillo  'IN GOD WE TRUST '

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