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Winter of '45 Christmas Cards" hspace="10" src=""> Winter of '45 Christmas Cards

Philip West. Share your love of aviation history with this set of ten beautiful Christmas cards featuring 16?-victory ace Clarence "Bud" Anderson's Old Crow awaiting an early morning checkup at the 357th Fighter Group's Leiston, England base. Message inside reads, "With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year." Measures a generous 8?"x 4" and includes envelopes.


P-51 Aviation Art






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A Pistol Whipping 0073002
Ace of Diamonds 0007141  
Air Superiority 0077036     320.00
Ambush!" hspace="10" src=""4" border="0" width="300" height="240" align="left"> 0076108
American Eagles 0077040     320.00
Among the Columns of Thor 295.00
Big Beautiful Doll 0007275
Bluenoser Bounce" hspace="10" src="" align="left"> Robert Bailey. In April, 1944, P-51 Mustangs of the 352nd Fighter Group, led by Capt. Bob "Punchy" Powell, attack a Luftwaffe base at Herbeville, France. 34"x 23 ?" limited edition, numbered print is signed by the artist and by four members of the 352nd.
#0070409    220.00
By Request
C.E. "Bud" Anderson's P-51B Old Crow Jerry Crandall. Wearing D-Day stripes on his P-51B Mustang, Old Crow, Capt. C.E. "Bud" Anderson - who finished World War II with 16? victories - flies alongside the second of three Fw 190s he downed on June 29, 1944, southwest of Leipzig, Germany. Limited edition 29"x 22?" numbered print is signed by the artist and by Anderson!
Bringing the Peacemaker Home Robert Taylor. Badly damaged by Focke-Wulf 190s and escorted by P-51B Mustangs of the 361st Fighter Group, The Peacemaker - a B-17 of the 91st Bomb Group - limps toward the sanctuary of the English coast. 32"x 23" limited edition, numbered print is signed by the artist and by Col. C.E. "Bud" Anderson, Lt. Col. James Fletcher, Lt. Col. Marion Havelaar and Col. Steve Pisanos - aircrew who brought The Peacemaker home and who flew fighter escort.    #0077027    319.00
Fallen Comrades" hspace="10" src="" align="left"> Stan Stokes. Dedicated to the 357th Fighter Group pilots lost during World War II, this limited edition print depicts the P-51 Mustangs of Capt. James Browning and Capt. Edward Simpson - both of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice - along with the Mustangs of Col. C.E. "Bud" Anderson and Capt. William Overstreet, squadron mates of Browning and Simpson who have signed the print along with the artist. Measures 22"x 18?" and includes along the lower border a listing of all 357th members killed during the war.   0073019   
Fighting Red Tails Robert Taylor. With their distinctive red tails, P-51 Mustangs of the 332nd Fighter Group - the famed Tuskegee Airmen - climb to operational height as B-17 Flying Fortresses of the 483rd Bomb Group maneuver into formation at the start of another long and dangerous mission over Germany in October, 1944. 33?"x 23?" limited edition, numbered print is signed by the artist, by four Tuskegee Airmen including Col. Charles McGee, and by a 483rd Bomb Group crewmember.    #0077056    320.00


Finger Four













Guardian Angels Mike Newcomer. Led by Chuck Yeager's Glamorous Glen III, P-51D Mustangs of the 357th Fighter Group, the "Yoxford Boys," fly over an Allied convoy in France following a mission in late summer, 1944. 30"x 21?" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist.
Homeward Bound 0077975
Hunters Crossing Bill Northup. Dramatic aerial view of P-51 Mustangs in combat with Me 109s of JG 3 over Germany in the spring of 1944. The featured Mustang is Bud Anderson's Old Crow, and he is accompanied by pilots Bill Overstreet and Chuck Yeager; all three of them flying for the 363rd Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group. 24"x 18" print is signed and numbered by the artist.
Kings of the Castle 0076109
Live to Ride, Fly to Fight Dan Zoernig. P-51 Mustangs - Shangri-La and Reggie's Reply flown by Don Gentile and wingman John Godfrey of the 4th Fighter Group - take off from RAF Debden in 1944 as a fellow pilot riding a Harley-Davidson WLA gives the departing Mustangs a smiling "thumbs-up." 19"x 13" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist.
Warm Winter's Welcome 0007015
Wild Horses 0077060
Yeager's First Jet

The P/F-82 was the twin fuselage version of the P-51D Mustang. It  was very fast, but was not capable of dog fighting with the jets in Korea. Many of them, like that shown here, were converted to night fighters with a large radar pod  mounted under the center wing section. 16"x 11½" signed and numbered limited edition print.

A dramatic rendition of Tuskegee Airman Col. Charles McGee downing an Fw-190. The fighter pilots who flew with the Tuskegee Airmen had the unique distinction of not losing a single bomber that they escorted during the  war! 16"x 11½" limited edition print.

33"x 21¼" print.
....#0007406 3

Me 163 Komet Tony Weddel. A B-17 Flying Fortress named "Outhouse Mouse" from the 91st Bombardment group was knocked out of formation by an Fw 190 and a Bf 109, and was soon attacked by a flight of two Komets. Only the evasive maneuvers of the B-17 pilot and the intervention of P-51s from the 359th Fighter Group saved the bomber to fight another day. Signed by Me 163 pilot Rudy Opitz. 23"x 19" print.
Normandy Tiger Hunt Heinz Krebs. P-51 Mustangs of the 339th Fighter Group - led by 8-victory ace Francis Gerard - strafe rapidly fleeing King Tigers of the 503rd Heavy Tank Battalion in Normandy in June, 1944. 27?"x 24" limited edition, numbered print is signed by the artist, by four P-51 pilots (including Maj. Gerard), and by three King Tiger tank corps members!
North American P-51B Mustang Tony Weddel. Major James H. Howard of the 354th Fighter Group single-handedly defends B-17s of the 401st Bombardment Group from numerous enemy fighter attacks, successfully saving the group and downing a number of German aircraft. Already an ace with the Flying Tigers in China, Howard received the Medal of Honor for his heroics that day, and he remained the only fighter pilot in the European theater to receive that award. 23"x 19" print.
North American P-51D Mustang Tony Weddel. During a bomber escort mission, Major Nevin Cranfill of the 359th Fighter Group damaged a German Me 262 jet fighter that was pursuing a P-51. He then closed in on a second Me 262 and commenced firing from 800 yards, downing that German jet. 23"x 19" print.
Nowotny's Final Encounter Keith Ferris. 258-victory ace Walter Nowotny in his Me 262 jet fighter plunges to the ground on November 8, 1944, under the nose of a pursuing P-51D Mustang flown by Lt. Edward "Buddy" Hayden of the 357th Fighter Group. 25"x 18?" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist.
On a Wing and a Prayer" hspace="10" src="" align="left"> Roy Grinnell. Returning from an escort mission over France, Lt. Steve "The Flying Greek" Pisanos - unable to bail out - guides his P-51 Mustang to a crash landing near LeHarvre, France, on March 5, 1944. 22"x 14" limited edition, canvas print is signed and numbered by the artist.
One Man Air Force Wade Meyers. Capt. Don S. Gentile of the 336th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group maneuvers his P-51B Mustang while engaging an FW-190A-7 on April 8, 1944. For his actions this day, Gentile was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, which was presented by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower personally. When introduced to the young fighter pilot, Eisenhower remarked, "You seem to be a one-man air force!" 30"x 21" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist.
Top Cover Stan Stokes. A P-51D Mustang flown by William Bailey of the 353rd Fighter Group flies escort for B-17 Flying Fortresses of the U.S. Army's Eighth Air Force over the French countryside during late 1944. 16"x 11?" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist.
Ramitelli Rumble" hspace="10" src="" align="left">

0070417     265.00

Return to Duxford Robert Taylor. Flying low over the picturesque village of Thaxted in the cold winter of 1944-45, P-51D Mustangs of the 78th Fighter Group return to Duxford after a tiring eight-hour escort mission. 32"x 23" limited edition print is signed by the artist and six 8th Air Force P-51 aces.     #0007731     295.00
Running the Gauntlet Aces Edition, Robert Taylor. Me 262s of JV 44 returning to base come under attack from P-51s of the 353rd Fighter Group. But despite the Me 262's sluggish handling during its slow final approach, this pilot may survive another day thanks to Fw 190D-9s providing cover. 33"x 25" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist and four World War II fighter pilots.      #0077015     295.00
Sixth on the Sixth Russell Smith. Major George Preddy in his famous P-51, Cripes A' Mighty 3rd, claims his 6th and final kill of the day on August 6th, 1944. 30"x 18" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist.
#0070146     8
Surprise at Asch" hspace="10" src="" align="left"> Marc Stewart. In December 1944, the Germans broke through Allied lines and the 352nd Fighter Group moved to a forward base in Asch, Belgium. Expecting a Luftwaffe "surprise" attack on January 1, Col. John C. Meyer led 12 P-51s of the 352nd FG to meet the enemy - with Col. Meyer shooting down an FW 190 even before his landing gear had retracted. Signed and numbered limited edition print measures 24"x 18" and is signed by the artist and 352nd FG Ace Capt. Donald S. Bryan.     #0007305     9
The Battle For New Year's Day Nicolas Trudgian. Moonbeam McSwine - the P-51 Mustang flown by 15?-victory ace Capt. William "Whiz" Whisner - leads Red Section of the 487th Fighter Squadron, 352nd Fighter Group, into the defense of the group's airfield against Fw 190s and Me 109s of JG 11 at Asch, Belgium, on January 1, 1945. 28?"x 20" limited edition, numbered print is signed by the artist and by six 352nd Fighter Group pilots.
The Kidd Troy White. Lt. Ralph "Kidd" Hofer, flying his "Salem Representative" P-51B Mustang with the 4th Fighter Group, rolls out behind the Me 109G-6 flown by Uffz. Heinz Kunz on May 28, 1944. In moments, the 109 dove into the ground, earning the "Kidd" his 15th and final air-to-air victory of World War II. Limited edition 19"x 26" print is signed and numbered by the artist.
The Veteran Dan Zoernig. In April, 1944, Maj. Don Gentile of the 4th Fighter Group takes his famous P-51B Mustang "Shangri-La" on his final combat sortie, finishing the war with 23 aerial victories and 7 air-to-ground kills for a total of 30 German aircraft destroyed. 19"x 13" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist.
Vintage Mustangs" hspace="10" src="" align="left"> Top Cover


P-51 Mustang Drawing 0007330
P-51B Old Crow Col. C.E. "Bud" Anderson flew with the 363rd Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group, and led Cement Squadron on June 29, 1944, just southwest of Leipzig, Germany. After confirmation of the first victory, he saw the second Fw 190 heading for the clouds and pursued, attacking from the rear. The canopy flew off and the pilot started to climb out as Anderson flew alongside his Luftwaffe opponent. This print captures the dramatic scene. This day, Capt. Anderson would claim a total of three Fw 190s expiring 1195 rounds. Limited edition of 900, signed and numbered by the artist and Col. Anderson. 29"x 22?" print.
Tuskegee Angel from Above David Lee Sample. After completing a successful kill of a German Fw 190 over enemy territory, Col. Charles E. McGee in his P-51 Mustang "Angel," one of the legendary red-tails, prepares for battle with his next victim. 30"x 18" limited edition print is signed by the artist and Col. Charles E. McGee.
Tuskegee Thunder Robert Bailey. The P-51 Mustang flown by 1st Lt. Earl R. Lane of the 100th Fighter Group destroys an Me 262 high over Germany on March 24, 1945. 29"x 22" limited edition, numbered print is signed by the artist and by six Tuskegee Airmen: George Hardy, William Holloman III, Charles A. Lane, Hiram Mann, James Sheppard and George Watson.
As an added bonus, you'll also receive three 18"x 13" companion prints - Making Their Mark, Mitchells Over the Field and Maritime Massacre - signed and numbered by the artist and with a total of five Tuskegee Airmen signatures.

Tuskegee Titans 0070406
Tuskegee Trigger Time Robert Bailey. P-51 Mustangs of the 301st Fighter Squadron - the Tuskegee Airmen, with Capt. Charles White's famous "Creamer's Dream" out front - defend an RAF photo-reconnaissance Mosquito over Germany in early 1945. 34"x 23" limited edition, numbered print is signed by the artist and by seven Tuskegee Airmen, and includes a free bonus CD-ROM with images of the painting as it developed and of the Tuskegee pilots signing the print.
North American P-51 Mustang Poster Phil Nguyen. This amazing poster features fifty color profiles of the most famous P-51s that dominated the European and Pacific skies of World War II. Each illustration is accurate down to the finest detail, and the poster even includes insignia for the sixteen Army Air Forces of World War II. Signed by the artist. No one should pass up this one! 36"x 24".
P-51 Mustang Data Poster" hspace="10" src="" align="left"> Ted Williams. This fact-filled poster includes a large three-view drawing of the Mustang, an illustration of Eight Ball from the 357th Fighter Group along with five profiles of important Mustang variants, aircraft specifications, and brief commentary on the Mustang's development and features. It's as informative as it is decorative! 24"x 18".
Jackie Cochran P-51B Mustang


Captain Robert J. Goebel" hspace="10" src="" align="left"> Flying Dutchman, Ernie Boyette. WWII Ace Robert Goebel flew 61 combat missions over Southern France, Turkey, Italy and Germany including the famous raids on Ploesti and the railroad yards at Budapest. 18"x 12" print features a profile of his P-51D Mustang, is accompanied by his biography, and is signed by the artist and Capt. Goebel.
Col. Bruce W. Carr Ernie Boyette. This profile view of Angels' Playmate, Bruce Carr's P-51 Mustang, also presents Carr's service record, which includes 15 confirmed enemy aircraft destroyed in combat and 7? destroyed on the ground. He also has the distinction of stealing an Fw 190 and flying it back to his base - making a belly landing when unable to lower the landing gear. This story is recounted in the book Mustang: Flying Legend (item #6356). Limited edition print measures 18"x 12" and is signed by the artist.
Lt. Roscoe C. Brown Jr. / P-51 Ernie Boyette. Signed by Lt. Brown, "Tuskegee Airman" and flight leader of the 100th Fighter Squadron of the 332nd Fighter Group, this limited edition print features a wonderful color profile of Brown's "red tail" P-51, and also documents his wartime exploits. Print measures 18"x 12" and is also signed by the artist.
Col. Robin Olds / F-4 Phantom Ernie Boyette. Signed by Col. Robin Olds, P-38 Ace, P-51 Ace, and killer of four MiGs over Vietnam, this limited edition print features a wonderful depiction of Olds' F-4 Phantom and also documents his amazing multi-war exploits. Print measures 18"x 12" and is also signed by the artist.
U.S. Military Airplanes of World War II Display your appreciation for the U.S. fighters, bombers, scouts, trainers, transports and other aircraft that paved the way to victory in World War II! Featuring more than 25 aircraft -from the iconic P-51 Mustang and B-17 Flying Fortress to the C-47 Skytrain and CG-4A Hadrian - this poster measures 23?"x 17?".
North American P-51D Mustang 1
Merlin XX Aircraft Engine Blueprint Featuring a single stage, two speed supercharger, this engineering marvel turned all its aircraft - including its most famous, the P-51 Mustang - into thoroughbreds. Base on painstakingly recreated and modified vintage drawings, this real blueprint of the great engine measures a generous 42"x 30".
Rolls-Royce Merlin I BlueprintThis is the engine that powered the Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire to victory in the Battle of Britain, and then went on in updated forms to become the power plant of choice in the P-51 Mustang and many other World War II warbirds. Base on painstakingly recreated and modified vintage drawings, this real blueprint of the great engine measures 42"x 30".
P-51D Mustang Blueprint" hspace="10" src="" align="left"> Created by professionals who have painstakingly recreated and modified vintage drawings, this is a real blueprint - made directly from a vellum master - of what was arguably the hottest and most popular U.S. fighter in the skies of World War II. Measuring a generous 42"x 30", the detail is stunning.
P-51D Mustang with Nose Art Panel From blonde bombshells to iconic characters and catch names, this series of die cast models captures some of the most memorable and eye catching nose art in the world. The unique feature of this collection is that the nose art not only appears on the model plane but also on a faithfully reproduced larger scale die cast cut out section of the fuselage, which can be mounted on the enclosed display base with the model aircraft! Aircraft measure 4" in wingspan and panels measure 3" across.
P-51D Mustang with Nose Art Panel 0091506
P-51D Mustang with Nose Art Panel" hspace="10" src="" align="left">

This collector clock features classic World War 2 nose art and a P-51 Mustang  framed in a distinctive riveted aluminum case. Also features a quartz movement,  requiring one AA battery (not included). 15" diameter.

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457693&L12176943&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
P-51 Mustang
Graham Collins
24x18 Giclee Print
457693&L12176943&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">


457693&L12795935&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
North American's P-51 Mustang Fighter...
Mark Sherwood
16x12 Photograph...
457693&L12795935&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
457693&L12176942&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
P-51 Prop
Graham Collins
24x18 Giclee Print
457693&L12176942&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
457693&L13451634&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
B-17 and P-51 Mustang
jack connelly
20x16 Giclee Print
457693&L13451634&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
457693&L12526614&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
P-51 Mustang and Me-109
jack connelly
20x16 Giclee Print
457693&L12526614&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
457693&L12518978&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
P-51 Mustang
Charles Floyd
20x16 Photograph...
457693&L12518978&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
457693&L12302484&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank"> Buy at
P-51 Mustang
Jay Maxwell
10x8 Giclee Print
457693&L12302484&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
457693&L12376361&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
Captain Thomas Mantell of the U.S. National Guard Encounters a Huge UFO in His P-51 But Crashes
24x18 Giclee Print
457693&L12376361&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
457693&L13285373&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
Fliers of a P-51 Mustang Group
24x18 Giclee Print
457693&L13285373&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
457693&L12177128&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
P-51D Mustang
Douglas Castleman
36x18 Giclee Print
457693&L12177128&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">
U.S. Army Air Force Warbirds of WWII" 26" src=""1" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="300" height="198" align="left">

This poster displays 15 U.S. Army Air Force fighters, bombers and transports - including the P-38 Lightning, P-40 Warhawk, P-47 Thunderbolt, P-51 Mustang, P-61 Black Widow, B-17 Flying Fortress, B-25 Mitchell, B-29 Superfortress, C-46 Commando, and C-47 Skytrain - from World War II along with a detailed chart citing the specifications and performance characteristics of each. 36"x 24"; laminated for increased protection.
USAAF World War II Fighters Shirt - Large" 28" src=""0" hspace="10" vspace="4" width="300" height="410" align="left">

USAAF World War II Fighters Shirt - XX-Large

Made of a 50% cotton/50% polyester blend, this screen-printed, ash gray-colored t-shirt features a U.S. Army Air Force emblem on the front and, on the back, profiles of six legendary World War II fighters: the P-38 Lightning, P-39 Airacobra, P-40 Warhawk, P-47 Thunderbolt, P-51 Mustang and P-61 Black Widow.

USAAF World War II Fighters Shirt - X-Large


USAAF World War II Fighters Shirt - Large


USAAF World War II Fighters Shirt - Medium


WWII Fighter Planes Necktie" hspace="10" src="" align="left">

WWII Fighter Planes Necktie

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The P-51 Mustang is the elite fighter of World War 2.  The Mustang cleared the skies of Luftwaffe fighters.  There were no other aircraft that could fly as high, go as far and fight as hard as the P-51.  It accounted for more kills than any WW2 fighter.  This aircraft had a range with external tanks of over 1700 miles and was used for many missions escorting the great B-17's, B-24's and B-29's. The prototype P-51 Mustang was designed, built and flown in only 117 days.  There were 15,686 Mustangs built.   The P51 was flown by 11 Allied countries and created 281 Aces.  The Aircraft flew 472 mph and set the worlds low altitude speed record of 499 mph at the Salt Flats. 

12 Cylinder Rolls-Royce Merlin 61 engine 1510 hp.
437 mph at 25,000 feet
750 mile combat radius with 2-130 gallon external tanks
325 mile combat radius with internal tanks
Empty weight of 7,125 lbs with a max weight of 11,600 lbs
Wing span 37 feet
Length 32 ft. 3 inches
Height 12 ft. 2 inches
Wing Area 235 sq. feet
Carried 6-50 Caliber Browning Machine guns, 2-500 lb. Bombs or eight 75 mm rockets or two 130 gallon drop tanks
There are many versions of this plane, these specs cover only one version.

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