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Look at all of these books about the British, Hawker Sea Fury World War 2 Prop Fighter Aircraft.  The World War 2 Hawker Sea Fury is one of the most beautiful of the British World War 2 Aircraft.  With all kinds of aircraft available, this page covers the books available about the Hawker Sea Fury, British, World War 2 fighter aircraft.  This is WW2 History in Print including a study fact guide about the Hawker Sea Fury. 

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Hawker Sea Fury Aircraft Books


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Hawker Sea Fury Warbird Tech Vol. 37
Softbound Aircraft Book

Darling. This aircraft - the Royal Navy's last prop-driven fighter - was the last great piston design from the Hawker Aircraft Co. Here, you'll learn the details of the plane and of the intertwined development of Hawker and the RN's Fleet Air Arm. It's a story told with expert commentary and a large collection of photos - both rare vintage shots of the Sea Fury in action and newer images of restored birds. 104 pages, 100+ B&W and color photographs, 8"x 11", soft cover.

Furies and Fireflies Over Korea0005919372 0005919
Furies and Fireflies Over Korea
Hardbound Book
Thomas. In the Korean War, British carrier-based, piston-engined Sea Fury and Fairey Firefly fighter-bombers fought wave after wave of Russian-built Yak and IL-10 Sturmovik attacks. They also used the Gloster Meteor jet to aid their war efforts. The author interviewed numerous pilots of the conflict to present this illustrated study of the men and machines of Britain who flew against the Communist forces from 1950 to 1953. 192 pgs., 50 B&W photos, 6"x 9", hdbd.




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