WW2 Hawker Hurricane Aircraft Art Gallery.

 The Hawker Hurricane was one of the best British airplanes made in WW2.  This British Warbird was a plywood airplane one of the last of the plywood airplanes ever built for military purposes.  Here's an interesting use of the Hurricane.  Hawker Hurricanes protecting the British merchant fleet in World War II had an unusual assignment: the planes were catapult-launched directly from the deck, so they had no place to land--pilots simply parachuted out when the mission was complete.  The model aircraft on this page are a very accurate reproduction of the hurricanes and provide a great educational tool for kids. 

Please Note:  The specifications on this page are only for a single model of this airplane other models of the Hawker Hurricane may vary.  This hobby shop page has lots of model airplanes, books, movies, videos, DVD movies, and aviation art, so please give it time to load.



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