Ohio State Airplane Museums, home of the Wright Brothers airplane

A List of Ohio  Airplane Museums.

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Wright Flyer Balsa Wood Model Airplane Kit
Wright Brothers, Wright Flyer. 

A List of Airplane Museums in Ohio.

Home of the Wright Brothers, Inventors of the first airplane.
Ohio is nicknamed the Buckeye State. The population of Ohio is 10,888,000 people, number 7 of the 50 states, its capital is Columbus and its largest city is also Columbus.  The land area of Ohio is 40,953 square miles, number 35 in of the 50 states, its highest point is Campbell Hill which is 1549 feet.

Ohio  Airplane Museums.

Orville Wright lived from 1871 - 1948 and his brother Wilbur Wright lived from 1867 - 1912. 

They were the worlds first successful airplane engineers and made the first flight at Kitty Hawk North Carolina on December, 17th, 1903.  Even though there were a small number of airplanes which made powered flights before the Wright Brothers, none of them were controllable.  Therefore the Wright Brothers received the credit for the first controllable powered, heavier than air flight.  There was another reason that they received credit that was not very well known. they received credit because they had organized documentation in which, where anyone that was handy with tools, the airplane could be reconstructed and flown.  Wright Brothers Pictures, Videos, Models and Books
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Wright Brothers Books, Models and Videos

The last updates on the museum listings were added 18 Jan 2011
Due to legal changes in Illinois, I will not be updating this list until further notice.
These museums change their information and locations very often.
Please try to contact the museum before you try to visit it, it may not be there anymore.  If you get the museum's live answering service it's a safe bet they are still in business.

  Frederick C. Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum
10825 E. Boulevard
Cleveland, OH 44106
216 721-5722
About 4 Aircraft

  International Women's Air &Space Museum
Burke Lakefront Airport

Room 165 
1501 North Marginal Road
Cleveland, OH 44114
Call: 1.216.623.1111 or FAX: 1.216.623.1113
About ? Aircraft

  MAPS Air Museum
2260 International Parkway

North Canton OH 44720
Information Thanks to James Kohan
About 10 Aircraft
Mig-17, B-26 Marauder (under restoration), T-28 Trojan, SBD Dauntless, PT-19 Cornell, L-19 Navion,  L-2 Grasshopper, S-2F Tracker, B-25 Mitchell, P-51 Mustang

  Motts Military Museum
5075 South Hamilton Rd.
    Groveport, Ohio 43125-9336
    Phone: (614) 836-1500
    Fax: (614) 836-5110
located just south of Columbus, Ohio.
About 4 Aircraft

NASA Lewis Research Center 
Visitor Center
21000 Brookpark Rd.
Cleveland, OH. 44135
216 433-2001
Near Cleveland Hopkns International Airport
About 3 Aircraft


National Museum of the United States Air Force
1100 Spaatz Street
Wright-Patterson Air force Base
Ohio, 45433
(937) 255-3286 
Info thanks to Pat Carry
About 182 Aircraft


Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum 
P.O. Box 1978
I-75 & Bellefontaine St.
Wapakoneta, OH. 45895
419 738-8811
This Museum is centered on Neil Armstrong 
an interesting note,  the Aeronica airplane is the 
one that Neil Armstrong learned to fly in.
About 5 Aircraft


Tri-State Warbird Museum
4021 Borman Drive
Batavia, OH 45103

Info thanks to Pat Carry

About 9 Aircraft


Other Links
Take a Cruise aboard the USS Kitty Hawk
A Tour of the Kitty Hawk historic area


  Wright Brothers Pictures, Videos, Models and Books 

Dan Collier on Guam

Some great shots of his PT-22 and a F4U crashed in the jungle.


  For Veterans only

Wright Flyer Scale Model

In celebration of the Centennial of Flight, we are proud to introduce you to this, our finest model ever! Truly museum-quality, this is a 1/5 scale model of the 1903 Wright Flyer I that made aviation history. With an 8-foot wingspan and a length over 4 feet, it is not for the casual enthusiast. Rather, this is for the connoisseur who wants the very best! Individually hand-built, features of this display piece include a museum-quality dummy engine with working linkages and turning propeller, hand rigging and metal turnbuckles, fabric covering, working pilot sling and much more! Perfect for your home entryway, business lobby... anywhere it can be admired for years to come! Arrives in two cartons and requires 2-4 hours of assembly.
Super Large Model

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Willow Run, henry fords b24 factory
Willow Run
by Warren Benjamin Kidder





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The 34th Fighter SquadronThe 34th fighter Squadron WW2 Exhibit USS Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier Exhibit.

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