The Shinano, a Japanese Aircraft Carrier, Japan's Super Secret Weapon. 

Japanese Shinano Aircraft Carrier Model Ships. 
Aviones japoneses Shinano buques Transportista modelo.

The  Shinano a  Japanese World War 2 Aircraft Carrier weighte 68059 tons.
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The Shinano is a 68059-ton World War 2 Japanese Aircraft Carrier, was converted from a battleship while under construction at Yokosuka, Japan. She was the largest aircraft carrier built prior to the late 1950s. Hastily completed in November 1944, she was sunk on the 29th of the same month, November, by the U.S. Navy submarine Archerfish.  The Shinano's keel was laid on May 4th, 1940 planned to be the third Yamato class battleship.  On December 12th, 1940 the Shinano's construction was halted.  In 1942, he plans were now changed to become an aircraft carrier.  The Shinano was launched on October 8th, 1944 and was commissioned on November 19th, 1944.  The Shinano was torpedoed by the submarine USS Archerfish just 10 days after her commissioning on her maiden voyage to a safe port for fitting out. The Shinano went down without ever launching a single plane.  The Shinano had twelve Kanpon boilers feeding geared steam powered turbines.  With her four shafts, she produced 153,000 shaft horsepower.  The Shinano had a crew of 2,400, a maximum speed of 28 knots and a max range of 7200 Nautical Miles at 16 knots.   The Shinano's standard displacement was 59,900 tons with a full load displacement of 73,040 tons.  She was 840 feet long with an 872 foot flight deck.  Her beam was 119 feet with a flight deck width of 131 feet.  Look at the model ships below to see the Shinano in much more detail.  
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Japanese Navy Ship Shinano.








Japanese Aircraft Carrier Shinano

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.

Shinano: The Sinking of Japan's Secret Supership.
(Hardcover Book )
by Joseph F. Enright, James W. Ryan 
Editorial Review,
Shinano was the largest warship in history to be sunk by a submarine, and Enright was the skipper of the sub that sank it. This firsthand account, based on Enright's recollections and statements by American and Japanese veterans of the action, can be recommended without hesitation as a WW II naval classic.  While the basic story is simple, its unfolding is as complexly gripping as a chess match between grandmasters. The opponents: Commander Enright and his counterpart, Capt. Toshio Abe, commander of Shinano. On November 29, 1944, the aircraft carrier, escorted by three destroyers, was only 17 hours into its maiden voyage when four perfectly placed torpedoes, launched by Enright's Archer-Fish, sent it to the bottom near the entrance to Tokyo Bay. The  meticulously unfolding narrative, told alternately from the points of view of the plotting-room and periscope of Archer-Fish and the captain's bridge aboard Shinano, is mainly concerned with Enright's struggle to gain position ahead of the zigzagging carrier and maneuver into an elusive firing-window that would be open only for a few seconds. Coauthor Ryan's previous books include Who Killed the Red Baron? Photos. Military Book Club main selection.  Copyright 1987 Reed Business Information, Inc.  ISBN 031200186X
Gallant Lady : A Biography of the USS Archerfish
(Hardcover Book)
This is the Submarine that sunk the Shinano Aircraft Carrier.

Book Description
She looked like just about like the other diesel powered, Balao-class submarines crafted in the '40s. But there the similarity ends. Because the Archerfish--named for a fish that kills its victims with a lethal blast of water from below--won a unique, heroic place in military history and the memories of her crew members.

Click Here is her story: from her assembly in New England, her dedication at the hand of Eleanor Roosevelt, her service in World War II, where she broke the back of the Japanese Navy and sank the largest ship ever sunk by a submarine, to the details of her critical role in the Cold War, crisscrossing the oceans for six  years to foil Soviet naval intelligence.

Click Here too, is the story of her officers and enlisted men, who waited years to serve on the Archerfish. In their own words, these men tell how, against all odds,  they sent a Japanese aircraft carrier to the ocean floor . . . served in peacetime in the Navy's only all bachelor crew . . . steered their ship into exotic ports all over the world . . . welcomed B-girls, Japanese war veterans, royalty, Playboy bunnies and a goat aboard ship, with equal hospitality. As they helped their sub  outlast fires and even an earthquake, they worked hard, played hard and lived even harder.

An extraordinary real-life odyssey, Archerfish is a vivid, unforgettable portrait of submariners' life.

Gallant Lady: The Biography of the USS Archerfish.
by Ken Henry, Don Keith, Alan Sklar (Narrator) 
Book Description
The Archerfish, a diesel powered Balao-class submarine crafted in the 1940s, won a unique, heroic place in military history and the memories of her crew  members. Here is her story: from her assembly in New England and her dedication by Eleanor Roosevelt’s personal secretary, to her service in World War II, where she broke the back of the Japanese Navy, and her critical role in the Cold War. 

Click Here, too, is the story of her crew, who waited years to serve on the Archerfish. In their own words, these men tell how, against all odds, they sent a Japanese aircraft carrier to the ocean floor. Heroic actions, exotic ports, B-girls, perilous shore leaves, and the fascinating details of life aboard a sub—it’s all here. An extraordinary real-life odyssey, Gallant Lady is a vivid, unforgettable portrait of a submariner’s life.

About the Author
KEN HENRY retired from the U.S. Navy in 1974 as a senior chief engineman. He was one of the first volunteers accepted for Operation Sea Scan aboard the  USS Archerfish. He lives in South Florida. DON KEITH is a successful broadcaster and critically acclaimed novelist. His debut novel, The Forever Season, was named 1997 fiction award winner by the Alabama Library Association. He lives with his wife in Indian Springs Village, Alabama. 

Japanese Navy Ship Shinano 


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