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General Aviation Aircraft create the worlds greatest freedom, the ability to fly above the birds.  When you own a General Aviation Aircraft, you have the ability to travel anywhere, in just a short time, at the spur of a moment, even increasing your freedom.  You just can't beat being involved in General Aviation for the grandest time in your life.
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Hall Bulldog Racer 1/32 Kit

Plastic Model Kit

Plastic kit represents the "Bulldog" racer as it was flown at the 1932 National Air  Races in the Greve Qualifying Event and the Thompson Trophy Event. Features  cockpit interior detail, striping decals and painting patterns. Assembly required.
#0009217    2

Historical Value:
1932 Aviation Event 
Greve Qualifying Event
Thompson Trophy Event

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Curtiss Racer 1/48 Kit

Plastic Model Kit

Build your own scale model of the racer that Jimmy Doolittle flew to victory in the 1925 Schneider Cup. Plastic kit has a 7½" wingspan; assembly required.

Historical Value:
1925 Aviation History
Jimmy Doolittle 
Schneider Cup Race

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Fairchild PT-19 1/24 Model

Pre Built Mahogany Model

Made of Philippine mahogany, this 1/24 scale model measures 14" in length and has a  wingspan of 18". Hand painted and detailed, model comes ready to display on the  included mahogany base.


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Ryan PT-20 1/48 Kit

Plastic Model Kit
a Ryan PT-20, which first flew in 1934 and quickly became one of the U.S. military's primary trainers, this 1/48 scale, plastic kit features textured surfaces, detailed cockpits, a choice of landing gear or floats for the included water display base, pilot and cadet figures, realistic wheel spats, a choice of markings, and more. 7?" wingspan; 36 parts, skill level 2.
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Ryan ST Balsa Wood Kit

Balsa Wood Model Kit

Build your own replica of this gorgeous 1930s Sport Trainer. 1/18 scale kit of balsa wood and tissue paper has a 20" wingspan when completed. For display or  rubber-powered flight; assembly required.   #0008828    1


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Stinson Reliant Balsa Wood Kit

Balsa Wood Model Kit

Build your own replica of this classic beauty used for airmail as well as recreation. 1/28 scale kit of balsa wood and tissue paper has an 18" wingspan when completed. For display or rubber-powered flight; assembly required.   #0008822

The Reliant SR-10 was originally produced as a 4-5 seat commercial monoplane and  was used widely in the U.S. by sportsmen and business executives. The military  version of this aircraft, the AT-19, served with the USAAF and U.S. Navy. Although commercial production ceased on America's entry into World War II, 500 Reliants were built during 1942-1943 in a modified and more powerful form for assignment to  the British government as a navigation and communications aircraft for use by the Royal Navy

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Waco Custom Balsa Wood Kit

Balsa Wood Model Kit

Build your own replica of the "custom cabin" with its indoor comfort. 1/22 scale kit of balsa wood and tissue paper has an 18" wingspan when completed. For display or  rubber-powered flight; assembly required.

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Among the most successful of the Golden Age racers, Wedell-Williams aircraft were  flown by Roscoe Turner and other equally well-known pilots

The development of Henry Ford's 1926 experimental "everyman's aircraft" came to a  halt after a fatal crash in 1933

The background photo on this page was taken on our 2002 North Pole Expedition.
You can see more photos at the North Pole Photo Summary page.

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Please Note:  I took the photo of the clouds used in the background picture
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on our way to the North Pole in April 2002.  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster


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