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Beechcraft Airplane Company has made some very high quality aircraft over the years.  Here are some of the Beech Aircraft that I have always liked.  Beech 18, the long look of the Beech 1900 turboprop, the very popular Beech Baron, the old "V" Tail Beech Bonanza and the real beautiful airplane Beechcraft makes the Beech Starship I.   There are many more aircraft Beechcraft makes whose names are very popular and those would be the Beechcraft King Air, Beechcraft musketeer, the Beechcraft skipper, Beechcraft Sundowner, Beechcraft Duke,  Beechcraft Duchess, Sierra, Queen Air. The Beechcraft Model 18 first flew in January 1937.  Look below and you will find many Beechcraft Airplane Gifts, Model Airplanes, Books, Videos and Aviation Art plus more gifts.
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Beechcraft Model Airplanes

Build these beautiful airplanes or display them on your desk
Aircraft Tools

Beechcraft Bonanza 1/48 Kit
Plastic Model Kit
There is no mistaking the distinctive "V" tail on this plastic model kit of the infamous Beech Bonanza. Now you can own your own! Skill level 2. 

Beachcraft V36 Bonanza Aircraft

  When the unique Vee-tailed Beechcraft Bonanza first appeared, many fliers were startled when they realized there were only two tail surfaces, instead of the usual three. But Beechcraft's engineers produced a successful design that eliminated the vertical fins that actually reduced drag and increased speed with the power available. The Bonanza became a popular private plane, somewhat in the category of a Cadillac or Lincoln of the sky.

Beech G-17S Staggerwing Model

Beech G-17S Staggerwing Model
Pre Built Mahogany Model
Made of Philippine mahogany, this 1/32 scale model measures 10" in length and has a  wingspan of 13". Hand painted and detailed, model comes ready to display on the  included mahogany base.  Beech Staggerwing.  

Staggerwing pilots of note, like Louise Thaden, Jacqueline Cochran and  Max Constant, made history at the Bendix Races in the '30s. On occasion, one of  them would drop by the Beechcraft plant out on old Highway 54 just east of Wichita, to thrill a crowd of locals with some sky-high shenanigans. In those days, it was said, "It takes a Beechcraft to beat a Beechcraft." People in the know still approach a Staggerwing with a hushed respect usually reserved for royalty

T-34 Mentor
Ken Fox. 
Click Here we see the USAF version of the T-34 Mentor, manufactured by Beechcraft and commonly associated with the U.S. Navy, as well. Detailed, black and  white charcoal pencil lithograph measures 20"x 16"

Beechcraft Twin Bonanza.
Craft of the Masters. Ward. Includes Beech history and detailed development of the Twin Bonanza, it’s use in civil and military aviation, production statistics, registration  history and current status, comparison of models, profile drawings, pilot features and  techniques, maintenance, and purchasing of the Twin Bonanza. 144 pgs., 113 photos and 3-view drawings, 8½"x 11", sfbd. 


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