The king of jets made by the Lear Jet Corporation are found in these Great Model Airplanes in this huge hobby and craft store 

Lear Jet Store, Airplane Models, Pictures, Books, Videos and More.

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Lear Jet  Models, Books, and Pictures.

The king of jets are made by the Lear Jet Corporation and are found in these Model Airplanes, Books, Videos and Pictures Store.

The Lear Jet could be thought of as King Lear.  This jet company builds some of the most famous aircraft and some of the fastest private jets on the market.  this hobby and craft store has many models of aircraft from the Lear jet corporation which are fantastic for kids and adults to build and display.  The proper way to spell Lear Jet is Learjet, I have improperly spelled the name because most people search for Lear Jet.  This page has Lear Jet Pictures, Videos, Books and Lear Jet Models.      
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Click Here to see the specs on the real Lear Jets.
Click Here's a good story about flying the Lear Jet Lear 45.
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