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The Bell Aircraft P-39  Airacobra  has a  wingspan of 34 Feet  a wing area of 213 Sq. Feet, it is  30 Feet 2 Inches long,12 Feet 5 Inches high, has an empty weight of 5,645 Pounds, a gross weight of 8,300 Pounds.  The P-39 uses a  Allison V-1710-85 engine which is Liquid Cooled V-12 with 1,325 HP The airplanes top speed is  360 MPH At 15,000 Feet MSL  and has a service ceiling of 35,000 Feet MSL.  These Warbird books are listed by amazonebooks and Historic Aviation books.
Please Note:  The specifications on this page are only for a single model of this airplane. 
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Books about the P-39 Airacobra WW2 Warbird

0001402328 width=250 align=bottom> 0001402
Flight Manual P-39 Airacobra
Softbound Book

A reprint of the official government handbook designed to show the new cadet how  to fly the aircraft. Heavily illustrated with all the data. sfbd. 0001402 
Bell XFL-1 Airabonita" 79"0020128border="1" vspace="4" hspace="10"> 0020128
Bell XFL-1 Airabonita
Naval Fighters Vol. 81

Thomason. This heavily illustrated book examines the design and development of the Bell XFL-1 Airabonita, which, based on the XP-39 Airacobra, was the only aircraft with a liquid-cooled engine in the U.S. Navy's 1938 single-engine fighter evaluation/selection. You'll view images of the aircraft's engine, armament, flight control system, landing gear and cockpit as well as initial flight tests and more. 56 pages, 115 B&W photographs and illustrations, 8"x 11", softcover.
Bell P-39 Airacobra" 77"0036262border="1" vspace="4" hspace="10"> 0036262
Bell P-39 Airacobra

Juszczak & Peczkowski. Filled with more than 50 color profiles, line drawings (in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale), rare wartime photographs and contemporary walk-around images, this lavishly illustrated book examines the full technical history of the innovative P-39 Airacobra, a mid-engine interceptor that served with the USAAF, RAF, Soviet, French, Italian, and other air forces in World War II. 128 pages, 100+ color and B&W photographs and illustrations, 7"x 10", softcover. 36262B 2
Bell P-39 Airacobra Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions" 78"0020504border="1" vspace="4" hspace="10"> 0020504
Bell P-39 Airacobra Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions

A reproduction of a previously classified USAAF and RAF manual, this book provides unique insight into the P-39 Airacobra, which, as the first fighter with tricycle landing gear, carried a lethal 37mm cannon in the nose. You'll learn everything you need to know before entering the cockpit - just like the American, British and Soviet pilots who flew the aircraft in World War II! 117 pages, B&W illustrations and photographs, 8"x 11", softcover.

Ruff Stuff" 81"0040500border="1" vspace="4" hspace="10"> 0040500
Ruff Stuff

A WWII Pilot's Story - Major Norbert C. Ruff
Susedik & Ruff. This book examines the World War II experiences of Norbert Ruff, who graduated from flight school the day before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and was, within a month, flying a P-39 in the Pacific Theater. You'll read about the early days of the war with Japan; Ruff's experiences flying the USAAF's first jets - the Bell P-59 and F-80 - after the war; and more. 212 pages, B&W photographs and illustrations, 8"x 11", softcover.
Attack of the Airacobras" 76"0010323border="1" vspace="4" hspace="10" width="250" height="380"> 0010323
Attack of the Airacobras

Soviet Aces, American P-39s, and the Air War Against Germany.
Loza. Courtesy of America's Lend-Lease program, the Soviet Union received nearly 5,000 Bell P-39 Airacobras during World War II. Based on interviews with Soviet veterans and extensive access to squadron histories and logbooks, this book examines the P-39 combat operations and daily life of the 9th Guards Fighter Division, whose primary mission was to protect Red Army forces from Nazi aerial attacks. 370 pages, 25 photographs, 6"x 9", softcover.
Soviet Lend-Lease Fighter Aces of World War 2" 82"0015407border="1" vspace="4" hspace="10" width="250" height="337"> 0015407
Soviet Lend-Lease Fighter Aces of World War 2
Aircraft of the Aces Vol. 74

Mellinger. Flying P-40 Hawks, P-39 Airacobras, Spitfires, and several other types of lesser-know lend-lease aircraft supplied by Britain and the United States, more than 100 top Soviet pilots such as 29-victory ace and Hero of the Soviet Union Stepan Novichkov made "ace." Here, you'll follow the exploits of these pilots and see how they achieved such a remarkable record of success. 96 pages, 80 B&W photographs, 36 color profiles, 7"x 9", softcover.
41st Fighter Squadron - DVD" 75"00V8849border="1" vspace="4" hspace="10" width="250" height="371"> 00V8849
41st Fighter Squadron - DVD

Through interviews with 18 veterans, archival footage and photographs, this program presents the history of the 41st Fighter Squadron - which flew the P-39 Airacobra, P-47 Thunderbolt and P-51 Mustang in the Pacific Theater during World War II - from pre-war maneuvers, through the attack on Pearl Harbor and transit overseas, to the squadron's service in Australia, New Guinea, the Philippines, and Okinawa. Includes an interactive Pacific Theater map and a P-39 training film. Color and B&W, 2 hrs. 20 mins.
Red Star Airacobra0036055400 0036055
Red Star Airacobra
Hardbound Book
Memoirs of a Soviet Fighter Ace 1941-45
Mariinskiy. This is the extraordinary story of Evgeniy Mariinskiy, a Soviet fighter ace and Hero of the Soviet Union who shot down twenty enemy planes in aerial combat over the Eastern Front between 1943 and 1945 and who was himself shot down several times. It's a gripping and superbly readable memoir that covers early training days, the tactics of the Red Army Air Force, engagements with enemy fighters, forced landings, loss of comrades, everyday life and more. 176 pages, 20 B&W photographs, 6"x 9", hardcover.

0963457810 Cobras over the Tundra
0963457810 Cobras over the Tundra

I suggest, by Everett A. Long and Ivan Y. Negenblya, with Editor 
Tatiana Long. 5.0 out of 5 stars

"Cobras Over The Tundra" is a collection short stories and moren than 140 black and white and color photos from both American and Russian sources. Photos never before available to the West are shown for the first time. Pilots from both sides died or suffered difficult rescues in the wildernesses of Canada, Alaska, and Siberia. Printed in both languages, this is their story and history of building the Alaska/Siberia (ALSIB) aerial bridge to fight a common foe - Nazi Germany.

The world's most inhospitable wilderness and most unforgiving weather cost lives to both Soviet and American pilots. This book is dedicated to those Soviet and American airmen who lost their lives making the world's greatest armada, spanning two continents--a success, On the monument in the Siberian village of Seymchan, one of the route's airdromes, there are some good words inscribed that say it best--" We shall never forget."

Authors Notes: Author of "Cobras Over The Tundra" a history of the Lend-Lease flights through Alaska to supply the Soviet Union with much needed warplanes.  This book is a collection of high quality photographs and stories of courage.  Young American and Russian airmen had to challenge the bitter cold of the Arctic winters, and the mosquitoes of summer flying over the tundra.  This is their story.

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Arktika Pub; 2nd edition (October 1, 1992)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0963457810
ISBN-13: 978-0963457813

Everett's Homepage
About the Author
Everett A. Long, was a founding member of the Interior and Arctic Alaska Aeronautical Foundation, which established the Alaskaland Pioneer Air Museum in Fairbanks. In June 1990, he became the first American pilot to fly his own airplane (Cessna 172), along the ALSIB route from Fairbanks to Yakutsk. Since 1980, he has been actively writing articles on the air pioneers of Alaska and the Arctic for his own weekly column in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, aviation news publications, and magazines. He directed two searches for the Soviet airplane, N-209 (Commander Sigizmund Levanevsky) which had been missing since August 12, 1937 during the flight from the USSR (Moscow) to the USA (Fairbanks). One search was north east of Old Crow, Northwest Territories, Canada, and the other was through the ice pack off shore of Oliktok point on the North Coast of Alaska. His article concerning the searches for Levanevsky's plane was published in the "Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine".

0002651338 width=250 align=bottom> 0002651
Soviet Aces of World War 2
Aircraft of the Aces Vol. 15

No single volume in English has ever appeared in the West dealing with this  intriguing subject area, but now that restrictions have relaxed in the former Soviet  Union, record of the deeds of the elite pilots of the various Soviet Air Forces are  coming to light. Follow their exploits in their MiG-3s, LaGG3/5s, Yak-1/3s and lend  lease aircraft like the Hurricane, Spitfire, P-39 and P-40. 96 pgs., 75 photos and 12  pages of color profiles. 7¼"x 9¾", sfbd. #0002651  2
Victory Roll!0005817322"> 0005817
Victory Roll!
Hardbound Airplane Book.

The American Fighter Pilot and Aircraft in World War II. William Wolf. This is the story of America's "best and brightest," from the early-war young men who were hastily trained and flying inferior aircraft such as the P-39, F2A and F4F, to the well-trained, late-war pilots in their F4Us, F6Fs, P-47s, P-38s and finally, P-51s. You'll learn the key role this generation of young Americans played before they took their place in American society and industry. 456 pgs., 670+ B&W photos, 8"x 11", hdbd.

0006068335 width=250 align=bottom> 0006068
P-39 Airacobra Aces of WW2
Aircraft of the Aces Vol. 36
Softbound Book
John Stanaway. 

Hampered by poor engine performance at high altitudes, the P-39 Airacobra was flown by American pilots over Guadalcanal and by the Soviet Red Air  Force - more than 30 communist pilots used the fighter to achieve ace status, with  several racking up in excess of 50 kills. Here is an inside look at this sometimes  perplexing fighter and at the men who flew it. 96 pgs., approximately 100 B&W  photos, 30 color profiles and more. 7¼"x 9¾", sfbd. #0006068   2
Warbird Tech the P-39 Aericobra and the P-63 Kingcobra ww2 combat aircraft
1580070108 Bell P-39 - P-63 Airacobra and Kingcobra 
(Warbird Technical Series Vol. 17)
by Frederick A. Johnsen

Book Description 
This is the first-ever series analysis and review of the world's most exciting combat aircraft for the layman. Each  volume emphasizes the unique, the groundbreaking, and the technical characteristics of the aircraft. 

 This book contains photos, drawings, and excerpts from previously "secret" and "restricted" technical manuals  produced by the government and aircraft manufacturers, as well as vintage photos of aircraft during prototype and  manufacturing stages, exploded views, phantom drawings from tech manuals, and more. For military and aviation  enthusiasts. 

Paperback: 100 pages
Publisher: Specialty Press; 1st edition (October 4, 1998)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1580070108
ISBN-13: 978-1580070102

0001667338 width=250 align=bottom> 0001667
Bell Aircraft Corporation 1934-1946 
Hardbound Book

Meticulously researched and  documented history of the company and the P-39 and P-63 fighters and air racers.  Technical info, biographical backgrounds of the principals, the lend-lease program, and the aircraft in the hands of French, Italian, U.S. and Soviet pilots. 600+ photos and diagrams, 336 pgs., 8½"x 11", hdbd. #0001667  

0002880326 width=250 align=bottom> 0002880
P-39 Airacobra
In Detail & Scale Vol. 63

Covering both the P-39 Airacobra and the P-63 King Cobra airplanes, photographs and drawings illustrate every feature of the aircraft, and color profiles show the "Cobra"  markings. 1/72 3-view drawings were also created exclusively for this book. 79 pgs. with 16 in color, approx. 175 photos, 8½"x 11", sfbd.  

#0002880  1

Flying to the Limit0036018376"> 0036018
Flying to the Limit
Hardbound Aircraft Book

Testing World War II Single-Engined Fighter Aircraft.
Caygill. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of seventeen different World War II fighter aircraft from the U.K., the USA and Germany in this book that examines test results and pilots' own firsthand accounts. Covered aircraft include the Hurricane, Spitfire, Bf 109, Fw 190, Buffalo, Tomahawk (Warhawk), Airacobra, Mustang, Martlet (Wildcat), Thunderbolt and Corsair - all legendary types that saw a great deal of wartime action. 224 pages, 80 B&W photographs, 6"x 9", hardcover.

0001389 0001389
America's Hundred Thousand
U.S. Production Fighters of WWII 

Covers in detail the eleven fighter typers  produced during WWII. P-40, P-39, P-38, P-47, P-51, Corsair, Hellcat, Wildcat and  others. Includes development, production, combat records, comparative records with  a chronology of combat, and more. 608 pgs., 1000 photos, 8½"x 11", hdbd.


0001379330 width=250 align=bottom> 0001379
The 350th Fighter Group

The 350th Fighter Group in the Mediterranean Campaign 2 November, 1942 to 2 May 1945. The group comprised the 345th, 346th, and 347th Fighter Squadrons, flying  against the Luftwaffe during the Moroccan, Tunisian, Sicilian and Italian campaigns in P-39s and P-47s. 80 pgs., 90 photos, 9"x 12", sfbd.


0001677 0001677
Attack & Conquer
Stanaway & Hickey. 

The 8th Fighter Group in WWII. The 8th took the first P-39s into combat against the Imperial Japanese Navy. They added victories in P-40s and  P-47s, and finally took the air war to the enemy with P-38s over Rabaul Hollandia. 500 photos, 320 pgs., 8½"x 11", hdbd.

#0001677   4

Victory Roll!0005817322"> 0005817
Victory Roll!
Hardbound Book
The American Fighter Pilot and Aircraft in World War II. William Wolf. This is the story of America's "best and brightest," from the early-war young men who were hastily trained and flying inferior aircraft such as the P-39, F2A and F4F, to the well-trained, late-war pilots in their F4Us, F6Fs, P-47s, P-38s and finally, P-51s. You'll learn the key role this generation of young Americans played before they took their place in American society and industry. 456 pgs., 670+ B&W photos, 8"x 11", hdbd.

Report of Joint Fighter Conf.0003781365 0003781
Report of Joint Fighter Conf.
Hardbound Book
NAS Patuxent River, MD 16-23 Oct. 1944. A must for the airplane buff or historian, this book covers the views of the military services, test pilots, engineers, scientists, and a transcript of proceedings. Discusses the qualities of aircraft such as the P-39, P-47, P-38, P-51, etc. in relation to their adversaries. Serving to promote cross-talk between all aspects of aircraft fighter production and use. 6"x 9", 432 pgs., 100 photos and charts, hdbd.


Inside History-Making Aircraft of World War II" 80"0040415border="1" vspace="4" hspace="10"> 0040415
Inside History-Making Aircraft of World War II
In the Cockpit II

Connor & Moore. This lavishly illustrated volume presents stunning close-up photographs of the airplane cockpits and crew stations of 34 legendary World War II aircraft in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's impressive collection. You'll view the interiors of the American P-51D Mustang, P-39Q Airacobra, B-17 Flying Fortress, B-29 Superfortress "Enola Gay," SBD-6 Dauntless, and Boeing Kaydet trainer; the British Spitfire; the Soviet Il-2 Sturmovik; the Japanese A6M5 Zero; the German Fw 190 and Me 262A jet; and many others. 144 pages, 120+ color and B&W photographs, 8"x 10", hardcover.
0830683895 Guadalcanal, the Island of Fire : 
Reflections of the 347th Fighter Group
by Robert Lawrence Ferguson

Book Suggestion by Edward Rogers

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Aero Publishers; 1st edition (1987)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0830683895
ISBN-13: 978-0830683895



   Out of Print Books 
0006097189 width=150 align=left>

Bell P-39 Airacobra
Robert F. Dorr, Jerry C. Scutts

The story of Bell's Cobras, from their design and introduction, use as  an excellent gun platform for low-level work, and fine ground-attack maneuvers. Also   noteworthy for being very heavily armed for the time, it could absorb considerable  punishment. The book traces the transition to use in the Far East and Russia. The  authors deal in detail with the many criticisms of the plane and give voice to those  who support it. 159 pgs., 200+ B&W photos, 8¾"x 11¾", hdbd.

0004731192 width=150 align=left>

Airacobra Advantage
The Flying Cannon 

Should this often maligned fighter rank with  contemporaries, the P-51, P-47 or P-38? This history of the P-39 offers background,  testing, combat history, data on every variant, plus an inventory of all known  surviving examples in the world. 130 photos, 8½"x 11", sfbd.

0003793222 width=150 align=left>

The Alaska-Siberia Connection
The story of the WWII air route that supplied lend-lease aircraft from the U.S.  to Russia. From 1942-45 the Alaska/Siberia route was the most efficent way to ship  the much needed P-39s, A-20s, P-63s and other aircraft to help Russia halt the German advance. Distrust, language and weather were just some of the obstacles to overcome. 184 pgs., 6"x 9", hdbd.

Attack of the Airacobras0005636vspace="4" border="1" width="150" height="226" align="left">

Attack of the Airacobras
Soviet Aces, American P-39s, and the Air War Against Germany
Loza & Gebhardt. During its military struggle with Germany, the Soviet Union received a major boost with the arrival and deployment of nearly 5,000 Bell P-39 Airacobra fighter planes - courtesy of America's Lend-Lease program. The impact was dramatic, as the Soviets quickly adapted the planes into a lethal force. Focusing on the combat operations and daily life of one unit - the 9th Guards Fighter Division, book shows the primary mission was to protect Red Army operations from aerial attacks by the enemy. Based on interviews with Soviet veterans and extensive access to squadron histories and logbooks, book provides a rare and insightful look at what it was like to live and fight in this victorious air unit. 392 pages, 25 photographs, 6"x 9", hardcover.

0002622224 width=150 align=left>

Angels Twenty

A Young American Flyer a Long Way from Home Parks. A Harvard graduate, who was  educated by the 5th AAF recounts his experiences flying the P-39 in the SW Pacific.  The P-39, outmoded from the start, was utilized with bravery, humor and a will to  survive by the men of Beaver Squadron, through 1943. The story of the 2nd- rate  P-39 and the men who flew it has been neglected too long. 195 pgs., hdbd.

V. Roman    Airacobras Enter to the Combat/The Airacobras enter   Battle  Aerokhobbi, Kiev1993     Book Suggestion thanks to Dirk Broer

Jacek Tomalik    Bell P-63 Kingcobra, XFL-1 Airabonita, P-39 Airacobra  Cz.2  
AJ-Press, Gdansk2001     Book Suggestion thanks to Dirk Broer
Jacek Tomalik    Bell P-39 Airacobra Cz.1
AJ-Press, Gdansk1999     Book Suggestion thanks to Dirk Broer
Gary Byk      The Modeller's Guide to Bell P-39 Airacobra in RAAF   Service   Red Roo Models Publications1997     Book Suggestion thanks to Dirk Broer
Ernest McDowellP-39 Airacobra in Action
Squadron/Signal Publications, Inc.1980     Book Suggestion thanks to Dirk Broer
Aces, American P-39s, and the Air War Against Germany   
University   Press of  Kansas2001     Book Suggestion thanks to Dirk Broer
Artur Juszczak    Bell P-39 Airacobra
Mushroom Model Publications 2002     Book Suggestion thanks to Dirk Broer
USAF    Flight Manual for P-63 Kingcobra
Aviation Publications1995    Book Suggestion thanks to Dirk Broer


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