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P-40 Warhawk WW2 Books

Pilot's Manual P-40 Warhawk
Softbound Book
A reprint of the official government handbook designed to show the new cadet how  to fly the aircraft. Heavily illustrated with all the data. 22 pgs. with detailed charts  and diagrams. 8½"x 11", sfbd.
Curtiss P-40 Vol. 2

Janowicz. This heavily illustrated book examines the development and operational history of the rugged P-40 - which served on every front of World War II - from the "F" model through the "L" model. Includes 24 pages of scale drawings, eight pages of color profiles, and a free die-cut painting mask with 1/32 and 1/48 scale codes/serial numbers! 116 pages, 100+ B&W photographs and color and B&W illustrations, 8"x 11", softcover.
Curtiss P-40
Planes and Model Kits

Assembly, Transformation, Painting, Weathering
Pernes & Souleys. This heavily illustrated volume shows you how to take your Curtiss P-40 Warhawk kit to the next level! You'll learn techniques on how to build stunning B, E, F and N variants; add cockpit, engine, weapons and airframe details; create realistic insignia and markings; weather your P-40; and more. 84 pages, color photographs and illustrations, 7"x 9", softcover.
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk Pilot's Flight Operating Manual

Originally published by the U.S. Army Air Force, this previously "restricted" flight operating manual taught pilots everything they needed to know before entering the cockpit of the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, which, made famous by the American Volunteer Group "Flying Tigers," earned a reputation for its combat toughness. 94 reformatted pages, B&W photographs and illustrations, 8"x 10", softcover.
Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk/Warhawk

Darling. This heavily-illustrated history of the Curtiss P-40 includes a complete production list; comprehensive specifications; close-up detail photos; squadrons, units, and individual aircraft serials and codes; kit, decal, and accessory lists; and more. 40 pages, 90 B&W and color photographs, 57 color profiles, and scale drawings. 8"x 11", softcover.
57th Fighter Group
Aviation Elite Units 39

First in the Blue
Molesworth. This heavily illustrated volume examines the World War II experiences of the 57th Fighter Group, from its January, 1941, organization through its entry into Mediterranean Theater combat flying P-40 Warhawks, its conversion to the P-47D Thunderbolt in late 1943, and its attacks on retreating Axis forces until the end of the war in Europe. You'll learn about the group's aces, its pioneering achievements in the fighter-bomber role, and much more. 128 pages, B&W photographs and color illustrations, 7"x 9", softcover.
The Greatest Air Duels of World War II.

Holmes, ed. Filled with rare photographs and meticulous digital reconstructions, firsthand accounts, information on flight characteristics and fighting capabilities, and biographies of famous aces, this volume examines clashes between some of the greatest fighter aircraft of World War II. You'll read about the Spitfire vs. Bf 109, P-51 Mustang vs. Fw 190, P-40 Warhawk vs. Ki-43 Oscar, P-47 Thunderbolt vs. Bf 109G, and Seafire vs. Zero. 352 pages, B&W photographs and color illustrations, 7"x 10", hardcover.
P-40 Warhawk vs. Bf 109
Engage the Enemy Duel 38
MTO 1942-44

Molesworth. Filled with rare photographs, firsthand accounts, information on flight characteristics and fighting capabilities, and biographies of famous aces, this volume examines the clash between the P-40 Warhawk (which made its combat debut in the desert) and the German Bf 109 in North Africa and the Mediterranean Theater. 80 pages, B&W and color photographs and illustrations, 7"x 9", softcover.
Flying American Combat Aircraft of World War II

Higham, ed. Firsthand accounts from pilots and dozens of accompanying photographs take you inside the cockpits of classics such as the P-51 Mustang, the B-17 Flying Fortress, the P-47 Thunderbolt, the P-38 Lightning, the P-40 Warhawk and others to find out what combat was truly like in the wartime skies of World War II. 368 pages, 73 B&W photos, 6"x 9", softbound.
Soviet Lend-Lease Fighter Aces of World War 2
Aircraft of the Aces Vol. 74

Mellinger. Flying P-40 Hawks, P-39 Airacobras, Spitfires, and several other types of lesser-know lend-lease aircraft supplied by Britain and the United States, more than 100 top Soviet pilots such as 29-victory ace and Hero of the Soviet Union Stepan Novichkov made "ace." Here, you'll follow the exploits of these pilots and see how they achieved such a remarkable record of success. 96 pages, 80 B&W photographs, 36 color profiles, 7"x 9", softcover.
Twelve to One V Fighter Command Aces of the Pacific
Aircraft of the Aces Vol. 61

Holmes, ed. This book includes the never-before-available-to-the-public USAAF manual for new pilots heading to the Pacific Theater of Operations to face the Japanese. In addition to the training document, you also get biographies of contributing pilots such as Dick Bong, John McGuire and others who discuss the performance of P-38s, P-40s and other fighters. 128 pgs., 90 B&W photos, 36 color profiles, 7"x 9", sfbd.
In Their Own Words
True Stories and Adventures of the American Fighter Ace
Oleson. In this unprecedented collection, more than 100 legendary American fighter aces share personal accounts of what it took to fly, fight and survive combat in World War II and Korea. Includes discussions on the flying characteristics of various aircraft and comprehensive listings of KIA, MIA, KIFA and POW aces; "Fighter Aces in a Day;" squadron/group victories; and pilot and plane nicknames. 361 pages, 25 photographs and illustrations, 6"x 9", hardcover.
In Their Own Words:The Final Chapter

True Stories from American Fighter Aces
Oleson. In this incredible collection, more than 100 legendary American fighter aces share personal accounts of what it took to fly, fight and survive combat in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Includes insights on the flying characteristics of various aircraft; comprehensive listings of KIA, MIA, KIFA, and POW aces; "Fighter Aces in a Day;" squadron/group victory listings; and plane and pilot nicknames. 224 pages, 25 photographs and illustrations, 6"x 9", softcover.
Tomahawk and Kittyhawk Aces of the RAF and Commonwealth

Aircraft of the Aces Volume 38
Thomas. Lend-lease P-40s became the staple fighters in several conflicts, flying with RAF, Australian and other squadrons in North Africa, the Middle East and Far East. Although often outperformed by enemy aircraft, many pilots enjoyed success. This book charts the careers of the men who "made ace" in these often underestimated fighters. 112 pages, 116 B&W photographs, 40 color profiles, 7"x 9", softcover.
American Volunteer Group Colours and Markings
Softbound Book
Aircraft of the Aces Vol. 41
Clements. Created by Gen. Chennault, the AVG was manned by pilots drawn from the peacetime U.S. military. Known as the "Flying Tigers," they fought bravely in their distinctly painted P-40 fighters, facing overwhelming odds in Burma and China. Here photos and documents directly from surviving "Flying Tigers." 96 pgs., 106 B&W and 18 color photos, 28 color profiles, 11 color nose art samples and more, 7"x 9", sfbd.
P-40 Warhawk Aces of Pacific
Aircraft of the Aces Vol. 55
Molesworth. A few P-40s rose to defend Pearl Harbor from attack on December 7, 1941 and were the first USAAF fighters to engage the Japanese in WWII. P-40 units also fought invading Japanese forces in the Philippines and Java and again in the Gilbert and Marshall Islands. This book examines the Warhawk's wartime exploits and all of its aces. 96 pgs., 110 B&W photos, 40 color profiles, 7"x 9", sfbd.
In My Sights: The Memoir of a P-40 Ace

In My Sights: 
The Memoir of a P-40 Ace (G K Hall Large Print Book
Series (Paper)) [LARGE PRINT]
by James B. Morehead 
ASIN: 0783884516 
Col. Morehead was born and raised in rural Oklahoma during the height of the Great Depression and knew at a very young age that an  education was the avenue to climbing out of destitution. His desire and tenacity to improve his life is the story within the story. He even  joined air corp flight training to qualify for more scholarship money. As a result, he was highly trained as the war began and was stationed  in Australia when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

When duty called, he accepted it with the same vehemence of gaining an education. Truly an inspiring read for anyone wishing to improve  their lot in life. I also recommend this to any student thinking that life is too hard, or that earning an education is not expected of them.

NonfictionLarge Print EditionThoroughly entertaining. BooklistJim Morehead enlisted in August 1940. In February 1942 he earned the first of two Distinguished Service Crosses. Here he describes the wartime service of flying the P-40 Warhawk single engine monoplane against the Japanese Zero. Despite the odds against them, these brave aviators showed the enemy what good old-fashioned guts and gunnery meant in aerial combat. Morehead is a born storyteller and relates the reality from painful to hilarious of life in wartime military service.*Includes photographs

I recommend this book to anyone interested in history; especially the WWII era as well as the Great Depression. I ranked this book a  four star vs. a five as the publisher, for reasons I do not understand, cut several areas that would have added to the content. I know this  as I was given a copy of the original manuscript to read. I made several remarks to Col. Morehead during our visit that prompted him to  give me a copy of the original. Hope that you enjoy it.
 Blake Cowart 

Book Suggestion by Patrick Hanselaer,  Police Chief Inspector 1st Class

Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: G. K. Hall & Company (May 1998)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0783884516
ISBN-13: 978-0783884516

Protect & Avenge
The 49th Fighter Group in World War II 
Ferguson & Pascalis. 
Unit history of the 49th Fighter Group in the Pacific, WWII. Richard Bong is among the heroes  portrayed in this detailed account of their 30 aces and crews who achieved  more than 600 kills in three years of combat. 320 pgs., 600 photos, 8½"x 11",  hdbd
Dead Reckoning about the P-40 Fighter Planes in WW2

Dead Reckoning : 
Experiences of a World War II Fighter Pilot 
by Alan K. Abner 
Hardcover - 142 pages (September 1997) 
Alan Abner writes about his journey from living on an Oregon farm to being at the controls of a P-51 Mustang for the Eighth Air Force

Hardcover: 134 pages
Publisher: White Mane Pub; First edition (September 1997)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 157249025X
ISBN-13: 978-1572490253

P-40 Warhawk (Warbird History) 
by Frederick A. Johnsen 
Paperback (February 1999) 
 Book Description 
After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk was responsible for holding the line in the Pacific for much of 1942. Even after the arrival of newer fighter types, the P-40 remained in demand in all  theaters, most notably with the American Volunteer Group, or "Flying Tigers," in China. As such, the P-40 continued to pour out of factories, and by 1944 more than 13,000 had been constructed in ten variants. In this  tribute to that glorious aircraft, author Frederick Johnsen examines the P-40's development, technological evolution, and changing roles during World War II. Included are 100 black-and-white archival photographs  sourced from the best collections in the world. 
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Motorbooks Intl (February 1999)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0760302537
ISBN-13: 978-0760302538
P-40 Warhawk Aces of the MTO

Aircraft of the Aces Vol. 43
Molesworth. This book details the experiences of the American P-40 pilots of the Desert Air Force and Twelfth Air Force in the North African and Mediterranean theaters during WWII. A total of 16 USAAF squadrons flew the Warhawk in the MTO, claiming 592 Axis aircraft shot down. Individually, 16 pilots scored five or more kills, and it is their exploits that are featured here. 96 pages, 105 B&W photographs, 40 color profiles, 7"x 9", softcover.

 P-40 Warhawk in World War II, Book is in Color


P-40 Warhawk in World War II Color 
by Jeffrey L. Ethell 
Has contemporary photos that show the colorful nose art and markings of World War II. More than 80 ultra-rare color shots from World War II show P-40s in flight, under test, and in service around the world.
Paperback - 96 pages (August 1994) 
SBN-13: 978-0879389284
ISBN-10: 0879389281
Publisher: Motorbooks Intl (August 1994)

Flying Tigers Over Cambodia
Softbound Book
An American Pilot's Memoir of the 1975 Phnom Penh Airlift. Partridge. In 1975, the Flying Tigers freight company pilots took part in relief efforts for Cambodians. In this memoir, the author recounts his 52 missions into Phnom Penh, delivering rice and other supplies in hostile conditions. This account, from a Tiger's-eye view, includes both history and human drama in a remarkable true story. 204 pgs., photos, map, 6"x 9", sfbd.

Tiger Tales 
by Leverne J. Moldrem 
Not a about P-40's but still a book about the Flying Tigers 
An anecdotal history of the Flying Tiger Line 

Book Review 
An anecdotal history of the Flying Tiger Line. It introduces the pilots from Chennault's American Volunteer Group  in China/Burma, who later formed their own airline, The Flying Tiger Line. The book records the history of the  Company through the personal records of the pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and other employees. Included  are all of the aircraft accident reports, which unfortunately are many. 

The Company flew many support missions and contracts in support of the military including: resupply of occupation forces in Japan, relocation of displaced persons after WWII, the Korean airlift, the Vietnam war, the  Cambodian rice lift, and many relief flights for famine and earthquake victims. 

In addition to all this, the company grew to become the world's largest air freight line. They perfected the art of  shipping live animal by air, wild as well as tame. Loads of breeding cattle to Europe and Asia, Pigs to China, race  horses to and from the U.S. Australia and New Zealand, draft horses from France to Asia. Then there were the  wild ones: monkeys, snakes, gorillas, bears, tigers, lions and who knows what else. 

The book is laced with humor as told by the people involved in the specific event. Then there are many "bar storys", some told by the culprits themselves, and some by the victims. Much of the humor was not funny at the  time, such as engine fires in the middle of the night, fuel gauges approaching empty or a landing gear refusing to  lock down. 

Hardcover: 421 pages
ISBN-10: 0964949857
ISBN-13: 978-0964949850

Flying Tiger: A Crew Chief's Story: The War Diary of an AVG Crew Chief 

Flying Tiger a Crew Chief's Story : The War Diary of an Average Crew Chief
by Frank S. Losonsky 
Hardcover (April 1996) 
 Book Review
This new book is the war diary of a Flying Tiger American Volunteer Group crew chief from the 3rd Pursuit  Squadron. Much of the Flying Tiger history is written from the pilot's viewpoint. These brave pilots deserve much  praise, but those who fixed the aircraft and kept them flying also have a story to tell. Though their story is perhaps  not as flashy, it is quite interesting and very much in tune with the everyday spirit of that intense period before  America entered the World War II. This book contains Losonsky's war diary, which is supplemented with  interviews and dialogue, and includes over 200 unpublished photographs. This format provides the reader with a  multi-dimensional view of the period. Flying Tiger will give aviation historians new insights into the days shortly before the Flying Tiger successes in late 1941. 
Hardcover: 112 pages
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (January 1, 2000)
ISBN-10: 0764300458
ISBN-13: 978-0764300455

P-40 Warhawk vs. Ki-43 Oscar

Engage the Enemy Duel 8
China 1944-45
Molesworth. This volume chronicles the design and development of two great World War II adversaries: the heavily armed American P-40 Warhawk and the more nimble Japanese Ki-43 "Oscar." You'll study key elements such as airframes, engines, armament and flying characteristics to learn the planes' strengths and weaknesses; thrill to firsthand accounts of combat actions over China; and more. 80 pages, B&W and color photographs and illustrations, 7"x 9", softcover.
Soviet Aces of World War 2
Aircraft of the Aces Vol. 15

No single volume in English has ever appeared in the West dealing with this  intriguing subject area, but now that restrictions have relaxed in the former Soviet  Union, record of the deeds of the elite pilots of the various Soviet Air Forces are  coming to light. Follow their exploits in their MiG-3s, LaGG3/5s, Yak-1/3s and lend  lease aircraft like the Hurricane, Spitfire, P-39 and P-40. 96 pgs., 75 photos and 12  pages of color profiles. 7¼"x 9¾", sfbd.
 Flying Tiger to Air Commando: (Schiffer Military History)

Flying Tiger to Air Commando (Schiffer Military History) 
by Charles Baisden, Chuck Baisden 
Hardcover (March 1999)

 Book Review
Flying Tiger to Air Commando is an enlisted man's story of over twenty years of service to his country. From  enlistment in the Army Air Corps at age nineteen as a Private to his retirement at age 44 as a Master Sgt., his  unusual tale will interest all aviation, history, and gunnery buffs. At age twenty he volunteered for the American  Volunteer Group, hardly aware of China and its problems with Japan, but was soon to find out as an armorer with  Chennault's famed Flying Tigers. When that elite group was broken up, he returned to the States, soon to return  to the CBI theater flying as a B-25 gunner with his good friend from the Tigers, R.T. Smith, in the First Air Commandos. The end of WWII was not the end of combat for Sgt. Baisden, who saw service in the Korean War, both as an armorer in the 80th Fighter-Bomber Squadron of the 8th Fighter-Bomber Group, and as a gunner on B-29s in the 93rd Heavy Bombardment Squadron, 19th Bomb Group. His last days in the Air Force  were flown as an in-flight refueling technician in KC-97s with the 308th, 2nd, and 19th Air Refueling Squadrons.  His down-to-earth narrative is interesting and informative, and is presented along with his own period , over 100  b/w photographs, 6" x 9" 
ISBN-10: 0764306901
ISBN-13: 978-0764306907
Hardcover: 157 pages
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (March 1999)

The Memoirs of a Checkertail Ace 

The biography of Herschel "Herky" Green  and the 325th Fighter Group in Europe. The story takes the reader through Greens  experiences with P-40s in Casablanca in 1943, his first combat missions, bomber  escorting, and eighteen aerial victories with the 15th Air Force. Absorbing reading. 278 photos, appendices, 192 pgs., 8½"x 11", hdbd.
Flying Tiger : Chennault of China 
by Robert Lee Scott 
ISBN-10: 0837167744
ISBN-13: 978-0837167749
Publisher: Greenwood-Heinemann Publishing (December 1973)
Hardcover: 285 pages
 The last flying tiger: A novel

The last flying tiger : a novel 
by David E. Fisher

 ISBN-10: 0684147513
ISBN-13: 978-0684147512
Publisher: Scribner (1976)
Unknown Binding: 279 pages

P-40 Warhawk, Part 1
In Detail & Scale Vol. 61
 Filled with rare archival photographs, 1/72 scale drawings and a 16-page section of color profiles and photographs, this thorough reference examines the design, development and operational history of the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk in its many variants, from the predecessor P-36 Hawk through the P-40C (which added underbelly drop tank and bomb shackles).

You'll view detailed, close-up images of the cockpit, fuselage and tail, armament, engine, landing gear and more. 80 pages, 125+ B&W and 50+ color photographs and illustrations, 8"x 11", softcover.

Covers the P-36 through the P-40C, with dozens of close-up, detailed  internal and external photographs and 1/72 scale drawings for the aviation enthusiast or scale modeler. Complete your set with Part 2. 80 pgs. with 16 in color. 8½"x 11",  sfbd.

P-40 Warhawk, Part 2
In Detail & Scale Vol. 62

Covers the P-40D through the XP-40Q. Beginning with the "D," the Warhawk  was changed considerably, and numerous modifications and improvements continued to be made. These are all explained and illustrated here through scores of photographs and through 1/72nd scale drawings that point out the changes from one version to the next. Companion to Part 1. 80 pgs. with 16 in color. 8½"x 11", sfbd.
Tiger, Lion, Hawk : A Story of Flying Tigers 
by Earle Rice 

ISBN-10: 0516021737
ISBN-13: 978-0516021737
Publisher: Childrens Pr (July 1978)
School & Library Binding

Into the Teeth of the Tiger
Donald Lopez. 
The current deputy director of the Smithsonians Air & Space Museum  flew shark-faced P-40 Warhawks in the China air war. Don relates a gripping  first-hand account of courage and cowardice at the edge of survival; of the violence and fury; of terror and triumph as Warhawks battle Oscars and Togos in brutal combat. 272 pgs., 6"x 9", sfbd.

Flying Tigers
Softbound Book

Claire Chennault and His American Volunteers, 1941-1942
Ford. A first-rate history, this thoroughly researched work separates truth from myth in several key areas, providing a sobering yet balanced account that affirms the core of the Flying Tigers' myth: In 30 weeks of battle, the Tigers downed over 100 Japanese planes and lost but 14 of their own. 400 pages, 25 B&W illustrations, 6"x 9", softcover.

Flying Tiger to Air Commando
Hardbound Book

Chuck Baisden. This is an enlisted man's story of over twenty years of service to his country. From enlistment in the Army Air Corps as a Private at age 19 to his retirement as a Master Sergeant at age 44, his unusual tale is a fascinating look at the experiences of a hard-working armor for the Flying Tigers who went on to became a gunner in B-25s and B-29s in WWII and Korea. 160 pgs., 100+ B&W photos, 6"x 9", hdbd.

 A Flying Tiger's Diary (Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students, Texas A&M University)

A Flying Tiger's Diary  
Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students, Texas A&M University, No 15) 
by Charles R., Jr. Bond, Terry H. Anderson (Contributor) 
General Bond kept a diary during his year with the American Volunteer Group

ISBN-10: 0890964084
ISBN-13: 978-0890964088
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press (September 1993)

Flying Tigers : Claire Chennault and the American Volunteer Group (Smithsonian History of Aviation) 
by Daniel Ford 
Paperback - 464 pages Reprint edition (April 1995) 
ISBN-10: 1560985410
ISBN-13: 978-1560985419
Publisher: Smithsonian Books (April 1, 1995)
Paperback: 464 pages

Aces Against Japan : The American Aces Speak 
by Eric M. Hammel 
Mass Market Paperback Reprint edition (September 1995
and Book Discription

ISBN-10: 0671529080
ISBN-13: 978-0671529086
Publisher: Pocket (September 1, 1995)
Mass Market Paperback: 368 pages

 God is My Co-Pilot  The Book

God Is My Co-Pilot: the Book
by Robert L., Jr. Scott 
Paperback Rep edition (June 1989) 
 ISBN-10: 0942397061
ISBN-13: 978-0942397062
Publisher: Buckeye Aviation Book Company (June 1989)
Paperback: 277 pages

God Is My Co-Pilot []

God Is My Co-Pilot: The Movie
 Starring: Dennis Morgan, Dane Clark Director: Robert Florey
Release Date: May 7, 2002
Not Available in DVD

Remains (a story of the Flying Tigers)
by Daniel Ford

 A novel of the Flying Tigers--American volunteer pilots who defended Burma at the outbreak of the Pacific War. Fitz and Blackie have joined the American Volunteer Group, mercenary pilots who became known in the defense of Burma and China as the Flying Tigers.  Love, fear, death, and disillusionment are the payoff, along with a 500 combat bonus for each Japanese plane they destroy.
Book Description
Fitz and Blackie have joined the American Volunteer Group, mercenary pilots who became known in the defense of Burma and China as the Flying Tigers. Love, fear, death, and disillusionment are the payoff, along with a 500 combat bonus for each Japanese plane they destroy.
and More Information
ISBN-10: 0595126790
ISBN-13: 978-0595126798
Publisher: Authors Choice Press (September 5, 2000)
Paperback: 240 pages
Season of the Tigers 

Season of the Tigers 
by James O'Diear, Elizabeth Murphy (Editor), Terrie Ball (Editor) 
Paperback - 320 pages (September 1995) 
and More Information
ISBN-10: 1570900159
ISBN-13: 978-1570900150
Publisher: Alexander Books (August 1995)
Paperback: 320 pages

America's Hundred Thousand
Hardbound Book
U.S. Production Fighters of WWII
Dean. Covers in detail the eleven fighter typers  produced during WWII. P-40, P-39
, P-38, P-47, P-51, Corsair, Hellcat, Wildcat and  others. Includes development, production, combat records, comparative records with  a chronology of combat, and more. 608 pgs., 1000 photos, 8½"x 11", hdbd.

Flying to the Limit
Hardbound Aircraft Book

Testing World War II Single-Engined Fighter Aircraft.
Caygill. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of seventeen different World War II fighter aircraft from the U.K., the USA and Germany in this book that examines test results and pilots' own firsthand accounts. Covered aircraft include the Hurricane, Spitfire, Bf 109, Fw 190, Buffalo, Tomahawk (Warhawk), Airacobra, Mustang, Martlet (Wildcat), Thunderbolt and Corsair - all legendary types that saw a great deal of wartime action. 224 pages, 80 B&W photographs, 6"x 9", hardcover.

In My Sights : The Memoir of a P-40 Ace
by James B. Morehead
Hardbound Book
 Book Description 
As a young man with uncertain prospects, Jim Morehead was not unlike the thousands of other young men who came of age during the Depression. 

The Memoir of a P-40 Ace. Morehead. World War II fighter pilot Jim Morehead is one of just a handful of American aces who scored victories against both the Japanese (seven) and the Germans (two). His story is an exhilarating flight "...an engrossing memoir...that should do much to further the mystique of heroic WWII aviators." -  Publishers Weekly. 384 pgs., 28 B&W photos, 2 maps, 5½"x 8½", hdbd. 
Hardcover: 224 pages
For Lowest
ISBN-10: 089141634X
ISBN-13: 978-0891416340
Publisher: Presidio Press (November 4, 1997)

Flying Tigers : Painting and Sculpture in New York, 1939-1946
by David W. Bell 
 ISBN-10: 0933519001
ISBN-13: 978-0933519008
Publisher: Brown Univ (June 1985)
Paperback: 143 pages
 Pictorial History of the Flying Tigers Fighter Squadron Aircraft" hspace="10" src="images/Flying_Tigers_Story.jpg" vspace="4" border="1" width="250" height="331" align="left">

Pictorial History of the Flying Tigers 
by Larry M Pistole 
Hardcover (June 1981)  
From its opening pages that list the names of the American Volunteer Group Personnel who lost their lives to the fine selection of color photographs that center the book this photo compilation illustrates this unique group of Americans as no other has.
ISBN-10: 0943522056
ISBN-13: 978-0943522050
Publisher: Moss Publications (June 1981)

The Burma Air Campaign 1941-45
Hardbound Book
Pearson. In this thorough review of the World War II air campaign in Burma, you'll review the respective states of the opposing sides' air forces; learn how the American Volunteer Group - The Flying Tigers - came to be in China; read of air operations during the Japanese invasion of Indochina, Malaya and Singapore; see the late-war combination of U.S. and RAF forces; study the role of ground attack aircraft against the retreating Japanese; and more! 224 pages, 16 B&W photographs, 6"x 9", hardcover.

Softbound Book

Giving Wings to the Tiger
Byrd. Initially rejected from flight school, Claire Chennault pursued the training that made him a lead pilot, where he developed air-to-air combat techniques that defied official opinion. Thus, he left for China to lead the AVG "Flying Tigers." Thanks to the successes there, he returned to U.S. duty where he continually challenged protocol with his innovative approaches. Here, you'll meet this controversial and charismatic leader. 472 pages, illustrations, 6"x 9", softcover.
The Flying Tiger
Softbound Book
The True Story of General Claire Chennault and the U.S. 14th Air Force in China
Samson. When a sickly, half-deaf, 47-year-old retired USAAC Captain went to China in 1937 to survey Chiang Kai-shek's Chinese Air Force, little did the world know that he would be the man to stem the Japanese tide. This rare and fascinating inside look at Gen. Claire Chennault takes you through his command of the legendary Flying Tigers and of the 14th USAAF during World War II, and even on to the intriguing postwar years when his Civilian Air Transport became the scourge of the Red Chinese. 380 pages, 47 B&W photographs, 6"x 9", softcover.
With Chennault in China : A Flying Tiger's Story  
(Schiffer Military/Aviation History) 
by Robert Moody Smith, Philip D. Smith 
Hardcover (August 1997) 

A Flying Tigers Diary. Smith. The Tigers' fabled leader, Gen. Chennault, led the under-supplied American Volunteer Group to 650 victories in outdated P-40 fighters. The author was there and portrays the heros dramatic style. 176 pgs., 110 photos, 6"x 9", hdbd.

Book Description 
Click Here's the story of how a handful of young Americans, fighting with improvised equipment, commanded the air  against superior enemy forces and won! Written by a radio operator who served as a member of the AVG  (American Volunteer Group) throughout their existence, this fascinating, intimate story of General Claire Lee  Chennault's "Flying Tigers" is loaded with original photographs and numerous first-hand accounts from the author's personal diary. It's all here - the whole story of how the AVG shot down over 650 Japanese plane using obsolete P-40s and a communications network that covered China with a protective "umbrella." This ground based radio network (in which the author operated) kept the pilots so well-informed of enemy air activity that they  were seldom surprised by Japanese attacks. Enjoyable to read, this memoir will give you a taste of the "local  flavor" of life in China while under Japanese attack. You'll find a musing anecdotes and accurate descriptions of  the author's duty as a radio operator as well as the wartime activities of other AVG member. Now, the complete  story of the AVG - the deadliest, most efficient group of fighter pilots and support personnel ever assembled - is  brought to life again through original photographs and behind the scenes descriptions! Robert M. Smith was a sergeant-air mechanic first class for the U.S. Air Force when the recruiters arrived on base looking for volunteers  for the Chinese Air Force. He was discharged from the Air Force and went to China to join the American Volunteer Group, "THe Flying Tigers." 

ISBN-10: 0764302876
ISBN-13: 978-0764302879
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing; New Ed edition (August 1997)
Hardcover: 176 pages

Chennault and the Flying Tigers 
by Mark Chennault 
ISBN-10: 0839714009
ISBN-13: 978-0839714002
Publisher: Independent Publishers Group (January 2000)

Attack & Conquer
Stanaway & Hickey. 
The 8th Fighter Group in WWII. The 8th took the first P-39s into combat against the Imperial Japanese Navy.
They added victories in P-40s and  P-47s, and finally took the air war to the enemy with P-38s over Rabaul Hollandia. 500 photos, 320 pgs., 8½"x 11", hdbd. #0001677

P-40 Warhawk in Action
Softbound Book
Dann. Trace the development and service of the Curtiss P-40 from its first flight in 1938, through the mass production of more than 13,700 aircraft during World War II, to its use by the air forces of 28 nations - most notably by China's AVG "Flying Tigers," by the U.S. right from the beginning at Pearl Harbor, and by the British as the "Tomahawk" and "Kittyhawk." 58 pages, 100+ B&W photographs, 10 color profiles and more. 11"x 8", softcover.   
Commander of the Flying Tigers : Claire Lee Chennault 
by Joe Archibald 
ISBN-10: 9990370265
ISBN-13: 978-9990370263
Publisher: Julian Messner (June 1966)
Library Binding
Reading level: Baby-Preschool
 Destiny: A Flying Tigers Rendezvous With Fate

Destiny : A Flying Tigers Rendezvous With Fate 
by Erik Shilling 
Mr. Shilling's autobiographical book is truly a great insight into what made the legendary men of the AVG, CAT, Bird Air and Air America tick. His stories of close calls and unusual people and places are truly worth the search to find this rare gem. He is one of the last unsung heroes from the dark early days of World War II for America left.

This is an autobiography by Eric Shilling, influenced by his father, a military pilot during WW 1, who instilled in him a passion to follow in his footsteps. It started at the tender age of three, and finally became a reality at the age of twenty-two. He graduated as a Second lieutenant on October 5th, 1938 from the Army's Training Center at Kelly Field. He shares with the readers the trials and tribulations of a flying cadet, as he earns his coveted wings, and the triumphs and sorrows of his classmates, as they too struggle to become military pilots.

ISBN-10: 1882463021
ISBN-13: 978-1882463022
Publisher: Ben-Wal Printing (July 1993)

 Flying Tigers: Chennault in China by Ronald Heiferman

Flying Tigers 
by Ron Heiferman  

ISBN-10: 0345278992
ISBN-13: 978-0345278999
Publisher: Ballantine Books (December 12, 1978)
Paperback: 100 pages

China Pilot
by Felix Smith, Anna Chennault
After WWII, Claire Chennault, founder of the Flying Tigers, organized a collection of pilots into a company called Civil Air Transport (CAT), which delivered food, ammo, medical supplies and reinforcements to the Nationalists during China's 1946-1949 civil war.

A pilot for the China-based airline reputed to be the most shot at in the world, Felix Smith recounts in vivid detail his experiences ferrying troops and equipment for the Nationalists during China's civil war; providing medicine and supplies to war-torn regions; and flying under CIA contract during the French war in Indochina, the Korean War, America's secret war in Laos, and the Vietnam War. China Pilot provides a rare view of the Cold War in Asia, documenting not only the hair-raising adventures of Civil Air Transport's pilots but also those of the men and women behind the scenes.
Claire Chennault's legend just keeps on growing. Here is a feast for readers who can't get enough of the man who led the Flying Tigers, the 14th Air Force, and the cargo line that became Air America.
for Lowest
ISBN-10: 1560983981
ISBN-13: 978-1560983989
Publisher: Smithsonian (September 1, 2000)
Paperback: 336 pages

China up and down: The 308th Bombardment Group (Heavy) of the  Flying Tigers : the men, the B-24s, and the events from 1943 to 1945 

China up and down : the 308th Bombardment Group (Heavy) of the Flying Tigers : the men, the B-24s, and the events from 1943 to 1945 
by John T. Foster 

This title is currently out of stock. However, you can order it used now. 
ISBN-10: 1567150187
ISBN-13: 978-1567150186
Publisher: J.T. Foster]; Rev. 1994 edition (1994)
Unknown Binding: 209 pages

 Flying Tigers

Flying Tigers 
by Paul Szuscikiewicz 
Hardcover: 80 pages
Publisher: Gallery Books (February 1990)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0831726725
ISBN-13: 978-0831726720

Flying Tigers by John Toland 

Flying Tigers 
by J. Toland  
'The Flying Tigers' is one of the first history books I have ever had and really enjoyed. The idea of a group of volunteers fighting the Japanese fighters and bombers with their P-40s was amazing to me. Not many history classes in high school or even college touched on the subject. If you enjoyed this book,
ISBN-10: 0394904052
ISBN-13: 978-0394904054
Publisher: Random House Childrens Books (Lib) (November 1963)
Library Binding

P-40 Warhawk Aces of the CBI
Aircraft of the Aces Vol. 35 
Carl Molesworth. 

The P-40 enjoyed its greatest glory in China, Burma and India. In  China, the mercenary American Volunteer Group destroyed 286 Japanese aircraft with  the P-40s, while the AVG's garishly painted "Flying Tigers" became some of the war's  most famous aircraft. Here is their story with first-hand accounts, detailed explanations of tactics, and all the human drama this incredible story deserves. 96  pgs., 90 B&W photos, 40 color profiles and more. 7¼"x 9¾", sfbd.

I fear no man: the story of No. 74 (Fighter) Squadron, Royal Flying Corps Royal Air Force (the Tigers)

I fear no man: the story of No. 74 (Fighter) Squadron, Royal Flying Corps Royal Air Force (the Tigers) 
by Douglas Tidy  

ISBN-10: 0356041379
ISBN-13: 978-0356041377
Publisher: MacDonald and Co (1972)
Unknown Binding: 182 pages

We Became Flying Tigers 
by Jack S. Carroll  
ISBN-10: 0533068401
ISBN-13: 978-0533068401
Publisher: Vantage Press (June 1986)

With Chennault in China : A Flying Tiger's Diary 
by Robert Smith  

ISBN-10: 0830623361
ISBN-13: 978-0830623365
Publisher: Tab Books; 1st ed edition (1984)
Paperback: 151 pages



  Out of Print Books 

Curtiss P-40 in Action

Traces the history of the P-40 from its roots in the P-36 program through  its service in WWII, flying for the USAAF, the RAAF and other Allies. Book covers all  variants in service and under development until the P-40 was ultimately replaced by P-47s and P-51s. 57 pgs., 125 B&W photos, 10 color profiles, 3-views and more. 11"x  8¼", sfbd.

Roar of the Tiger, the P40 Warhawk in World War Two China 

Roar of the Tiger 
by James H. Howard 

The salty recollections of a fighter pilot who not only became an ace in the unfriendly skies of two WW II theaters but also won the Congressional Medal of Honor

Doomed at the StartAmerican Pursuit Pilots in the Philippines, 1941-1942. Bartsch. First published in 1992, this book presents the first complete account of why the only unit of interceptor aircraft in the Philippines, using the same planes as the Flying Tigers, failed to deter the Japanese assault that began in December, 1941. William H. Bartsch tells the story of the failed five-month Philippines campaign from the standpoint of the young flyers and enlisted men, showing how limited training, inadequate warning systems, and a superbly prepared enemy doomed the young Americans before they could even begin fighting. 528 pgs., 36 B&W photos, 7 maps and more, 6"x 9", sfbd.

The 325th Fighter Group in the Second World War
McDowell. The Checkertails began flying P-40Fs in North Africa in 1943. They progressed to Italy and re-equipped, first with P-47s and later with P-51s - all carrying the group's distinctive yellow and black checkered tail markings. Incorporating many firsthand accounts and loaded with photographs and illustrations, this book thoroughly traces the history of the 325th. 80 pages; dozens of photographs, illustrations and color plates; 8"x 11"; softcover.

A Time to Remember
The biography of a South African Air Force pilot fighting against the  Luftwaffe during WWII and his adventures in P-36s, P-40s and Spitfires. Battles,  escapades, off-duty shenanigans and life in the desert in this very different view of WWII. 128 pgs., 45 photos and maps, 8½"x 11", sfbd.

  Tex Hill  
Hardbound Book
Hill & Schaupp. This book recounts the intriguing early life, standout career, and non-stop adventures of David "Tex" Hill, one of America's most famous fighter aces. You'll read of his naval aviation days leading to the Far East where he joined the AVG Panda Bear squadron, of service with Claire Chennault and the famed Flying Tigers, and of much more in this fascinating biography of a true American hero. 318 pages, B&W photographs and illustrations, 6"x 9", hardcover.

WWII Fighter Bomber Pilot

An exciting first-hand account of flying P-40s and P-47s on ground support  missions in North Africa and Italy. Few fighter bomber pilots became aces, but they had the gratitude of the foot soldiers as they strafed and bombed enemy tanks, guns, trains and troop columns. Photos. 209 pgs., 5"x 8¼", sfbd.

P-40 Warhawk Walk Around

One of the most important fighters of the British and Commonwealth forces  in Africa and Asia, the P-40 was flown by most allied air forces included the  legendary "Flying Tigers" American Volunteer Group. Here is a photo essay "walk around" featuring both period photos and the exquisitely restored P-40E flown by General Robert L. Scott, commander of the 23rd Fighter Group. 80 pgs., 175 color  and B&W photos, and several technical diagrams. 11"x 8¼", sfbd.  0005117

  Chennault's Flying Tigers : World War Ii, 50th Anniversary 
by Wayne G. Johnson (Editor) 
Hardcover 2nd edition (June 1999) 

Hardcover: 240 pages
ISBN-10: 1563114992
ISBN-13: 978-1563114991
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company (KY); 2 edition (June 1999)

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Aircraft Information and Specifications    
General Claire Chennault was the commander of this famous squadron "The Flying Tigers," the WW2 Fighters which had tremendous odds against them in both the number of enemy's and the lack of parts for their little squadron stuck in nowhere China.   The P-40 came in several versions, the P-40C - Tomahawk, the P-40F, Kittyhawk II, and the P-40N, Kittyhawk IV, and the Warhawk.  These fighter planes were manufactured by Curtiss Wright Corporation.  The engines varied from a 1040 hp Allison V-12 to a 1200 hp Allison V-12.  The maximum speed was 343 mph with an initial climb rate of 2,120 fpm for the N version.  the P-40 n weighed 6,700 lbs empty and 11,400 lbs max.  The length was 33' 4" Wingspan 37' 3.5" and the height was 12' 4"  The first flight of the P40 was January 1940 with the experimental version the P-40 was flown in October 1939.

Here for a list of WW2 Fighter Groups

Listing of Bomb Groups

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