Aerial Photos of Ie Shima Military Base in the year 2000.

The previous photos of Ie Shima was taken in about 1945.  This photo of the Ie Shima military base was taken in the year 2000 by 1st LT Andrew J. Lockett  The three main runways have been used continuously since WW2. Now there is another tiny runway in the foreground.   It looks like a rectangle because it also has a parking ramp for the AV-8 Harriers which are also stationed on the island.  Aerial Photos and Pictures of Ie Shima.
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Aerial Photos taken on the island of.
Ie Shima
In the Year 2000


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This is an aerial view of the Island of IE Shima Military Base.
Photo by 1st LT Andrew J. Lockett


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Here's a fantastic picture - Ie Shima with a GPS Twist
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0005153200 width=203 align="middle" alt="Great photos of the P-47 Thunderbolt Military aircraft from WW2">

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