Aerial Photo of Ie Shima before World War 2. The Japanese used this as their base before the War with America.

Click Here's a very high altitude photo of the runways on the island of Ie Shima Before World War 2.  This photo came from the Ie Shima, 34th Fighter Squadron yearbook of 1945.
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Ie Shima




This is an aerial view of the Island of IE Shima
Photo Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

This is a photo of the island of Ie Shima before World War 2.  The Japanese Air Force used it as their forward attack base as they took the islands in the Pacific and Southeast Asia.  Later, the United States needed a base for our P-47 thunderbolt fighters that was close enough to Japan to escort the much longer range B-29 Super Fortresses and the B-24 Liberators as they flew missions to bomb Japan. 


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