Iraq Military Tanks,  modern Army tanks from the war in Iraq, Iraqi war. 

Iraqi Model Military Tanks, Army Tanks from the Iraq War.

British MBT Challenger 2 Iraq Military Model Kit You are in the 
Model Tanks Section of the.
Iraq Army Model Department.
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Iraq Military Tanks from the Iraq war plus other models of army vehicles from the war in Iraq.

This page contains many types of military tanks from the war in Iraq.  Iraqi tanks and other military vehicles from the Iraq army.
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Iraqi Army Models
Battle Tanks

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Iraqi Army Plastic Model Kits
British MBT Challenger 2 Iraq Military Model Kit

M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank Iraq Military Model Kit

1:35th Scale.  Product Description
Tamiya Military Model kits are well designed and go together very easily. Detailed instructions and painting guide included in all kits. 

Product Description
1/35 Scale. Skill level 2. All Tamiya Kits are highly detailed and go together really well. Detailed decals, painting and building instructions included.

Note from the webmaster:  The previous product photo showed only the men, not the vehicle.  This photo may be misleading but I don't know for sure.








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