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Military History Study Notes,
CV-61 USS Ranger
USS Ranger CV-61 Aircraft Carrier
There were several versions of the USS Ranger.

1777 The USS Ranger was an eighteen gun sailing ship (Sloop) which was built in 1777 and was commanded by John Paul Jones.  The USS Ranger was captured by the British Navy in 1780 and then renamed the HMS Halifax.

1814 The USS Ranger was a sailing ship (Schooner) using a single Eighteen Pounder Gun.  The USS Ranger was purchased in 1814 and the sold in 1816.

1876 The USS Ranger was a Iron Ship which had four guns.  The USS Ranger was then converted to a Nautical School Ship in 1908 and then it was broken up in 1940.

1882 The USS Ranger SP-369 was built as a minesweeper.  The USS Ranger was used in costal defense until it returned to its owner in 1919.

1917 The USS Ranger was a steel yacht which was decommissioned in 1919.  Later this ship served in the Department of commerce from 1919 to 1930 and then was returned to the US Navy later to be sold in 1931.

1934 The USS Ranger CV-4 was the first ship to be originally designed to be an aircraft carrier.  The USS Ranger operated in the Atlantic during WW2 and was sold for scrapping in 1947.

1957 The USS Ranger CV-61 was the largest aircraft carrier in the world.  The USS Ranger was decommissioned in 1993.

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Please note: The background picture on this page was taken when I was stationed on the
USS Kitty Hawk in 1977-1978 in the Western Pacific.
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