The 2001 North Pole Expedition.

The Geographic North Pole Expedition of 2001, Arctic, North Pole Exhibit.

North Pole Expedition Team
This is the American North Pole Expedition Team standing on the Actual Geographical North Pole.  This is an exciting Geographic North Pole Exhibit. 

The Geographic North Pole is an adventure that you can experience, here is part of the team that you can join.

In 1997 a man named Icy Ivan was the first man to fly a hot air balloon over the North Pole.  Icy Ivan was always into tremendous adventure.  A man who helped organize the American part of the Wild Bunch was Curtis Lieber acting as their medical officer.  Curtis has now been the Expedition Leader for many other North Pole Expeditions and is the CEO of Global Expedition Adventures.   The following pages show parts of this North Pole trip in 2001 led by Curtis Lieber.  Every year since the 1997 Expedition, some of the members of this trip take people, like you and me, on one of these truly fantastic tours to the North Pole for a very modest .  Continue to the next page to read more about this truly fantastic trip!  

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This is the American Team standing on the North Pole.

In 1997 these were the first men to fly over the North Pole in a Hot Air Balloon.  Global Expedition Adventures was part of that team.   In this exhibit, Global Expedition Adventures has again gone to the North Pole, starting their expedition on Friday the 13th 2001, and this is their story. 
the American team standing on the north pole in 1997

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