Vought A-7 Corsair II also called SLUF the Short Little Ugly Fellow
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(Short Little Ugly Fellow)

    The Vought A-7 Corsair II Jet Fighter Aircraft   




SLUF a story about the Vought A-7 Corsair II Navy Jet Fighter

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Book Description 
64 pages, 224 full color photographs. The SLUF (Short Little Ugly Fellow) Corsair II was developed for the U.S. Navy to replace the A-4 Skyhawk. Within 3 years of its maiden flight, the Corsair II was flying combat missions over Vietnam. An aircraft born in battle and retired in battle, 0009789
0009789ALT="A-7 Corsair II 1/72 Plastic Model Kit" HSPACE=10 VSPACE=10 BORDER=2 height=105 width=250 align=RIGHT>A-7s of various marks flown by USN, USAF, ANG pilots have distinguished the Corsair II in all combat involving the  U.S. from the 1960s onward-over Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, Libya and Iraq. David Brown is one of the world's premiere aviation journalist, he has written many books and his photography appeared in aviation periodicals throughout the world. Concord covers all versions and all squadrons flown by the USN, USAF, ANG, Greek Air Force, Portuguese Air Force, and Thai Navy. 224 high quality photos with many air-to-air shots make this book more than a bargain for the aviation enthusiasts. 

Webmasters Note.  These were the planes that I worked on in the Navy. They weren't the fastest, they weren't the prettiest, they weren't the most popular, but they carried a lot of bombs, Lots!  I talked to a F-18 pilot at the Quad Cities Airshow 1999.  He said these planes flew beautiful, he really liked them.  I talked to an F-16 pilot at Oshkosh, he also said that this was a wonderful plane.   All I can remember is that when this plane was in the air, coming down on the airbase at near 700 mph.  it was beautiful.

C. Jeff Dyrek

    A-7 Corsair Specifications   
Manufacturer LTV Vought
Length 46'
Height 16'
Span 38'9"
Area 375 sq. ft.
Empty Weight 19,490 lbs.
Max. Weight 42,000 lbs.
Engines 1
Powerplant Allison TF41-A-2
Thrust 15000 lbs. 
Range  2280
Max. Speed 602 kts


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