60 Glorious Years of operation of the DC-3 Dakota
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Sixty Glorious Years

A Tribute to the Douglas DC-3 Dakota


60 Glorious Years A Tribute to the Douglas DC-3 Dakota

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  Hardcover - 160 pages (December 1995)

ISBN-10: 0760301921

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The C-47 is one of best airplanes ever built. 

 A Tribute to the Douglas DC-3 Dakota Pearcy. The DC-3 was a ubiquitous workhorse  ahead of its time. Designed to be a fast, comfortable airliner, it battled in at least  three major conflicts, landed at both the North and South Poles, and became the  standard transport of the world's airlines. Relive its six decades with numerous new  photos vividly displayed. 162 pgs., 185 photos., 8½"x 10¾", hdbd.

The C47 Skytrain is one of best airplanes ever built. Built in the late 30's and early 40's the C47 and  DC3 Dakota  is still in service in both the military and civilian air transport world wide.  The C47 and DC3 are actually the same airplane with the C47 being the military version and the DC3 being the civilian version. 



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