A huge list of Aircraft Museums in Montana

Montana Aircraft Museums List.
Montana Museos Lista de Aviones.
 मॉनटाना विमान संग्रहालय सूची.

Fokker Dr1 Triplane   Model,  Airplane Museum Quality
Fokker Dr1 Triplane  Museum Quality Model Airplanes.
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A List of Aircraft Museums in Montana.

Montana is called the Treasure State.  The population of Montana is 804,000 people, number 44 of the 50 states, its capital is Helena and Montana's largest city is Billings.  The land area of Montana is 145,556 square miles, number 4 of the 50 states, and its highest point is Granite Peak which is 12,799 feet.

Montana se llama el Estado del Tesoro. La poblacin de Montana es 804.000 personas, el nmero 44 de los 50 estados, su capital es la ciudad ms grande y Helena Montana es Billings. La superficie de Montana es 145.556 millas cuadradas, el nmero 4 de los 50 estados, y su

Montana Aircraft Museums.
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 Museum of Mountain Flying.

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The last updates on the museum listings were added 18 Jan 2011
Due to legal changes in Illinois, I will not be updating this list until further notice.
These museums change their information and locations very often.
Please try to contact the museum before you try to visit it, it may not be there anymore.

   Malmstorm AFB Museum and Air Park 
341st Space Wing/MU
21 77th Street North
Malmstrom AFB, MT 59402-7538
We also have a Wing 1 Launch Control facility inside.
About 8 Aircraft


   Museum of Mountain Flying
713 South 3rd Street West
Missoula, Montana 59801

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Info from Morgan Kinney
Updates thanks to Pat Carry

About  5 Aircraft






I am currently doing an aviation history project for the University of Montana and came across your page. As a former intern at the Malmstrom AFB Museum in Great Falls, I have some more information on aircraft in Montana that you might appreciate. At the Malmstrom AFB, there are seven aircraft on display: F-101B Voodoo, B-25J Mitchell, EB-57B Canberra, T-33A Shooting Star, F-84F Thunderstreak, KC-97L Stratoliner, and UH-1H Iroquois.  (I don't know if you count the two Minutemen ICBMs on display as aircraft.) Inside the museum is the Pacific Northwest's largest collection of military model aircraft (I believe), a WWII barracks display, and the Minuteman launch capsule you mentioned. 

 At the Great Falls International Airport (just west of town), there is a small airpark under development by the Montana ANG. This is right off the interstate exit. It isn't accessible to the public, but all someone has to do is pull off the road and take pictures (with the mountains in the background and F-16s taking off from the runway, it's an unforgettable site). There is a F-86F Sabre, T-33A Shooting Star, F-106A Delta Dart, and F-16A Falcon.  There is also a F-89J Scorpion sitting on top of the gate shack at the Montana ANG main gate, and on the main drag of Great Falls (10th Avenue South), there is a F-102 Delta Dagger in a park next to Hardees.  Definitely worth a look for airliner buffs is the Poletto Display, the world's largest collection of airliner models, located in the upper level of the Great Falls International Airport.

There is a small aviation museum at the Missoula International Airport in western Montana which has a couple of old vintage aircraft; I'm not sure of the type, though I'm pretty sure one is a Stearman. There are also some parts of a B-17 that crashed west of town during World War II and some information on Missoula during the war.  The Missoula airport is the home of the US Forest Service's Smokejumpers, and they have a small museum as well, though no full-sized aircraft.  One can usually see a couple of old P2V Neptune's converted to water bombers parked on the tarmac, and I've seen a PB2Y Privateer and a C-54 here during fire season. (A local rich fellow here in Missoula had a MiG-21 in flyable condition parked out there too, but I believe he sold it; he may have a Jet Provost, because I saw this aircraft about a year ago next to the Neptune's.) 

Finally, there may still be a small museum at the Helena International Airport; there is at least one UH-1 on a pedestal there outside the Montana Army Guard headquarters (they fly UH-60 Blackhawk's out of there now). The museum used to have a EC-121 Warning Star and possibly a F-86 and a CF-100; I'm not sure if they're still there.  Billings Airport also has an active waterbomber unit (the aircraft in the film "Always" belonged to this outfit) and may have a few A-26s and C-54s around, and Dean Pogreba Airport in Three Forks is currently trying to acquire a F-105 Thunderchief; Pogreba was a local guy and was killed flying Thuds in Vietnam. In any case, I hope this helps you out. Your site is very informative.

Benjamin Donnelly

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