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The Blue Angels US Navy Flight Demonstration Team DVD Videos and VHS Movies.

The Magic of Flight - DVD
The US Navy Blue Angels DVD Videos
DVD Videos and VHS Movies of the Famous US Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team.  These Movie Videos show the history of the Blue Angels all the way from the first propeller planes to the Blue Angels Jet Fighters.  These Fighter Jets show the most advanced technology in the world. These DVD videos and movies show the history of the Blue Angels in true detail of he most famous pilots ever to fly in any of the worlds Air Shows.  Don't miss the Blue Angels and Watch all of these DVD Video Movies.

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     The Famous US Navy Blue Angles DVD Videos and VHS Videos.  

This page covers  the Blue Angels US Navy flight demonstration team showing the Blue Angels Famous Pilots Blue Angels DVD videos and DVD movies.  These jet blue airplanes are a symbol of our countries great technology all the way from the Grumman F6F Hellcat to the Jet Blue F-18 Hornet jet fighter used today.  When the Blue Angels fly these jet blue aircraft they make it seem like an easy jet to fly.   Building these models from the Blue Angels, US Navy Flight Demonstration Team will increase your knowledge about aviation, technology and American History.
There are many versions of this plane, these specs cover only one version. 

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Blue Angels DVD Videos

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Wings of Freedom Deluxe Box Set
Wings of Freedom Deluxe Box Set
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4 DVD Set
Climb into the cockpit with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force Flight Demonstration Squadrons, the "Blue Angels" and the "Thunderbirds!" Cameras mounted with the pilot provide a firsthand look at what it is like to be one of their chosen few, soaring through the skies and performing spectacular maneuvers. Includes historic footage and a history of both teams. 3 hours on 4 DVDs.
Price: $29.95
Blue Angels - DVD
Blue Angels - DVD
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A Year in the Life.

Follow the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron for an entire year to discover the passion and commitment that makes the Blue Angels among the best in the world! You'll view winter training where veterans teach new members how to fly Blue Angels style, a high-octane air show over hundreds of thousands of spectators, a featurette about Blue Angels founder and 8-victory World War II ace Butch Voris, and much more. You'll even meet the officers and crew and take an insider's tour of the F/A-18 Super Hornet! Widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1, 3 hrs. 26 min. on 2 DVDs.

Price: $29.95
The Magic of Flight - DVD
The Magic of Flight - DVD
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Originally filmed using IMAX cameras, this video takes you on a technological thrill ride. Relive the historical first flight of the Wright brothers, and then soar with the Blue Angels as they defy the laws of gravity with breathtaking maneuvers. Film highlights and salutes a variety of modern aircraft and the people who fly them. 82 minutes.
Pylon Dusters - DVD Pylon Dusters - DVD.
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Now on DVD for the first time, this program presents the complete, three-volume Historic Aviation Pylon Dusters series on one DVD! You'll thrill to the high-speed exploits of daring pilots at the 1932, '38, '47 and '48 National Air Races in Cleveland and at other prominent air races. As a bonus, you also get Dole Air Race 1927, which introduces the planes and pilots racing from Oakland to Honolulu - with $25,000 going to the winner - in an event inspired by Charles Lindbergh's trans-Atlantic flight. Meet the winners and those lost at sea… and even witness a plane crashing on takeoff!

1932 & 1938 National Air Races - In this rare film of the '32 Cleveland Race preliminaries, you'll see Ernst Udet's aerobatics and Harold Johnson's breathtaking spins and loops in a Ford Tri-Motor. The finale is a 1913 Curtiss Pusher and an Autogyro dogfight that ends in a mid-air crash. The 1938 film covers the Pacific International Races and the Cleveland National Races. Watch aircraft preparations for Chief Oshkosh, 8-Ball, and others, then see spectacular racing scenes from the Bendix, Greve, and Thompson races.

1947 Cleveland National Races - View closeups of participants with their racers, then see thrilling racing scenes from the Bendix, Goodyear, Halle, Kendall, Sohio, and Tinnerman events, including the spectacular crackup of Jack Hardwick's P-51. Also witness P-80s perform at 494 mph and other airshow spectaculars, from Curtiss Jr. aerobatics to the Blue Angels in Bearcats.

1948 Cleveland National Races - Watch Paul Mantz arrive as repeat winner of the Bendix cross-country race. Racers and pilots are spotlighted in the Goodyear, Kendall and Thompson races. P-38s, Corsairs and P-51s with their wingtips virtually clipping the ground leave you gasping. Includes aerobatics and flybys of B-29s and the newest thing, a B-36 Peacemaker.

Color and B&W, silent and sound, 1 hr. 40 min. total runtime.

Price: $19.95
America's Fighting Jets & Wings of Freedom 8-DVD Set America's Fighting Jets & Wings of Freedom 8-DVD Set.
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This 8-DVD collection includes America's Fighting Jets and Wings of Freedom!

In America's Fighting Jets, you'll practically feel the G-forces as you streak through the skies aboard the military's finest jets, including F-15 Eagles, stealth fighters, Falcons and others. You'll even view Cold War aircraft and experimental designs.

In Wings of Freedom, you'll climb into the cockpit with the U.S. Navy "Blue Angels" and U.S. Air Force "Thunderbirds" to see what it is like to soar through the skies and perform spectacular maneuvers. Includes historic footage and a history of both teams.

7 hours total runtime.

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Price: $29.95

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