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P-400 Airacobra Specifications. 

The P-400 Airacobra Fighter Aircraft was the Export Version of the P-39 Aircraft.  The Bell Aircraft P-400  Airacobra  has a  wingspan of 34 Feet  a wing area of 213 Sq. Feet, it is  30 Feet 2 Inches long,12 Feet 5 Inches high, has an empty weight of 5,645 Pounds, a gross weight of 8,300 Pounds.  The P-400 Airacobra uses a  Allison V-1710-85 engine which is Liquid Cooled V-12 with 1,325 HP The airplanes top speed is  360 MPH At 15,000 Feet MSL and has a service ceiling of 35,000 Feet MSL.  There was one huge problem with the P-400 Airacobra, and that was that there was a door to get into the canopy.  When the plane was in flight, the air pressure on the door was so great that a pilot could not open the door to jump out if he need to.  A huge design error.  Also, the Airacobra had a mid engine and it didn't handle properly, as reported by many pilots.  There are many versions of this plane, these specs cover only one version.

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P-400 Airacobra Models


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  P-39 Airacobra

Tony Weddel. A P-400 (the export version of the P-39 Airacobra) does what it does best: flying down on the deck, pounding Japanese ground positions. This P-400 was originally destined for the RAF in the Pacific, but like the others it became part of the 67th Fighter Squadron based at Guadalcanal in 1942. Though it still wears British camouflage, its newly added sharkmouth and American insignia make it clear what unit is dealing out the punishment. 23"x 19" print.
Yoshinos Fatal Mistake
Roy Grinnell. 15-victory ace Warrant Officer Satoshi Yoshino steps out on the wing of his damaged Japanese Zero without a parachute after it was shot by a P-400 Airacobra flown by 5-victory ace 2nd Lt. Curran "Jack" Jones of the 39th Fighter Squadron, 35th Fighter Group, on June 9, 1942. 24"x 16", limited edition, canvas giclee print is signed and numbered by the artist.
P-400 Airacobra 1/72 Die Cast Model
Lt. Zed Fountain, 67th Fighter Squadron, New Caledonia, 1942
 P-400 Airacobra that flew with the Cactus Air Force at Guadalcanal in 1942, WWII US Army Fighter Modeling
Softbound Book
Scutts & Green. From Airacobras to Warhawks, this book covers both the history of scale WWII U.S. Army fighters, and how to get the most from modeling this subject. Step-by-step guides to creating miniature masterpieces combine with color images that clearly demonstrate key modeling techniques. This book also features superb examples of the work of top aviation modelers. 128 pgs., color photos throughout, 8"x 11", sfbd.

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P-400 Airacobra WW2 Fighter Plane

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There are many P-400 Airacobras on this page, but please excuse me because there are also many Lamborghini P400 listed also, that's the best that I can do. Thank you, Jeff.


P-400 Airacobra Model Airplanes




The Bell P-39 Airacobra is shown in profile over a combat strip of the  period. "Short Stroke" operated from Fighter 2, an airstrip west of Henderson Field on Guadalcanal during 1942 and 1943. It was flown by the pilots of the 347th Fighter Group, 13th Air Force.

The most successful use of the P-39 in World War II was in the hands of the Soviet Air Force, which nicknamed the Airacobra "Kobrushka" (dear little cobra).

flown in the 1946 Thompson Trophy race, and Old Crow, the first of World War II ace "Bud" Anderson's aircraft to bear that name.

intended for service in North Africa, the P-39 "Devastating Devil" - wearing a sand-colored camouflage scheme - instead joined the 46th Fighter Squadron, 15th Fighter Group, at its home base on Makin Island in the Pacific Theater in 1943.

lend-lease P-39N flown by 9th Guards Fighter Division commanding officer Aleksandr Pokryshkin - three-time Hero of the Soviet Union recipient who recorded 48 of his 59 victories flying an "Iron Dog," as the Soviets called the Airacobra - in 1944

Airacobra Mk.I - the P-39 variant modified for export to Britain - flown by 601 "County of London" Squadron, Royal Air Force, in 1941,

"Devastating Devil" - a P-39Q intended for service in North Africa that instead joined the 46th Fighter Squadron, 15th Fighter Group, at its home base on Makin Island in the Pacific Theater in 1943

Saga Boy II, the P-39Q flown by 357th Fighter Group Commander Lt. Col. Edwin S. Chickering while training in California in 1943

P-400 Airacobra that flew with the Cactus Air Force at Guadalcanal in 1942

one of the three P-400s - a modified export version of the P-39 originally intended for British service - flown by the 347th Fighter Group in the defense of Guadalcanal's Henderson Field on September 14, 1942,

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